A Stick for Carrie

‘Bei.. help me take it off.. ‘

Lying drunk on Bob’s stomach, Carrie could barely focus on removing his shorts, let alone keep her eyes open for it. Moments after they shut the door behind themselves, she had gone ahead to strip herself down to her lingerie, leaving little for him to do while he tried to make sense of her urgency.

As soon as his dick popped into sight, she placed her lips over it and stayed motionless, until Bob nudged her on her head. She stirred awake to continue sucking on his manhood, while he adjusted her position so he could reach her love hole.

Curled up right next to him, Bob managed to slip his hand into her panties, and further between her crack to feel a really juicy slit, that he knew was a tad too impossible for even the horniest her. Without attracting any attention, he retracted his hand and saw what was on it – translucent fluid, resembling – cum.

(Bob asked) ‘Did he cum inside you?’

‘Yeah.. two times.. Mmmm~’

Her head continued moving up and down along his shaft, still unaware of what she just confessed to. For Bob, upon hearing that, he got a little harder, but also more feisty. Which man would not be mad knowing that his girl just got creampied by another man?

Seamlessly bringing his hand to the back of her head, he pushed her down lower onto his extended cock, granted by the new knowledge of what she had been up to.

(Bob asked) ‘Is he bigger?’

‘He said I was too tight for him.. Ahh.. I want you inside me now.. ‘

That said, she rolled on her back and turned to kiss her man, oblivious to the mixed expression on his face. Bob didn’t waste a second and plunged his cock into her cum-filled pussy, withholding all movements to get her attention.

‘Bei.. why aren’t you moo.. (whispered) oh shit! I love you bei. You know I do.. ‘

‘I know. That’s why I want you to tell me.. ‘

‘Anything.. ‘

‘How did he fuck you.’

Looking into her guilty, puppy eyes while he was inside her, couldn’t be any more dominating. There she was, trying to concentrate, and Bob was making small thrusts to throw her off.

‘He offered to drive me to the club to meet you. And I said yes. Ahh.. let me fin.. Ahh! I was having a headache.. and he gave me a Panadol for it. Nghhh! I felt really sleepy after that.. and.. and.. the car stopped he woke me up and.. I thought he was putting me in the back so I can sleep.’

‘Yeah? And? Don’t stop now!’

‘I can’t concen.. you’re driving me.. (as she panted) I heard him unzip, then a warm stick was in my hand.. He was like.. like kneeling between my legs, trying to push it up my dress. I.. I had your favourite pair of panties on.. the open crotch one. He just.. he just shove his cock inside me and my mind just went blank!’

‘You didn’t resist him? Or did you want it as well? HUH!’

‘I was having visions of you whenever I try to open my eyes! He was going so fast.. rubbing the inside of my.. pussy so hard. I wanted to tell him to stop but I can’t stop moaning.. He.. AHH.. AHH.. fucked me so hard.. so fiercely.. ‘

Bob’s hips was moving quicker as her recount reached climax, with the saucy details that hurt him so good as she told the story in despair. Coincidentally, they were in the same missionary position that she was in, with another guy, mere hours ago.

‘He kept going until.. ahh.. until he came. I thought he was going to stop, but he just ahh.. came again. I saw things clearer and realised that.. (sobbing noises) it wasn’t you. I got up and left his car to find you. I’m sorry.’

That apology, did little to ease his jealousy that spurred his rapid hip thrusts, driving his cock so deep into her pussy that she gradually resumed moaning to. While she took it as a punishment, it was nothing close to one in Bob’s case.

He hammered the life out of his precious little girl and pumped his vigour into his rightful pussy, that was violated without permission. Yes, permission.

‘Text him.’

‘Text him what?’

In Bob’s mind, the worst possible mind-fuck was panning out in success, as his way of punishment that he knew she wouldn’t deny him of.

‘Text him that he will be held responsible for what he did.’

‘What? I just want to.. ‘

‘Text him. Because you are going to pick up your pieces, starting from his cock.’

Carrie, will then be Bob’s puppet, to puppet-ception that fucker, for his fantasy that even she didn’t know about.

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