Uber This

Driver: ‘To Geylang Lor 18?’
Andy: ‘Yeah.’

His girlfriend, Michelle, sat behind the driver and his arm slid between her legs, though not going further than her knees. Excited with her daring request to go to a hotel instead of being stuck at her always-occupied house, he was ready to pay for the stay no matter how long it was. It was their first time going to such a place for their little playtime. The driver had been glancing at the both of them, whispering sweet nothings to each other throughout the ride.

Driver: ‘You two above 18 already not? She looks so young.’
Andy: ’19 already.’
Driver: ‘Your girlfriend ah?’
Andy: ‘Yah..’

Michelle couldn’t care less about how kaypo the driver was and kept her eyes out of the windows, looking at the girls standing along the road as the car swerved in the traffic.

Driver: ‘Why don’t I lend you my car la? I charge you $20 extra. Cheaper than the hotel.’
Michelle (whispering): ‘No please. We’re going to the hotel.’
Andy: ‘No thanks uncle. The hotel will do.’
Driver: ‘Or I pay you $50 to watch in the hotel room?’

Not sure if he was serious, the two teenagers knew the money would pay for the room and perhaps even get them an overnight stay. It was after all a weekend to themselves.

Andy (whispering): ‘How B?’
Michelle (whispering): ‘Ask him for how long.’
Driver: ‘One hour. After that I leave.’

She nodded shyly and Andy struck a deal, accepting the blue note as the driver tapped the ‘Arrival’ button on the Uber app. The car was parked in the tiny carpark of a Hotel 81 in the area and they three of them made their way inside, checking in without any questions.

Once in the room, Michelle dropped her bag and went into the shower, knowing Andy would enter after a while. The driver, whom I shall call ‘Driver’ from here on, sat on the chair turned to the bed and waited for them to finish showering. With just one light left on, the sex-hungry couple came out of the shower, both naked and oblivious to the extra set of eyes in the room.

Collapsing on the bed, Michelle took note of the time from her phone and silenced it. Andy began sucking on her nipples, harnessing moans to let the driver get his money’s worth. His girlfriend wasn’t performing too badly either, arching her body up and down as her fingers pinched whichever was not getting the attention.

Michelle (whispering): ‘Let me suck you. I miss your taste.’

He hastily lie on the bed and admired the sexy slim waist rest next to him, head pointed at Driver who was sitting closer to the bed. As usual, Andy had his eyes closed while he enjoyed her mouth licking his dick. Taking the chance to get more comfortable, Driver unzipped his pants and brought his dick nearer to Michelle, whose hand was pulled to his throbbing cock. Wrapping her fingers around it, he was much thicker than Andy, but also a darker pink which did not look appealing at all.

Not wanting to alert her boy, she jerked him as the dick continued zooming in and out, till she felt a pair of hands suddenly pressing her head down.

Andy: ‘What are you doing B!’

A choke woke her up and Andy appeared angry at her lack of resistance. How could she just hold another guy’s dick while she’s sucking on his?!

Andy (angrily): ‘Come here~’

He went behind her while keeping her body forward, violently dragging her hips to get her into doggie. He said nothing and plunged his dick into her, where the pain made her scream. What Michelle felt was more of pleasure, the joy of being taken by surprise and anger. Nothing was truly more sexier than that.

Andy: ‘B, suck him. I’ll be behind you.’

Behind? Like support?

Getting her boyfriend’s approval was the greatest thing ever. Her mouth opened and Driver helped himself in, holding her head by her ears while Andy rocked her body. There wasn’t a variety of maneuvers for the short threesome but Michelle was moaning louder than all the times they had sex. Never could he imagine how wild she could get with a stranger.

Shortly after, her phone beeped twice and Andy understood the tone.

Andy: ‘Uncle, time is up. Finish soon.’

The couple paused and Michelle sucked him deep, bobbing her head as Driver groaned louder. In less than a minute, his legs went wobbly and a few forward thrusts of his dick forced his cum into her mouth. Once he pulled out and stepped away from them, his cum dribbled over the floor and a few pieces of tissue was thrown over it.

Uncle: ‘Thanks young man.’
Andy: ‘Whew.. finally.’
Michelle: ‘B, let’s go wash up first. I’m yours for the rest of the night. You can do anything you want to me. You brought the toys right?’

He gave her a cheeky smile and they went for another shower, conveniently fucking inside for their first round before they set the room up for a night of crazy, wild rough bondage.

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