Annie’s Innocence

Me: ‘Hey Annie, you stay in this block?’

Annie and I went out on a ‘date’. It was actually a meeting before I go into NS. Went for a movie, then dinner and finally sent her home. Before she went upstairs, we sat at the staircase of the next block, talking about her ex and how he bullied her.

Ann: ‘My ex keeps asking me to give in to him and kiss and touch him. I don’t want. So break up with him lo.’

Me: ‘Haiz.. don’t worry. With me around, I’ll treat you better de. Treat you as my girlfriend lo. Since I single now also.’

Ann: ‘Really or not? Or you say this to other girls de?’

Me: ‘Really. I can’t bear to lie to you de. Don’t worry.’

Ann: ‘If you mean it then I will take you as my boyfriend too. Take good care of me ah. Really leh.’

Me: ‘Yupp. I promise you.’

Ann: ‘Ehh.. you know something? My ex hor, I was thinking of giving in to him if he ever made me felt loved. But he never did. Umm.. you do make me feel loved. Argh.. my mind is wandering now. Sorry sorry.’

Me: ‘Don’t worry lah. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do de.’

Ann: ‘Can we play? Here?’

Not knowing what to do. I nodded and she pulled my hand and slid it under her skirt. Automatically, I pushed my hand deeper and her legs spread opened for me. I came in contact with her warm panties and could almost feel a little moisture. I began rubbing her panties under her skirt. As her soft cotton panties gets wetter, her hands grabbed tighter around my left hand which is under her skirt.

Ann: ‘Not too rough k?’

Me: ‘Can I see?’

Ann: ‘Huh? Just one quick look ah.’

I lifted her skirt enough to see her bare pussy through the wet undies. I was rubbing her harder then and she had quickly forgotten about one-quick-look. I was looking at her orgasmic face as she clawed my arm hard. Immediately after that, she rested her head on my shoulders.

Ann: ‘What did you do? Felt so good just now.’

Me: ‘You climaxed lo. Never felt it before?’

Ann: ‘No.. I don’t even masturbate much. Can do it again? And and.. are you hard?’

Me: ‘Give me your hand.’

I pulled my pants and undies lower and took her hand. She was in a daze when she handed me her hand, I was already wriggling my fingers into her panties, rubbing her clitoris. She was in a trance to realise that her own hand is already jerking me off. Quite in pace too.

She went faster everytime I slowed down, hinting me for more. She knew how to get what she wanted as long as she has her hands on my dick.

Me: ‘Eheh! I’m going to shoot le. Relax relax!’

Ann: ‘Haha. Okay.’

She stopped but squeezed my dick tightly. It worked to stop me from cumming and calming me down slightly. I continued working on her pussy and she was really just holding on to my dick, while having orgasms herself. I didn’t finger her, just rubbed her fast and deep. Taking great care not to hurt her.

Me: ‘How? Hehe. You looked super tired lah. Still want?’

Ann: ‘No more le. Cannot take it le lo. Oh ya. Where you want to shoot? Haha. I want see leh.’

Me: ‘You want to see ah? Shoot on your hands lo.’

Ann: ‘Okay ah. Haha. How to help you shoot?’

I stood up and sat right in front of her, between her legs.

Me: ‘Give me your hand.’

Using both her hands, she jerked me off while pressing her wet pussy on my back, gently rubbing herself. I could hear her moans as she stroked me. Her action got faster as she cummed.

Me: ‘I’m shooting le!’

I grabbed her hands and covered in front of my peehole. Her legs was hugging me tightly like a baby on my back. I used her hand to continue pumping every drop of cum out. She examined my juices carefully and even listened to me and tasted it. Hehe.

Ann: ‘Ehh. Thank you for tonight. You really made me feel loved and nice. I want to see you soon.’

Me: ‘You made me feel good too lor. I want to make you feel the same way. Will see you soon de. And go wash your hands hor!’

She waved her cum covered hands and left for her home. Her juice tasted sweet. I probably began liking her. More to come!

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