Better Than That

Danielle rang me up after 12pm and wanted to meet, she was in a sobbing voice which I had to give in to. She knew I had choir till 12pm, and even came to Ang Mo Kio to meet me. We bought instant noodles and went to my Bishan house to cook and eat them. Since both my parents are still working, I invited her over and she didn’t mind the messiness of the flat.

Eating and tearing, she poured her stories to me, of her classmates, of her ex and a little of her family. Well, being cheated on is a different feeling from just being ditched because of feelings. She was in her school uniform and as the noon passes, she unbuttoned a couple of her school shirt.

Side note, we do exchange naughty smses once in a while. And at that point in time, while we were alone, I was imagining her slurping of the noodles as sucking of my dick. Without noticing, the hard on was hurting me in my jeans.

Me: ‘Can I loosen my jeans? Uhh.. I think you’re making me too hard.’

D: ‘Can. Then in return, can I take off my bra and shorts? They’re getting sticky from my sweat.’

Me: ‘Okay. You go inside the room to change lah. I change here. You done le then come out. Or I done le then go in.’

She got up and went into the room. I pulled my jeans off and took off my top and walked over to the door, knocking and asking.

Me: ‘You done yet? Can I come in?’

D: ‘Okay.’

I turned the knob and went in. She was in her school uniform, unbuttoned all the way, and on the bed was her bra and shorts – and panties. I held her chin with both my hands, looking deeply into her eyes. Her eyes were small, but nonetheless, returned the message I was sending her.

Our lips met and our bodies pasted onto each other, with my bulge directly between her legs. My hands were busy pulling off her uniform and unbuckling her skirt. With her clothes strewn over the bed, her hands was in my shorts, caressing my long hungry shaft.

We were still standing then, so she sat down on the bed and turned me via my hips towards her. Without using her hands, her mouth went over the mushroom head and sucked it like a trained pornstar. Her tongue running up and down my shaft, and under my manhood as she took it as deep into her mouth. I didn’t had to do anything, just relax and moan. Her hands were even working, pulling my hips towards her.

I kept checking with her if she wanted to have a break but she simply ignored me and kept going. After about 10 minutes of sucking, she took a rest by lying on the bed, with her legs opened. Knowing that it’s my turn, I sat right below her legs, ready to give her a good licking too.

My head went between her legs and started on her clitoris. Sticking out just a little of my tongue, I flapped my tongue at her clit in short and quick flips. Making her sensitive body quiver and shiver. Keeping up with that, I ran my fingers along her slit, making sure she was really wet. Alternating between rubbing her pussy and sliding up and down her slit, it wasn’t long before she needed more.

Sliding my index finger into her, her body responded with a huge contraction, almost pushing my finger out. Following that, her hand came between her legs and pushed my finger in. I went faster and faster like an out of control vibrator, and her body just kept cumming and cumming, making patches of moisture on her skirt.

After making her real tired from the fingering, I lay beside her and rested. Before I knew it, she wanted to play again. Getting into a 69 position, she lowered her hips and made sure I could breath and lick her. With the pussy right before me, my mouth got to work and she was gradually pressing harder onto my face.

Suddenly, I heard crying from her and felt drips of tears on my thighs. She was crying. Thinking she was in pain, I stopped and panicked. I couldn’t get out since she was still on top of me.

D: ‘Don’t worry Jasper, I just thought of my ex. We did this before, but he was always complaining when I wanted him to make me feel good. I know what to do. Please don’t stop.’

I resumed the gentle licking and she placed her head lower, sucking my softening brother. It was soft cause I was distracted by her crying. She did her best and didn’t rest until I was about to blow my load.

Me: ‘Where do you want me to shoot?’

D: ‘In my mouth. My ex said I was only short of cumming in mouth. I’m not going to make that mistake again le.’

She got up and I sort of changed places with her. Positioning my dick in front of her head and my knees under her arms, she sucked on my dick as I supported her head, pushing my meat as deep as I could into her. She didn’t stop or give up, gaggings later, she was tearing, but she didn’t let go off my dick which is inside her mouth all along.

In one strong suck, she got my motor going, pumping streams and streams of cum into her mouth. She was even smiling as she took all of it. I took my exhausted dick out of her mouth and she opened her mouth to show me her prize. Closing her eyes, she swallowed it as though taking bitter medicine – in one gulp.

She slept almost immediately and I dressed her up semi-consciously. I clicked on her cellphone to end the video which was taken upon her request. We got our rest and went our separate ways. I too, know that we’re going to meet again soon. I got a feeling she likes the isolation of my house. =)

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