Post-Workout Workout

When I took my earpiece off on the treadmill, it dawned onto me that I was the last customer besides the two female staff in the gym. One of them, Jenny, walked right in my direction before I gave her the apologetic handsign on my forehead. She was an admin usually at the front desk, but it was another of my late night workout that sent her asking me about some of the newer equipments.

After that day, we texted frequently about anything under the sun. The few times we met for lunch actually caused some awkwardness for her when her colleagues questioned. So, we kept our conversations to Whatsapp.

Jenny (WhatsApp): ‘Good workout tonight?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Yeah. Refreshed after the run. I’ll be done quick.’

I left the phone at one of the bench and entered my usual shower cubicle, hurrying my pace to rinse the sweat off. Just as I finished shampooing my hair, the creaky toilet door opened. Without thinking much, I blurted ‘gotta hurry. They’re closing soon’ to whoever I did not see in the workout area.

With water running over my head, a pair of arms suddenly went around me, and a pair of soft boobs pushed onto my back.

Girl: ‘Yeah. We gotta hurry.’

I only recognised the voice after the water stopped, and my soapy body let me rotate in her arms. Given how wet the floor was, I could not resist her step forward, slamming me against the thin plastic wall. In front of me was Jenny, naked with her ponytail. God if only she knew how much ponytails turn me on. I hugged her instinctively for balance and she tiptoed for a kiss that never broke, while I felt her tummy rubbing my rising flag.

Moments later, she tucked my dick between her legs and used the slipperiness to slide back and forth, touching at all the wrong parts that got me squirming in laughter.

Jenny: ‘Let’s wash the soap off.’

I leaned on the push-type knob and water ran all over us, with her hands running all over me to make sure there was no more soap. Once her back turned on me, I bear hugged and brought her to the toilet cubicles, laying her on her knees on the seat cover.

There was no words exchanged as I kept her calves together with my knees, and in a flash, I was shoving myself into a moaning machine. Undried water had helped the entry and as we picked up pace, she raised her back and let me tweaked her nipples while at it. Clearly enjoying the public quickie, orgasms came quickly to replace the water with her bodily fluid, allowing me to go faster.

For the next position, I held her waist against my dick and her standing on the floor. We walked with our four legs to the bench, where I flipped her over on her back. Lying on top, I was in without mercy and the willing but regretful agonising look appeared as I thrust, getting her to cum non-stop for at least twice.

The cold that we were supposed to feel after a shower never turned up, and we were humping freely in the changing room. I had this girl in my arms, on my dick, that I had kept myself fit for. Jenny was just moaning wildly, keeping her arms on my neck as we fucked like bunnies.

Since we were sweating again, I lifted her up in my arms and went into the steam room, where she came again when I placed her on her back. As she was lying down, I picked one of her ankles up and pounded her sideways, triggering another few climaxes in the new angle.

After I felt her pussy tightened on me, I helped her up and let her sit atop. I stood up and left her back bent towards the floor, while the slapping sounds continued between our sweaty bodies.

Needless to say, keeping her balance was increasingly difficult and finally, I took a break and bride-carried her to the row of basins. It was wide enough for her to get into doggie and I pushed her back over the sink.

‘Sinking’ my rod back into her overly wet cunt, a scream broke out and I yanked her hair up. Staring at that slutty face jerking senseless at the mirror, she was watching how I pounded her, feeling each stroke as her body was shoved against the sink.

Another earthshaking orgasm came and she almost blacked out from it, suddenly sobering me up that we had spent too much time fucking around.

Me: ‘Jenny. Let’s get washed up now.’

I helped her to the shower and restarted the water, and soaped my body up with hers. Despite her tiredness, she backed herself up on me and whispered, ‘fuck me till you cum’. The only reply I had then was ‘inside you?’ How comical.

She did not answer me and slipped me right in, holding onto the shower head as I rammed her for the final ride, splashing water all over as she moaned to her weakening knees. I went at my max speed ignoring how many times she came till it was my turn.

After my verbal warning, she raised herself to let my dick slip under her pussy, and twerked herself over my rod. For a full minute, I was pushed to my limits as it was so sensitive, but she got what we were after.

Gentle, unhurried, warm streams of cum trickled down her legs, which she spread around by rubbing her thighs together. Once that part was over, the rest of our night was pretty much SOP. Thankfully for the spare towel I always carried, she left the changing room first, smelling unnaturally nice and I went out after an appropriate amount of time.

Since they were closing up, I waited for the girls to lock the doors, only to have Jenny waving her friend goodbye while she turned in my direction.

Jenny: ‘To your place?’

Guess what? Yupp. You guessed right.

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