Play Once Again

*Ringgggg* My phone rang at the worse time possible. 10.30pm. I was just about to go to bed after a long tired day. Peiling was on the line and I picked it up, hoping for something fun.

Peiling: ‘Ehh.. you can meet now? My mum is not in Singapore to help me.’

Me: ‘Okay. Do I have to bring anything?’

Peiling: ‘Your camera lo. You got a small one right?’

Me: ‘Okay.’

I put on some ugly clothes and cabbed down to her private estate along Serangoon. She was in her usual PE t-shirt and matching shorts. I entered her unit and she brought me up to her room, covered with paper cuttings and stuffs on the floor.

Peiling: ‘Can help me take a video?’

Without saying anything, I took my camera out and turned it on for her, switching to video mode.

Me: ‘Nah.’

She placed it on her study table and positioned it to aim at the bed.

Peiling: ‘Come.’

She then pulled her PE shirt off, letting her boobs bounce free in the air. I was hard in an instant. My bulge through the pants was super obvious luh.

Peiling: ‘You want to play?’

How could I resist her? I hopped onto the bed with her and kissed. It had been a long time since I felt this way. Her hands were already roving under my shirt, tugging it off quickly. I knelt between her legs and pulled her shorts off, along with her white cotton panties.

Without wasting any time, I was licking her clit the way she liked, lapping sounds, with her deep and heavy breathing. My hands were above, playing with both her hard nipples and of course, her hands weren’t slacking either, pushing my head deeper onto her slit.

Everything went super speed. I was so hard that I couldn’t resisting asking her.

Me: ‘Can you suck me?’

She nodded and I crawled above her, with my dick right at her mouth. She was still lying down, that’s how she preferred it to be. With a gentle suck on my dick head, I went numb. She knew how I reacted when I am high. Her mouth and tongue didn’t stop either. Not until she wanted more.

Peiling: ‘I got a vibrator, you want to help me?’

I took it out of her drawer where she pointed at and went to the toilet to clean it. It looked just like the one I bought for her, just that it’s branded. I helped her put her panties back on, it was as though she’s a little baby, legs raised up for me to dress her bottom.

Slipping the vibrator into her undies and getting on top of her, with my penis pressed hard on the bulge in her panties. I asked her the usual question. ‘Are you ready?’ She grabbed my arms which is right beside both her shoulders and closed her eyes. Having the control in my right hand, I started it and she hugged me close to her.

Her hips was grinding against mine intuitively. I was enjoying myself watching her facial expression.

Suddenly, she stopped me and pushed me off. I feel onto the bed beside her. She climbed on top of me, pushed her panties to one side and sat hard on me. Her arms are now beside my shoulders, eyes glued to mine and hips grinding.

Her pussy took my dick whole in one push and she was wetter than usual. I thought she already broke her hymen, it was unbelievable sex. She finally gave in to me, I thought. With every thrust into her, her body shook more vigorously.

Until twenty minutes into the rough sex, her pussy wrapped tightly around my rock hard dick and contracted. She fell onto the my body, but hips still trying to move. Grabbing her meaty ass with my hands, I continued pounding her tight pussy, pushing her up so she could still fuck me using her body weight.

I pulled it out as the load unleashed. Spraying it all over her butt crack and flowing down across her pussy. I got up and turned her over, there was blood in my cum. Thinking I broke something, I check my dick only to realise it’s her pussy that was bleeding.

Me: ‘Peiling! I thought you are not a virgin?’

Peiling: *breathing heavily* ‘I want to give it to you.’

Me: ‘Thank you.’

I gently rubbed her sore, blood covered pussy. It was the only way to make her feel less pain. She smiled and looked at me, something I’ve never seen before. I still liked her, I think.

Slowly, she fell asleep and I transferred the video onto her Mac – our very own sex video. Going out on my own, I pressed the lock timer for the magnetic gates.

Confused by her decision, what happened that night stayed in my mind. Only to be interrupted by the S$10+ cab fare totaled.

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