Ding Dong

*Ding Dong!* The door bell rang and Pamela was standing right at the door. I opened for her and she sat down on the sofa lightly.

Me: ‘What happened?’

Pam: ‘My dad chased me out of the house for being with another guy. He prefers you. I told him that guy was a friend and he didn’t believed me. Can you help me explain to him?’

Me: ‘Okay.. can can. But tonight you sleep here first? So late le.’

Pam: ‘Your brother leh?’

Me: ‘He’s in a camp. You shower then go sleep on my bed ba.’

While she was in the showers, I called her dad to report her safety and that she would be back home tomorrow.

After she was done with her showers, she asked me to join her as I was next. Giving me a good back rub, she was washing me from behind. Both her hands ran across and down my chest, soaping my nipples and abs, and lowered onto my shaft. She wrapped her hands around my dick and stroked it using the soap as lubricant.

In about one or two minutes time, she turned me around and slid my shaft under her pussy. Pushing my hips against hers, our sensitives are stroking each other. With my free hand, I turned the shower on and the water quickly rinsed the soap away from our bodies. She took my rock hard dick in her hand and put it into her little hole. It has been a long time since I tried that tighty.

With her placing on leg on the toilet cover, I managed to put my dick into her hole and moved my hips back and forth of her vagina. It need not take long before I was at my limit. Somehow, the foreplay before seemed to be working a little too well.

I unleashed my load into her as requested and she kept moving her hips to get an orgasm close to mine. Turning her around, my gun was ready before the ammo. Bending her downwards using the sink as the support, her legs spread naturally and it was easier pushing my meat into her cum-filled hole.

Slapping her ass hard with my hips, it took longer for the second round to be ready. She was already in a daze sort of trance as pleasure overwhelmed her. Within minutes, I was close to cumming but didn’t want to cum into her again. Pulling my dick out, I took a little soap and lubed her anus while covering my dick with more.

Pushing it into her asshole slowly, she clenched onto the sink tightly while screaming as my dick disappeared into her tight ass. Slowly, I increased my speed and she turned to enjoy it over time. Within another 15 minutes, she got used and I was really enjoying the tightness of her ass.

Finally, the payload arrived and I unloaded everything into her ass. Which over the long run, will make her feel safer and be safer without the worry of children. Her ass is ready, and her pussy is tightening. I’ll see Pam again. Definitely.

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