Silly Sister

She woke me up in the middle of the night in tears. And being a little dumb founded, I didn’t know what to say. She lay on my shoulders while sobbing away. And in the midst of dozing off, a strong scent of a familiar medicine choked up my nose. It was the popper I used on Peiling. She found it somehow and got me on it. It came so hard on me that I fell back onto the bed, and my dick stood up straight in my place.

Looking naughtily at me, she ran her hands up my FBT shorts and grabbed my dick. Jerking me off in my shorts, I couldn’t resist but took my pants off while she changed hands to maintain control of me. Somehow, the popper was working very well. My body was a little stiff and that was the perfect excuse to be toying me around.

Taking my little red mushroom into her mouth, my dick head was experiencing some of the longest numbs I had. Her tongue twirled around the pee hole like a little dolphin swimming around. It was really covered in her saliva when she removed her mouth for a ride. Looking as though I was the toilet, she swatted over my meat and slowly slid my dick into her. Her hands were holding on tightly to me as I stared at my penis which looked a little too pumped up, disappear into her.

I began moving my hips almost instantly in sync with her and sex definitely lasted longer. There wasn’t any urge to cum at all. As the stiffness reduced, I went faster while our bones continued smacking each other. She was really in cloud nine. Similar to riding a bull, she just kept going. Bringing the bottle of popper to and fro from her nose. She was getting quite addicted badly.

As her pussy squeezed for the gazillionth times, her body fell like a dead leaf onto me and everything stopped. She was still in a kneeling position when she collapsed. I didn’t want to end without cumming as well.

Pushing her body a little forward, enough space is created for me to continue pumping and finish what she started. Taking a whiff of the popper from her hand, I banged her as hard as I could till she woke up in shock and strings of orgasms. As I plunged my meat into her pussy, the cum was forced into her hole deep and she had to cope with the contractions of her vagina while handling the prying of her tight hole open by my dick.

My last drop of energy was spent as the last push of semens exited my pee hole into hers. She wasn’t waking up until morning. And so was I. Mum and dad disappeared again without checking on us, and this time, I’m glad they didn’t check on us. The bottle of popper was finished the next morning as my sister sprinkled the liquid over the bed.

Imagine how much sex we had basking in the aroma of nitrate.

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