That Thing

Melvin: ‘She looks good.’
Guy: ‘Confirm you want her?’
Melvin: ‘Wait. I still don’t get it. How does it work?’
Guy: ‘Let me activate her first.’

He clicked on the thumbnail with the girl in a school uniform, and sent a message with the words ‘Vince, 231A. 2030hrs.’ The stranger who contacted Melvin passed him a tiny metal pillbox, and pushed him towards the door.

Guy: ‘Go to the second floor, unit number 3100. She will be there.’
Melvin: ‘And?’

Guy: ‘Show her the box and she will know what to do. Give her the contents inside and keep the box. That will be your membership pass. Call the number underneath whenever you want to see me. This is a present from your good friend.’

My good friend? Who? And he HAS access to such dark stuff?

He clutched his sling bag tightly and went down the lift, heading to the room he was told. Standing in front of the digital door lock, the concealed camera had been waiting for his arrival.


He pushed through the door and a small living room reminded him how a one-room flat looked like. Unsure of what was happening, he sat on the bed in the middle of the flat and waited. Strangly, there was no connection on his phone.

*Knock knock*

8.30pm. Things were becoming clearer to him now, with the details right outside the door. Melvin went over to the seamless wooden door (without any peepholes) and swallowed, just as he pulled the heavy door ajar.

Girl: ‘Vince?’
Melvin: ‘Yeah.’
Girl: ‘I’m Xue Ting.’

Her side parting fringe covered most of her face, but she was whom he picked earlier. Wearing a white Mango t-shirt with a pair of black flare skirt, he was beginning to like what his ‘good friend’ brought him into.

She placed her bag on the floor before climbing onto the bed, lying tired with her face in the pillow.

Xue Ting: ‘School sucks. I’m so tired.’

The petite girl groaned as she stretched her limbs, turning herself over while looking at him.

Melvin: ‘How old are you?’
Xue Ting: ‘Haha. I’m still in secondary school.’
Melvin: ‘Umm.. I don’t really know how this works. How did you get into this?’
Xue Ting: ‘Hmm.. you can say ‘by choice’?’

Her arms opened and Melvin kicked his shoes off before joining her in bed. Her kitty-like action that buried her face in his chest made him felt young, as though he was her boyfriend. She rested her head on his chest and pushed him down, as if they were going to sleep.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘I’ve been thinking about this all the time you know? The text that tells me someone will meet me, with that box. Can I see it?’

He fished the cold steel container from his pocket and showed it to her. Instantly, she got more energetic and became more focused on him. She took the box and kept it back in his jeans, lying down back on his body.

For a minute, it was just silence. Xue Ting turned her head to him and opened her mouth, lips looking glossy and seductive. It looked as though she was turned on! Was she?

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘Kiss kiss?’

Their lips met and her little tongue came out to play. While they were frenching, she moved her body into doggie and climbed over him. Their bodies got more daring and soon, she was pulling his shirt off and vice versa. Those plain, white tiny bra only reassured him of her age, and once her skirt was off, the set of pink panties with little hearts made her looked even younger.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘I’ve been shaving everyday in case this day comes. Want to see?’
Melvin: ‘Yeah.’

She grabbed his hand and stretched the bands of her panties open, showing him the way in to feel her wet, juicy slit. He could not hold himself back from touching her clit and she was moaning as he vibrated his finger.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘You’re not even naked yet! Let’s get naked.’

They parted momentarily to remove all their clothes, before she went to the pillow. Adjusting it against the headboard, she signalled to him by patting on it. He moved to where she wanted and watched her lie on her belly, head positioned on one of his thighs.

Xue Ting: ‘Tell me if I hurt you k?’

Her tongue appeared and he felt her warmth on his exposed erection. Those thin, pink lips opened and took his girth easily, rocking her head up and down his thigh to get the blowjob going.

With one hand on his testicles, no words could describe how great he was feeling. His mind drifted in and out of blankness, toes tingling with every stroke she tried to go deeper down on. It was quiet, good, and most importantly, super erotic.

Xue Ting (pouting lips): ‘Can I rest?’
Melvin: ‘Yeah! Of course. Lie down.’

He excused himself and let her take his spot, but lying properly on the pillow this time.

Melvin: ‘Can I see it up close?’
Xue Ting: ‘Huh! Don’t want! I’m shy.’
Melvin: ‘Close your eyes and imagine I am your doctor.’
Xue Ting: ‘Okay. I’ll try. But no doctors have seen me down there yet.’

He laid chest down on the bed between her legs and bent her knees. The room was not bright enough to make anything in that dark centre, but he could feel it with his fingers instead. Swiping his fingertip lightly, he listened to the moans she was making, sounding extra sexy when he found her clit under the folds.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘It’s sensitive there.. don’t play with it too much.. ‘

His shy ‘girlfriend’ earned his sympathy and he returned to her side, pinching her nipples hard while she stroked him in revenge.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘Can I tell you something?’
Melvin: ‘Go on.’
Xue Ting: ‘I feel like having you inside.. can?’
Melvin: ‘But you are underaged.’
Xue Ting (whispering): ‘But if I am the one riding you?’
Melvin: ‘I don’t know.. ‘

Her smile softened his tensed mood and another kiss ended the conversation. She brought her body over his again, and kneeled with her pussy just inches above his belly. He saw her bite her lips as she straightened her back, and held his dick under her pussy.

In that intense life-changing moment, his ears picked up her breathes. The heat from her pussy could be felt flowing down his dick, and she was lowering herself slowly.

Xue Ting: ‘Mmm!’
Melvin: ‘You okay?’
Xue Ting: ‘Yeah. Sensitive. Don’t move.’

Not able to split her legs any wider, her vagina consumed his rod at a slow pace. Every bit of his urge to just ram it inside her was about to break loose. Nonetheless, he let her finish the docking process and a sigh calmed their senses down.

Xue Ting: ‘You’re so big inside me. Or am I too small for you?’

She giggled and went to his mouth, pecking him playfully. Now that he was completely inside her, there wasn’t much work for him to do. Her hips raised and dropped, fucking his enlarged member that was helpless in her body. Her breathing got faster as she wore her legs muscles out, and Melvin stopped her shortly after.

Melvin: ‘Hey, you can rest and let me do the work.’
Xue Ting: ‘Wait! I want to try something. Saw this online.’

Whatever she wanted to try, he was confident he had seen it before. But when she raised his knees up for him to hold, he doubted himself. His anus was fully exposed and that angle his dick was in (pointing at himself), sex was hardly possible.

Xue Ting squatted in a horse stance over his butt, and brought his dick downwards in the direction of his balls.

Melvin: ‘You sure about this?’
Xue Ting: ‘Just try. Does it hurt?’

A little ache was felt when she bent his erection in the opposite direction, but it wasn’t painful. Plus, whatever she was going to do, had better make this worthwhile.

Melvin: ‘Nope. What’s next?’

She relaxed her legs and let her pussy vanish his dick once again, replacing the ache with pleasure.

Xue Ting: ‘When I saw this position, I was thinking, don’t you guys like to do this? But this time, the girl is in control! Awesome no?’

Her opened thighs against the back of his legs, still raised in midair. True enough, he felt like the girl in this stance, but it was something new.

Melvin (panting): ‘Ting.. you’re touching my sensitive spot. I don’t know if I can last long.. ‘
Xue Ting (panting): ‘It’s okay.. you’re touching mine too. Just cum whenever you like.’

Bouncing on his dick, she sounded sexy enough to shorten Melvin’s stamina. It was the top part of his shaft getting all the pleasure, while the underside barely brushed along her pussy. In no time, the new angle was charging the school girl up, speeding beyond any known limits.

Melvin: ‘I’m going to shoot soon! Take it out!’
Xue Ting: ‘I.. can’t.. stop moving.. ‘

His legs had gone numb and was totally weak. Even letting go of his knees didn’t spring his legs back. The sex was too good for his body to deny. Especially when it was with this naive girl who was just trying out a new position.

Melvin: ‘I.. Arghh!’

She slammed down on his dick as he felt her vaginal walls making waves on his rod, milking his cum in perfect sync. Loads after loads erupted into her, where she fell forward and pressed his legs down against his chest.

As the two of them calmed down, their senses returned and his dick had began.. shrinking. She gave him a constipated look and squeezed her pussy at the base, lifting herself away with the last load being extracted like toothpaste.

They fell onto the bed and caught their breaths, exchanging kisses while she massaged his overheated barrel. After the short break, Melvin went into the bathroom and when he returned, a knock on the door was heard.

Xue Ting: ‘I’ll get this!’

Puzzled, he watched the visitor, a lady in her mid-thirties, hold a cup under Xue Ting who was squatting close to the floor.

Lady: ‘Pass.’

Xue Ting sighed a heave of relief and dragged Melvin to the bed, where she requested for the box.

Melvin: ‘What’s in it?’

Holding up a pink pill, she whispered ‘morning-after‘. And the second blue pill, ‘for my studies‘. Both went down her throat with the water from her flask and she helped him get dressed before herself.

Xue Ting: ‘This is for the guy who sent you. He’ll want to see this.’

The panties she removed was shoved in his hand, still damp from whatever caused her to be wet. The happiest girl left the house and Melvin was all along in the room.

Unknown Number (on phone): ‘Leave after fifteen minutes. I’ll see you where we met earlier.’

He waited and went back into the unit at the highest floor, where the screen with thumbnails of girls stayed on the monitor.

Guy: ‘She gave you anything?’

He showed him the pink, hearted panties and he nodded intelligently.

Guy: ‘You can keep that. And this.’

He took the Sandisk thumbdrive and he got lost again with the barcode behind it.

Melvin: ‘What’s this?’
Guy: ‘The video of you two at it. It is ‘write-only’ formatted, so you can’t delete it. It contains details of that girl as well. So you can find her outside.’
Melvin: ‘Umm.. okay. Can I ask what is in the blue pill?’

Read onĀ for trivia!

Guy: ‘Haha. She showed it to you huh? Not sure if you can understand this, but. These girls, they were given their first dose coated in a special chemical. It’s a memory-enhancing pill. Still used by spies in the present age. We have ‘sort of’ tweaked it to be activated by specifically, serotonin. Found in semen in huge quantities.’

Melvin: ‘So it will be useless even if she takes it before her exams?’

Guy: ‘Clever! She will need to call you, and that’s when you’ll be needed to activate the pill. The more serotonin she can get, the longer the short-term memories she absorbed will be retained. That’s why she has your number too.’

Melvin: ‘By the time she needs me, she’ll be fucking other guys.’

Guy: ‘Umm.. that’s why you have the video? And they all know this little extra information. You know, sometimes they have a lot of things to remember. Flipping pages doesn’t work. They need days to go through all the materials their exams will need. They can take the pill as far from that important date as possible. As long as their body receives the activating chemical, the pill will keep working. But once their bodies run out of it, and they are not aware, all the things they remembered will be gone. Just imagine.. ‘

Melvin: ‘Oh! I get it! Wow. This can kill me – indirectly.’

Guy: ‘Yeah man. You got it. You have to go now. Someone is coming for his little pet.’

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