Playing Daddy

This is NOT an incest entry. I, as the male lead, is playing the role of daddy with a single mum. Proceed without caution.

Carefully turning the lock on the main door, I had to be careful not to wake the little boy up. It was normal for me to end work at 2am, and by then, everyone should be asleep.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘Hey.. ‘

Me (whispering): ‘You’re not asleep?’

I sat on the old wooden chair next to the shoe rack and removed my smelly socks, which I then brought it into the kitchen to the laundry basket.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I missed you.’

A pair of strong arms went around my waist and hands started rubbing on my zip. Even though she had a kid from her previous marriage, it was her dedication to being a good mother that touched me. At that time, we weren’t officially together, but she had asked for me to stay with them. I guess a man in the house would make things easier.

Me (whispering): ‘Don’t you have work tomorrow?’

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I still want it first.’

We went into the bedroom where her little boy slept in the middle of the bed. For most nights, he would be right between us so he wouldn’t fall. She carried him onto the mattress and pulled her old, white shirt off, leaving a pair of 34C cups to tempt me visually.

A quick shower freshened me up, enough to gather some energy for our bedroom fun she needed to fall asleep.

Sabrina: ‘You lie down first. You deserve this after the long day.’

I closed my eyes and felt her hand stroke my dick, tongue coating saliva all over the shaft. Even my testicles, which was the most sensitive part down there, was massaged with a sense of withheld eagerness. Her mouth went over my rod shortly after and I was sent to the heavens that instant.

Those skilful tongue circled the little head while her lips moistened the shaft, spreading deliciousness along the whole stick. She had not forgotten to suck hard on the tip, where my legs would tremble as blood rushed into it.


Sabrina (whispering): ‘Like it?’

Me (replying weakly): ‘Yeah. I’m more tired now.’

Sabrina: ‘Then stay still.’

She turned herself around and got into 69, burying my mouth into her pussy as she lowered her hips. No matter how I moved my lips and tongue, it was all nothing but pleasure. The juicy cunt just kept leaking whitish cream and I licked them up, satisfying my little thirst while I was at it.

A few minutes of mouth-wetting later, I patted her butt to get her off.

Sabrina: ‘What position you want?’

Me: ‘Move forward a little bit.’

I went on my knees behind her and closed her legs together. A little worry got the better of her as she seldom started with doggie. Without letting our moods die, I rammed into her and stayed inside.

Sabrina: ‘Ahh! Shit.. be more gentle can?’

Our baby boy did not move at all and the rhythmic thrusts began. She was audible but it did not wake him up. The both of us knew he was a deep sleeper, and only hunger would wake him up.

After pounding that firm ass for some time, I kneeled on my ankles and Sabrina humped herself on me. Her pussy was exposed more than ever to bounce and it was one of her favourite moves of all time.

Orgasm, was a challenge to me. We would fail to make her cum at times, and it was our number one issue to fix on the bed. Not even the creaking sounds were of any importance.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I think I’m going to cum.’

Me (whispering): ‘So am I!’

Sabrina: ‘Tsk!’

Fine. I admitted I wasn’t ‘that’ good like how she expected me to be. We changed to missionary and her legs wrapped around me tightly, guiding my tempo as I pulled out of her. Slamming consistently, her vagina got tighter and the countdown started.

Me: ‘Shit.. I don’t want to miss this.’

Sabrina (panting): ‘Just keep going dear.. ‘

The squeezing got more intense as I went faster, till a sudden wave inside her body began ‘milking’ me. I had lasted longer than her. Her fingernails dug into my biceps as she came, eyes shut and squinting really hard.

Sabrina (moaning): ‘Cum with me. Keep going.’

Her legs loosened and I hammered her with all my might, knowing she had gotten what she needed. I had to finish before the next thing happened. With my dick swooshing wet, her grip remained tight. Her pussy was closing in even more and her wide opened mouth was screaming in silence.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Her vaginal walls resumed milking me again, this time with some results. My two-days worth of cum sprayed into her, sending her body into another orgasm that was more violent than previous times. She hugged me against her chest and her teeth when into my shoulder blades.

Sabrina: ‘Ahh!’

Her jaws gave way and I quickly lifted myself up, afraid to be bitten twice. She massaged the sore, red marks on my shoulders with a apologetic face. We detached and she used baby wipes to clean me up, before sucking it clean to make up for what she did to me. That was a first for us.

Sabrina: ‘Sorry.’

Me: ‘Don’t be. I don’t have to bare my top at work anyway. No one will see it but you.’

Sabrina: ‘Stop reminding me la.’

Her shirt went over her head and I wore my briefs back. After a short make out, we brought him back to sleep between us. At 6.30am, Sabrina woke me up, with her shirt pulled over baby’s head.

Sabrina (whispering): ‘I’m feeling horny again. Can we do it before I go to work?’

My hard on was up long before I opened my eyes and the little boy fell asleep to the bouncing bed.

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