Out For The Day

The sounds of the keys locking the gates woke me up and being not wanting to go back to bed, I crawled to the laptop and did my usual checks on email and such. Within minutes, my sister opened the bedroom door and appeared in my study. Just like any other guys, I was in my shorts and was topless, sitting lazily on the revolving chair in front of my laptop.

Dressed in a long tee shirt with a huge gapping collar, she pulled my chair away from the keyboard and turned it around to face her. Ignoring my concerns, she pulled a beanbag chair from the corner of the room and sat right in front of me. Of course, I knew what she was doing. How could I resist a little sister who knew how to satisfy you to satisfy her?

She slid her hand into my shorts and massaged my balls, slowly, wrapping her fingers around my hardening cock, her hand moved up and down gently to wake me up. After a few minutes of teasing, she stood up and covered my head with her tee. Cheekily, I took her hard little nipples into my mouth and tasted them. Since we used the same shower gel, we smelled quite similar. Still, she tasted sweet.

Working my tongue around both her nipples, her moans got louder and I knew she needed more. Without wasting anymore time, I carried her on my back to her bed. Throwing her onto her soft bed, I took my pants and undies off before climbing over her, making sure she can’t escape. Like how a baby’s nappy is removed, I pulled her panties off from under her cute little ass and across her legs. She seemed so happy to be fucked by her brother.

Moving my hips towards the end of the bed, she spread both her legs wide so I could lie above her. Mornings are the horniest time of the day. I sink my dick into her soft hole and went in and out gently, with no slapping or pounding. Her hands are clenching the bedsheets tightly, eyes glued to mine, and breathing heavier, always ready to speed things up. I went faster and her hands changed from clawing the bed, to my back.

Wet slurping sounds could be heard echoing in the small room we shared. Having no intention to give in to her, I went as fast as I could knowing how much she enjoyed it. The orgasmic look on her face, eyes rolling up and shutting off once in a while, her legs wrapping tightly around my hips for every orgasm she had, mouth opened, breathing hard and drooling sometimes. She was asking me to go harder and faster without speaking.

I was ready to cum anytime and after slowing down to let her know, she sat up and lay me on my back. Seated between my legs, she bent over and took my dick into her mouth, licking it like a lollipop, taking as much of the red hot meat as she could into her mouth. With one hand, she held my dick, stroking up and down as she sucked away at the tip. With her other hand, it was between her legs, fingering her own dripping pussy.

In less than 5 minutes, my balls squirmed and forced every drop of cum into her mouth, shaft pumping waves after waves of juices into her. Her sucking didn’t stop, she kept going to extract every drop out, even licking the excess like a melting ice cream.┬áRight after the last squirt exited, she opened her mouth to show me the mouthful of goodies and swallowed. It wasn’t the first time she swallowed, but what surprised me was that she went back to giving me head while I was most sensitive.

My softening little brother didn’t really had time to rest before awakening to full force, pumping blood once again into the veins. This time, she climbed on top of me and sat right over my little head, fully lubricated. She was aware I was a little drained, and didn’t asked me to hump her.

She worked her little body the whole time, bouncing up and down, pressing down onto my body with her hands. Her hips didn’t stop for even a second until I was about to cum again. It’s usually harder to cum the second time and takes longer. But if you guys ever tried fucking again from the point when your dick is most sensitive, the second time comes way sooner.

She didn’t get off for me to shoot outside her, I pumped hard again for the second time into her tightening pussy. She fell onto my body after cumming, and we lay down long enough till I had to go work, and she had to report for her first day of poly.

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