One for Marina Boulevard

Girl: ‘Umm.. excuse me?’

I pulled my earpiece out and stared at her in the black ITE dress, whom had caught my eyes when she entered the restaurant. I didn’t exactly ‘eye’ her but nonetheless, attracted to her baby small face with brown hair.

Girl: ‘Can I get your number?’

She stuck her Chanel-cover iPhone to me at the ‘New Contact’ screen and I keyed in my details. Once she returned to her table, cheers could be heard from her friends, who kept looking in my direction.

The noisy group left after a while and that girl came back to my table. This time, I signalled for her to the empty chair next to me and she sat down, hugging onto her bag tightly in front of her chest.

Me: ‘Your friends?’
Girl: ‘They left. I’m Ashley.’

All my impressions of ‘Ashleys’ were guys but Yellow Ranger was Ashley too. The only part where they had any similarity was her neck-length hair. Having done with my dinner, I had no idea what to suggest to her. Getting laid sounded impossible except in my stories, and her age worried me too.

Me: ‘I’m done with dinner. Want to go for a walk?’
Ashley: ‘Okay. You stay around here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. About fifteen minutes walk.’

It wasn’t nearby, but a distance to help digest. We went to H&M which was along the way and her shyness told me something else about her. The clothes which she stopped to look at, the price tag would always come first. And for most of them, she replaced the item after seeing how much it cost.

Me: ‘Hey. Pick something. Your uniform don’t exactly fit this place.’

She continued browsing and settled for a striped crop top. Looking at me wishfully, I had to instruct her to get some sort of bottoms as well. How else would she be able to change into a completely different outfit? A pair of black shorts were added to her arm and I paid for it. Entering the changing room for the third time, she changed into the purchases and sights were immediately set on her when we left the building.

Me: ‘Like it?’
Ashley: ‘I shouldn’t have picked this shirt. I’m cold.’

Her worried, pouted lips look was priceless. I sighed a laugh and reached my arm out at her, where she happily held with both hands. The constant stares she got no longer bothered her in that lively mood, and when we reached the building I stayed in, her arms suddenly let go of me.

I haven’t told her about where we were going, but when she asked where I lived, I thought she was alright with going to my place. Still, playing safe would not ruin the new, cute friend I made.

Me: ‘Maybe we should go elsewhere.’
Ashley (whispering): ‘I.. it’s too expensive here.’
Me: ‘Expensive? What do you mean?’
Ashley: ‘This is a hotel right?’

I couldn’t blame her. At her age, I would have thought the same too. One Marina Boulevard is an office/ residential place.

Me: ‘Actually, this is a bit too expensive.’
Ashley: ‘Yeah! Can we go to your place instead?’
Me: ‘Okay. Let’s go to my place then. Follow me. I ask them something first.’

She held my hand and we went to the reception, where the attractive front-desk lady recognised me.

Lady: ‘Good evening Mr. J. A card for your friend?’

A smile was my answer to her and she held the access card towards Ashley. With a confused expression, she politely accepted and we walked away with regards from the sweet lady.

Ashley: ‘So you stay here.’

The gantry opened upon detecting the card in our pockets and the lift worked with a tap of her visitor pass. Once we reached my floor, the huge automated sliding door opened on my side and we made our way into the living room. The only thing with the interior layout was that the long corridor.

Imagine walking to your classroom, which was my bedroom in this case, you’ll have to pass the kitchen, study-cum-office. Luckily I was staying alone and would never bump into anyone fucking on the kitchen counter.

Ashley: ‘This.. is.. crazy.. ‘

What could I possibly say to her? ‘It’s nothing’? Or ‘I think so too’? Saying nothing was the best protection against her own self-esteem. I brought her into my bedroom, which faced the cityscape with full-length windows.

Ashley was breathing so hard I could hear her excitement, and all she did was look out of the window. I went behind her and hugged her, carrying her to the bed which I meticulously picked, being the second most expensive furniture besides the unit.

Me: ‘Look at this.’

A click on the smart-home controller lit the LEDs behind the ceiling, making the stars glow randomly. That cute girl just stared at it with her jaws opened. My face occupied her vision next and I could tell something in her was about to explode. Her lips wet themselves, almost luring me to skip the kissing and stick my dick in there.

Ashley: ‘I.. don’t know what to say.’

My hand rested on her exposed tummy and she unbuttoned her shorts. It was that straightforward. We knew what was coming next, that’s getting into our birthday suits. Her small tits looked full despite the low altitude, and her pussy, had the finest hair that thinly her important part luxurious, like those furry carpets.

She had felt my groin when I leaned my body on her, and she was so embarrassed about the fact that I shaved and she didn’t. Every small detail was affecting her so much.

Ashley (whispering): ‘Sorry. I didn’t shave.’
Me (whispering): ‘I’m not bothered by it. I think it looks cute on you.’

By the time we started kissing, our bodies had wanted more than sex, whatever that realm was. Her hand worked clumsily on my rod, trying to please me as I rubbed her clit to an orgasm. Up till that point where she climaxed with panting moans, she was just trying to keep up with me.

When I finally couldn’t take the teasing, I stepped out of bed and went to the dresser. That poor girl got all worried and sat on the bed, wondering what I was doing.

Ashley: ‘I’m sorry. I don’t know how to pleasure guys. I only seen it once online then I didn’t want to again.’
Me: ‘Huh? What are you talking about?’

I was fishing for my condom. Oh wait. Maybe I didn’t need it if she’s a virgin. I stopped reorganising the drawer and went back to the guilt-struck girl. She was just rubbing her clenched fist looking so lost.

Me: ‘You have any boyfriends before?’
Ashley: ‘Yeah. But we didn’t do much. He just made me sit on top of him and just move my down-there over his pants.’
Me: ‘So, you’re a virgin?’
Ashley (shyly): ‘I usually masturbate with my lipstick. But never had sex.’

The turn of event did not disappoint me. I was too reckless, not all girls are that.. argh.. whatever. Guess who felt worse after coming this far? I made her lie on the bed and joined her, looking at the stars while she laid on my chest looking at the city view. I guess there wasn’t much else to do besides a handjob, which I could skip to make up for my foolishness.

Slowly, I felt her hand moving over my dick again, feeling each area with her fingertips. My breathing was in her control then and it was up to her to make me breathe fast or slow. She was a quick learner.

Ashley (whispering): ‘Can you turn on the lights? I want to see it.’

Another click brought the lights up and she moved to my stomach, checking the penis in detail. Be it curiosity or duty, she was keeping me hard. Unable to see anything in front of her head, a soft, wet surface touched my pee hole and her lips gently kissed over the head. Going down my shaft, a sharp breath told her ‘you’re doing it right’.

My balls were in the mercy of her palm and her blowjob consisted more of tongue play than up-down. Still, it was good. Don’t we all love to be teased than to be made to cum? While men enjoys the process, women loves the outcome.

Me (whispering): ‘It’s enough for me. Can I play with yours?’
Ashley (whispering): ‘Don’t .. I .. (a tap on my dick) .. to play with me.’

That was the best unclear, answer any guys could wish to get. I didn’t even get the full sentence from the whisper. I laid on top of her and let my hips find the opening. Her hands were on my cheeks ready to pull me in for the kiss when I entered.

Inches by inches, I moved carefully and her defloration was aided by the frenching that distracted her. Once I had taken 100% of her virginity, my body just went autopilot. Our mouths never left each other and her tightness just drove me crazy. Her body was getting used to the motion by that long, biological stick all men has. It was full of involuntary contractions and orgasms she never expected to have come so soon.

Ashley (whispering): ‘I came so many times today.’
Me (whispering): ‘I know. I can feel it.’

That five minutes we were at it, she had three. And I totally forgot about the condom.

Me: ‘Wanna go on top?’
Ashley: ‘Okay. I think I know how to move.’

Her level of concern about putting it in was higher than maintaining eye-contact. Yes, that was how new she was to this. The moment the pleasure returned, she interlocked fingers with me and rocked her slim belly, riding me in a continuous exchange of moans and groans from the both of us.

She was going really, really fast. And the rocking motion simply pushed all the right spots on my shaft. The only drawback being my lack of stamina, which I gave in to her tight pussy that I bet all of you would succumb to as well. I had suspected her to be enjoying this more than me.

Me: ‘Ash.. You have to get off me now. I’m going to shoot.’

She did not understandd the urgency when guys say that and she took her time to come to a stop, before releasing my purplish looking dick.

Ashley: ‘Umm.. what do I do now?’
Me: ‘Where does your boyfriend usually shoot?’
Ashley: ‘Ex. I’m single now. He usually.. shoot on my hand.’
Me: ‘Hmm.. wrap your hand over it and move up and down. You can lie on my stomach. When I’m going to shoot, I will touch your head and you put it into your mouth?’

She nodded her head obediently and did as told. The final moments were spent with my eyes closed, and a huge cumshot that emptied my balls into her mouth. Her tongue simply did not know what to do except to keep teasing the tip.

After the few minutes of grand finale, she went to her bag and took her water bottle out, swallowing my cum like medicine, giving me the biggest surprise of the night.

Well, I guess she could do that. Or spit it out.

We went for a shower together and she sat over my dick in the bathtub, hugging me tightly and kissing all over my neck.

Ashley: ‘Can I ask you for something?’

Shit. Don’t tell me it’s money. Or should I wish it’s ‘just’ money?

Ashley: ‘Can I show you to my mum?’

Okay. That wasn’t too bad. But given how busy I was, I didn’t know how long we could stay together. But maybe, just maybe, this could work out.

After another round in the bathtub, where I came into her mouth again, we went to the carpark where I had my company car, a Mercedes R231. We drove to her flat in the old estates of Toa Payoh and parked the heavy-front car after much difficulty.

The neighbours Ashley saw along the way up to her flat would thought that she have struck the lottery. She was all smiles from the moment we hopped into the car, caressing every curves from the dashboard to the leather seats as I did the same, with my hand under her school uniform she changed back into after the shower.

Ashley (shouting): ‘Mummy! This is J.’

A long, disapproving stare made me look away. I was in shorts and t-shirt. How else would I expect her to think of me? Her mum was in her early thirties, having Ashley from an accident with one of her flings. Well, I (or she) was just lucky that fling had good genes. Or that her mum had good eyes.

After the longest ten minutes introduction and chatting with Ashley and her mum, her impression of me improved upon hearing where I lived and how we got here. The next thing I knew, she had her attention on me rather than her daughter who was asking her if she could spend nights at my place.

Mum: ‘No you can’t. You have a home and you’ll disturb J from his work. J, you can come over and spend nights here though. I can accept that.’

Whether if her mum was the one who wanted to spend more time with me, or to keep an eye on her daughter, time will tell. But for that evening, she allowed Ashley to spend the night at my place. At last, I felt better knowing that I haven’t stepped on any timebombs for that eventful day.

After we got home and naked, we crashed into the bed with hands all over each other. As for the rest of the night, all I could say is – we were spent when first light broke into the room.

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