New Way

It was 8.30am when my phone rang. Opening my eyes lazily, it was Joyce. There wasn’t any reason I could think of for her to contact me. But I picked it up anyway.

Joyce: ‘Ehh! Good morning! Did I wake you up?’

Me: ‘Duh.. Today my off day leh.’

Joyce: *giggles* ‘Want to go out with me or not?’

Me: ‘Huh? Go where? So early leh. Shops also not opened yet.’

Joyce: ‘Come my house first lah. No one home.’

My little brother was up once I heard that.

Me: ‘Okay lo. You wait ah. I cab down.’

I went down to her place immediately and she opened the gates for me, dressed in a long oversized tee. Probably just like every other day in her life. Following her to her room, I was walking behind her up the stairs and I caught a glimpse of her smooth ass. ‘Ehh! She didn’t wear panties!’ I thought to myself.

Once the door closed behind us, she took off her shirt and pulled mine off too, hands all over my tummy. I saw a bulge in her panties and asked.

Me: ‘Ehh.. what’s inside your panties? Why pong pong one?’

Joyce: ‘You find out yourself lah.’

She then jumped onto her bed and lay there, while I stripped down to my boxers. Crawling in between her legs, I took her panties and pulled them down her legs. A vibrator the size of my thumb slipped out of her slit and onto the bed, along with a patch of juices around it.

Me: ‘Hmm.. Joyce naughty ah. Can’t take it le lah. Early morning.’

Joyce: ‘You also mah. Reach my house so quickly. Early morning also.’

I took the vib and ran it up and down her shaved slit, while she kept hold on the bedsheets, moaning and catching her breath. In no time, she was sitting up and pulling me towards her, she was naked while I was in my boxers, so I needed to get naked as well. Yanking my boxers down, she pulled me via my dick and didn’t let go until my dick was in front of her pussy.

With little effort, her meat hole was taking the full length of my dick in her, pumping in and out, pushing out the juices from the already flooded little hole. She kept going non-stop for over 20 minutes without any break, hands on my hips pulling me towards her after every recoil. Her legs wrapped around me didn’t even relax after each orgasms she had.

Every time one of her hands are free, it would be on her clit rubbing while I hammered her. Finally, she gave in to me and agreed to do some work on top. She placed her legs over my dick and sat down slowly, guiding my stick into the parking lot gently. And like every time, she went out of control once on top. Her body was literally bouncing, and the whole point was my dick being able to reach the end of her tunnel.

In less than 10 minutes, she was dead tired. Her hips were moving up and down while her body just lay on mine. Our bodies were sweaty, but was wet enough to prevent any sticking. She finally ended with an orgasm that finished with my cum unloading into her little cunt.

It was too much for her, but the sight of my sperms overflowing was super arousing. She pulled me into the showers after that and we had another round of foreplay inside, with her jerking me off and me returning the favour by fingering her.

Joyce: ‘Ehh. You want try putting it in my backside? I got a lot of soap.’

Me: ‘Okay! Haha. Just try ah. If pain let me know.’

With lots of soap on my hands, I carefully lubricated her asshole and my dick. Having no idea how to do it, I pushed my way in bit by bit, cm by cm. Having no signs of pain from her, I made my entry in gentle strokes. It wasn’t too deep before I realised it was more pleasuring to be doing her anal.

She was using her other hand to finger herself while she bent over the toilet bowl. I went for a full penetration and she was in another level of ecstasy. She moved her ass in perfect sync, plunging as deep as possible into her shit hole. Suddenly, I felt my dick being strangled with a tight wrap, almost suffocating my veins. It was her in a most intense orgasms.

My load was forced out of my dick and into her ass. She quickly finished showering and sat on the bed, guilty of having anal sex.

Joyce: ‘Uhh.. Can don’t tell anyone about the second part we had in the shower?’

Me: ‘I won’t de leh. Don’t worry. No one also knows what’s real or not on my kinky blog.’

Joyce: ‘Okay! You’re the best.’

Me: ‘I think I should get going before anyone comes home ba.’

Joyce: ‘Ya hor! What time le. OMG! You go first.’

And I left her house with no regrets, with satisfaction, with pleasure, with lots of other feelings.

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