Fun Nude

Samantha agreed to the nude photoshoot without any pay as a Trade for CD offer. We checked into a hotel room at the Hotel 81 near Roxy Square. Since it was both far from either of our place, it would be quite impossible for anyone to ‘bump’ into us.

I set up the lights as she placed her stuffs down. She sat on the bed and waited for my instructions. With the room nicely lit up, I prepared my camera as she started taking off her clothes. I took all sorts of care not to take any images with her face, yet needed to compose my photos as quickly.

She was soon down to her g-strings. Seated with her legs opened in front of my camera, she pulled her g-strings towards her ankles and off to a corner of the room. As I tried to capture the beauty of her shaved pussy, a glitter caught my attention and I paused to take a closer look. She was lying down, so she couldn’t see that I’ve brought my face close enough to smell her.

I took my camera and took a shot of it. Slowly, my hands went around her thigh and asked for her hand.

Me: ‘Give me your hand’.

She allowed me control of her hand, I took it and placed it between her legs. Immediately, she knew what to do. Slowly running her middle finger down her clit, and back up to the clit. With her index and fourth finger, she spread her pussy lips wide enough for me to capture a shot.

My bulge was already making my walking around a little funny. She was already fingering herself uncontrollably then. Not wanting to waste any opportunity to get content for my blog. She pulled me onto the bed and took my hand between her legs. Pushing my middle finger onto her clit, I was rubbing her and the camera, which was mounted on a tripod, was taking photos via my remote control.

My fingers were on auto-pilot and her hands were around my dick, moving up and down. She is still a virgin, and I had no intention to hurt her. As she kept her hands working, I could resist grabbing her melons and giving them a massage. She was screaming and moaning as she climaxed, forcing my finger out of her contracting pussy and juice stained bedsheets.

She rested for a while without moving her hands, and so my didi took a break himself. After about 15 minutes later, she sat up and bent over my dick, taking the soft little meat into her mouth. She toyed with the tip with her tongue, and I was up before she could torture me anymore. Her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft, her tongue positioned itself under the dick, along the veins.

Her head started blobbing up and down, with a clean yet smooth blowjob. In less than 15 minutes, I was on the verge of ejaculating. She simply took all of it into her tiny mouth before she went to empty it all in the toilet. Watching her come out of the toilet, wiping the back of her hand against her lips made me feel like a king.

We spent the rest of the hour cuddling and watching TV until the manager called us. We got dressed and had the last few minutes of fun teasing each other and leaving the room horny again. Over 200 photos taken via the remote, and I’m a happy man for now. =)

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