Pee Wee

Joyce: ‘You want to accompany me to the toilet?’

Me: ‘Okay.’

There’s supposed to be a practice in school, but in the end, only Joyce and I turned up. Having not enough members, we decided to cancel it but not before she goes to the loo.

Pushing my way into the staff toilet with Joyce, she pulled her jeans off and sat on the bowl while watching my pants getting tighter from the bulge. As the sound of pee sprayed onto the toilet bowl, I undid the knot on my bermudas and took my pants off too.

Reaching both her hands out, she pulled me via my pants till my dick is right in front of her face. Once she was done, she proceeded to wrap her right hand around my dick and stroked me slowly while staring at my face.

After a few strokes, her mouth came to my dick and licked the head before sucking it with high pressure. While my dick head is in her mouth, she gave it a vacuum and teased the pee hole with her tongue, sending me to seventh heaven.

Another few seconds passed and she pushed her head deeper down my shaft. She was attempting to give me a deep throat but her gag response was too strong, so in the end, she had to stop before she really vomited.

Being really grateful for what she would do for me, I eased her mouth off my dick and knelt before her. Nudging her to be seated right at the end of the bowl, I licked her trimmed pussy without much problem. She kept herself very clean by wearing super thin underwear so it would be nicely ventilated.

Her moans echoed the cubicle with every lick on her clit, her hands were on my head, pressing my mouth against her pussy as every orgasm strike. She was getting too wet that just cunt-licking wasn’t enough. She stood up and placed the toilet cover on before sitting back on, and spreading her legs wide.

A few more licks and I stood back up, got into push-up position, using the toilet’s water tank as support. She grabbed my super hard meat and guided it right into her pussy. She was all prepared, hands wrapped around my hips, pulling me towards her.

Wasting no time, I plunged my dick into her pussy raw – I didn’t have a condom with me then. Her expression changed to a total trance mode and her arms were just pulling and pushing me, slamming my hips against hers. Her pussy was really tight and wet, both from the fuck and pussy licking.

We didn’t change into any other positions, she just sat on the bowl while I pounded away. After a long twenty minutes or so, I could feel a build up in my balls. Quickly pulling out of her, I didn’t want to risk anything.

Joyce: ‘Oh my god, I want you to cum in me lo. But today a bit dangerous.’

Me: ‘Umm.. Don’t take the risk ba. Where you want me to shoot?’

Joyce: ‘Uhh.. I don’t know leh. Where you can think of?’

Me: ‘Your mouth? Or into the toilet lo.’

Joyce: ‘Umm.. my mouth ba. Don’t spray all over the toilet.’

She placed her legs on the ground and resumed sucking while I held onto the sink, prepared to unload. Her tongue and suction were so in sync that I blew my load within seconds of her blowjob and massage of my balls.

Joyce: ‘Hmm.. ar..rot!’

She pushed me away once I was done and grabbed onto my thighs while she spent some time trying to calm down. *Gulp* and it was down her throat.

Me: ‘You okay?’

Joyce: ‘So much! Almost one mouthful lo! You really never masturbate for a long time le. Hehe. So horny.’

She held the back of her hand on her lips to recover a bit, gave a nod and got dressed without saying anything. I got dressed as well and we left the school. The rest of the day was spent exchanging kinky smses and teasing each other. Who says schools were boring? =)

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