Summer Time

Me: ‘Hey! Summer!’

That sporty girl I’ve been walking behind since I started work pulled her earpiece and widened her eyes at me. I had stumbled across her profile on FaceBook and spoke to her, and now we speak – in speech, for our first time.

Summer: ‘J?!’
Me: ‘Yeah! I came to visit my workplace, and walked out around this time to see if you are around.’
Summer: ‘Lucky you! Where are you going now?’
Me: ‘Take a bus home. You?’
Summer: ‘Same. What bus number?’
Me: ‘Same as you? You live just one station away from me ah. Not too hard to get home myself.’

She yanked at her backpack straps like a little girl and we made our way to the bus stop, where her bus came shortly after. Hopping on with her, we continued chatting and before we knew it, I had accompanied her to the private estates behind the bus stop.

Me: ‘You live in there! Wow!’
Summer: ‘Haha. Yeah. There’s no one home now, want to come in?’

I nodded with eagerness and followed her in, where a lavish interior showed off her family’s wealth. Apparently, she did not need to work at all, but she still did.

We stopped at the couch in the living room and she brought a glass of apple juice, where I stirred up the aloe vera bits and drank almost all of it in an instant.

Summer: ‘So thirsty ah? Wait for me for a while? I’ll go shower.’
Me: ‘Hey! I’m as stinky as you. I should be heading home now. I’m just here for the apple juice.’

She ‘tsk-ed’ loudly when she went into the kitchen, fishing out towels from the dryer and returning to the about-to-leave me.

Summer: ‘You say one ah. K. Bye.’
Me: ‘Wei.. just joking la.’

She threw me a towel and her lips squeezed themselves together. Asking me with her thoughts to join her in the shower. I knew what she was hinting at, and there was no reasons to turn this girl with her sports-toned body down. Leaving my bag where it was, I went behind her to the second floor, where her bedroom was.

Without saying anything, she pulled her dri-fit shirt off and stepped out of her black shorts, staring back at me to see if I was done. Or rather, naked. As for me, I had a buttoned shirt on and took longer to get to my undies, only to get a frown from her.

Summer: ‘You are going to shower with those on?’
Me: ‘Just following you ah.’

Her hands went behind her back and the pair of orange bra fell onto her shorts, and her panties disappeared into a laundry basket outside the toilet. I didn’t stay clothed for long too, leaving my underwear on her bed and entering the toilet with her.

We remained outside the bathtub as she adjusted the temperature of the water coming out of the shower head, stepping into it first before holding my arm to help me in.

The water ran down our heads and across our bodies, forcing my eyes to close from the stinging pain. Her nipples touched my chest and before I knew it, she was closely stuck on me, my arms going round her waist while she held my cheeks in the right direction.

Our kinky side got the better of us and we made out passionately, as if we knew each other for a long time. My dick was rising to the wash of warm water, and her nipples that was pressing hard on me.

With the tub filling up to our ankles, she turned the water off and squirted some soap on her hand, running the foam along my shaft while I collected my share of Johnsons & Johnsons.

Starting from her neck, I massaged down her chest and those firm, tiny cups, before arriving at her pussy. Lubricated, I slid the side of my index finger along her slit, making her moan as she quickened the handjob.

Summer: ‘Hey! Enough playing. Let’s rinse up and go outside.’

So.. that was about it. We washed each other up and stepped out naked, drying our bodies before she climbed under the blanket on her bed.

Summer: ‘Come leh. It’s cold!’

I wasted no time and cuddled with her, dick being caressed by the 22 year old who seemed desperate for some love.

Summer (whispering): ‘Come.’

I was guided on top of her but I wasn’t going to take things so fast. Disappearing under the blanket, I arrived at her pussy with a little hair on it, neatly trimmed but not bare. Nonetheless, it was warm, and delicious. Her juices tasted like thickened water with the shower fragrance. The more I worked on her clit, the louder she got, and the harder she pushed my head against her groin.

Summer (whispering): ‘stop J. enough.’

I went back on my knees and over her again, this time with her hand directing me inside her. In a single forward move, she took me in without so much a flinch.

Summer: ‘Yesss~ Go slow k?’

Would I? No! I gave her a false preview of two or three strokes, and hammered the following laps into her. Screaming into her hands, her legs rose and lifted the blanket midair. I could tell Summer was enjoying this.

As she tried to push me away, I grabbed both her wrists together and held it above her head. Still pounding forcefully, the weak smiles between her closed-eyes orgasmic look reassured me the safety of my slight dominance. I wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

After I felt her pussy climax with a suffocating squeeze on my dick, I slowed down to a stop and flipped her legs together to one side. Pushing down on her hip with both hands, I resumed my thrusts and got rewarded with more pleas for me to stop.

Summer (moaning): ‘I’m going crazy.. stop please.. ‘
Me: ‘Not till I cum. Turn over.’

I pulled out and she flipped over, lying on her stomach with her legs apart. But that wasn’t what I wanted, so another request was made.

Me: ‘Lift your butt up. And stick them out for me.’

Her ass rose with her legs closed and her pussy appeared from between the fine ass cheeks. I parked myself right at the entrance and held her waist, ramming my meat into her in one swift action. A long groan went into her pillow and continued as I slammed my hips against her, shoving my cock in as deep as I could.

Summer (groaning): ‘Oh yes! Oh yes!’

At that point, I realised how she did not tell me what to do. I guess that was important to my self-esteem, and to know I was doing a good job. Not disappointing her, I went faster against the tightening pussy that was climaxing. I wasn’t going to stop till my cum was at the door.

Going for more than five minutes in that agonising position, I knew I couldn’t last any longer. The juicy slurping had become slopping sounds, sucking me back in with that vacuum her vagina created.

Me: ‘Summer! I’m going to cum!’

She leaned forward easily and freed my eager dick from her devilish lust, quickly turning herself over to let me move up to her face.

Summer: ‘Enough space?’
Me: ‘Yeah. So I’m going in your mouth?’
Summer: ‘I’ll put it in and you move like just now.’
Me: ‘Don’t want! It can go too deep.’
Summer: ‘It’s okay. My gag-reflex is not really there anymore. Just do it.’

Her neck straightened and took my dick into her mouth, where I started slow this time, sinking deeper as she showed no signs of discomfort. Within ten seconds, I was moving fast enough to get the same pace as fucking her, along with all the right spots she was stimulating.

All it took was two minutes, and I relaxed my legs to fully embed my cock down her throat, squirting cum directly into her tummy while I moved a little to get everything out. The girl below me was almost forgotten as I came really hard, lifting myself away for her to lick me clean.

Summer (panting): ‘Okay. Done.’

We laid side-by-side, looking at each others’ satisfied expression. It was so intense, and definitely unforgettable. We just wanted each other like that, and that much too.

Summer: ‘Let’s get dressed. And we’ll go for dinner. My treat!’

Being too tired to reply her, I got dressed watching her slip on a tube dress, without a bra but with panties on. Sexy sounding, but my mind was on the dress she wore, leaving her single skin-toned shoulders exposed.

Summer: ‘Wear these slippers. Air your feet.’

She kicked me a pair of men’s slippers and I packed my shoes into a plastic bag. We went out to the attached garage and she unlocked the door of a Mercedes Z5. Yes, you read that right. Her family was that rich, that car being one of the three they owned in other garages. However I dressed, stepping out of that car would do my sloppy attire all the justice I can get.

We went to a restaurant in J8 and my feet was kept busy throughout dinner, toes wriggling between her legs under the table. The priceless look on her face when she climaxed was the highlight of the date.

After we were done, she sent me home with another make out session in her car. How else should I be feeling after that day? It was an unexpected meet up and even more surprising to go that far with someone she met. Sure, we started off with me recognising her from FaceBook, followed by our conversations that chipped the ice to tiny, meltable bits.

Summer (FaceBook): ‘I’ll pick you up after work! No matter how late you end. Update me k?’

I will Summer.

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