Two-person Affair

Keyi, was a girl like any you would have known. She works hard at her job, complains about long, slow queues during lunch, frequently fails to avoid office politics no matter how hard she tries to avoid them.

After work, everyone waved goodbyes, no matter if they were planning to gather for dinner, going on dates with their partners, or just heading home to rest. You could say that Keyi had gone for all of the above, on different days of course.

It was no one’s, not her boyfriend’s nor her own fault, that she had to assume a different name – Kiki, for her alternate lifestyle. Who would have thought, that a demure lady like her could have such a wide moral boundary.

‘Same thing?’


Once Kiki has taken her shower and changed into her classy Victoria’s Secret nightgown, her manager helped put on her custom-made mask/ blindfold, a piece of headgear she would never be seen without. Apart from that, she also laid down very specific rules for him to follow strictly or lose her participation in what she had created a following for.

In that licensed hotel, two other rooms had girls operating under the same rules Kiki set, that offered security, anonymity and still allow them to fully engage in wrongful acts, acts that will soon be described below.

Minutes after his departure from her room, the door opened to her first client, one that she knew nothing of. No age, no face, no knowledge of any fetishes. Her number one rule was ‘Men only’, so she could expect a penis to be somewhere in the room.

‘Can you masturbate for me?’

Orientating herself by just the sense of touch, she leaned on the pillows against the headboard, slowly opened her legs to let him catch a glimpse down under before her hands reached her pussy, shaved moments before his arrival. There were no questions about his request, which was within the guidelines she provided her manager with.

As Kiki got herself in the mood, the distant sounds of zips going down, clothes getting ruffled, brought her up to speed on his progress.

‘Open your legs wide. I’m going down on you.’

She pushed her knees outward to give him what he asked for, and let her head drop onto the pillow, basking in his undivided attention she could not stay quiet about. He wasn’t exactly the best at it, but the way he did it, reminded her of her boyfriend.

That alone, was sufficient to help her treat that stranger as him, like him. The choice to exclude her sense of sight, was for men, times like this.

In a few seconds, she was wet beyond her own imagination, leading the client to believe that she was his, which wasn’t that far off.

‘I’ve been waiting for this the whole day.. Will you fuck me? Am I wet enough?’

‘Shhh.. ‘

She couldn’t help biting her lips as her ‘boyfriend’ went off to fetch a condom, one that he would occasionally hand to her, like now, for her to wear it for him. Like the trained girlfriend she was, the rubber went on quickly and he impatiently dragged her lower onto the bed.

All of his moves so far served him well in forming the unlikely bond, which she was more than happy to relive. She had to guide him in, like how her boyfriend was unable (or simply want her) to locate her entrance.

It took him no time to begin thrusting his cock deep and fast, groaning to every involuntary clasp of her vaginal walls. This man, went long enough for her to drown in ecstacy, with an orgasm following seconds behind.

(Kiki moaned) ‘Oh fuck! I’m coming! Come with me! COME WITH ME!’

Her body convulsed violently as he made long strokes into her pussy, pulling out so ever slightly late to watch her squirm. Over the course of building up the climax, experiencing an orgasm, and then recovering from it, he already accomplished what many have failed.

‘My turn now. If you’d allow.’

‘What would you like to do?’

Blindly reaching out for him, he pulled her upright and let her push his chest down. A bit of fidgeting later, she was on top and gloating in her dominance.

‘May I?’

‘Yes please.’

She gently placed her hands on his chest and started riding, bouncing her ass fast and hard onto his cock. Every jab sent her gasping for air, but she wasn’t getting even a tad tired. Right after the up-down motion, it was the back-forth one, that drove him up the wall.


Her hips just kept grinding even after he came, leaving his body to flail, crash, flail again, then fall again. By the time she rubbed herself to another orgasm, he had gone worryingly silent.


(He responded weakly) ‘Yes.. I’m here.’


She moved back till she was seated between her legs, removed the used condom, and proceeded to clean him up, with her mouth. Making sure to squeeze everything out, she managed to make him groan again, but in displeasure this time.

Well, it wasn’t anything untoward, or else he wouldn’t have endured her after-ejaculate blowjob.

beep beep

(Kiki saying) ‘You know. I have to admit that you are good.’

‘Till next time then.’

The door opened and slammed shortly after, signalling the end of that session, and the start of the next in five minutes’ time.

Door opening


‘Yes I am.’

‘No hands.’

Those two words certainly brought her sweet memories of how her lover would demand that of her whenever he felt especially kinky. That mental image of his slightly-curved cock that could perfectly reach her G-spot, the unforgettable taste of his pre-cum she would hungrily suck out of him, too bad the men here would never come anywhere near him.

Except for this one, which tasted, and felt exactly like his.


She was that close to giving her identity away, if she succumbed to her curiosity.

‘Shhh.. ‘

The gentle nudge behind her head pushed those disturbing thoughts out of her mind, and put her focus back on where her mouth was. There was nothing she could do but to please this man, whoever he may be, as his payment required her to.

Seven men later, she was on her way home in a chauffeured car, as stipulated in the agreement.

Everything fell into place as soon as she saw her boyfriend waiting at the void deck for her, showering her with kisses and even a neck massage in the lift.

It was only when they were about to get frisky in bed, did his request to blindfold her, stir some memories of the identical dick that fucked her earlier.

How does one process the likeliness of being the ‘hooker’ your man paid to fuck? Would that be considered cheating? One thing for sure, is that no one is right in this situation.

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