Jolie had a model-look despite her young age, I could say, a body to die for. People could mistaken her for a secondary four student given her figure and maturity, that’s what I liked about her too.

We decided to meet after some time chatting on the net. We met on a online chatroom and cause she hardly signs in, she’s glad that we shared a few similar interests. We met at Simei MRT before deciding where to go. Because it was a Saturday, everywhere is bound to be crowded. We settled for lunch at a kopitiam under some flats and headed towards her school.

J: ‘My CCA is having a camp until Sunday night. Cause only a few people in my CCA only, everyone brought their friends along lo.’

Me: ‘Ehh? No teacher in charge meh? And the security guard will also take note de mah.’

J: ‘No teacher in charge, even if got, she also bring her boyfriend into school to check on us. That’s why I can sneak out mah.’

Me: ‘Okay then. Let’s go to your school.’

Once we stepped into the school, she told me in a voice close to whispering.

J: ‘You will be my date for today k?’

I nodded and she led me by my hand to where everyone else is playing LAN.

Jolie found a seat and sat with her friends while I sat beside her. ‘This is my date. I see you all have one I also went to get one =P’, she told her friends.

We went on to the room where all the bags and stuffs are placed, only to find one couple there kissing and making out. It was close to evening when we were there, and she was just lying on the sleeping bags. Lying beside her, I asked, ‘You’re really pretty. Makes me want to ask if I can kiss you. Can I?’

A hand rested on my cheeks, turning me to her side. Closing her eyes, she seemed prepared. I planted my lips onto hers and she merely took a deep breath without resisting. No one else was around, and the couple earlier I think has proceeded to the toilet for the next level.

Pulling her further hand towards me, her body became a wrap over me. Seemingly, he knew what to do. Sliding her hand into my pants, it didn’t take a lot of fumbling to find the rising stick. Wrapping her fingers around, I was a little shock she knew what to do.

Me: ‘How come you’re so good in this?’

J: ‘Cause I watch a lot of porn like you mah.’

Putting my hand that is closer to her, I pulled her school skirt up and went into her undies. She wasn’t wearing and shorts since there’s not many guys around, most of them addicted to games anyway. Her slit was a little wet already. Perking her own knees higher, I could dig deeping into her.

Her gentle moans kept my fingers going, massaging her hole. Her pussy was truly one of a young girl’s, short soft hair, mixed with her own juice. After about 40 minutes of fondling, her legs were getting closer, and her stroking of my dick got faster.

Finally clamping my hand with her thighs, a warm stream of her juice flowed through my fingers and onto her panties. She lie on the sheets exhausted but still moving her hand on my stick.

With the load ready to be delivered, I lay on top of her and wriggled my hard little brother in her undies. She didn’t resist, and she even hugged me. Slowing rubbing my meat stick under her drenched pussy, her moaning resumed and her hips were moving on her own as well.

In another 10 minutes, I squirted my sperms hard into her panties. And continued smearing it over her pussy. She climaxed for the third time and cummed again, but this time faster with a piece of warm meat instead of fingers.

We slept hand in has through the night and I had to leave in the middle of the night to get home in time to change for work.

I might just fall in love with her. =)

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