Misty Meetup

Misty: ‘Hey!’

I turned around in shock and saw the simply dressed girl, in singlet and shorts. My hand holding the bag of toys had not stopped trembling since we decided to meet for the first time. Through the ten minutes wait, we had not stopped texting about where we would meet, and somewhere between the texts we were hoping for a nice spot to sit down.

Me: ‘Haha. Singlet and shorts look quite good on you what.’
Misty: ‘Haha. Pai seh to be dressed like that to see you.’
Me: ‘Shall we go somewhere with less people to show you what’s inside?’
Misty: ‘Orh.’

The short reply didn’t help me feel any better, in fact, making feel as though I was bribing a little girl with sweets. Nonetheless, we walked into the park behind Ang Mo Kio MRT station and chose a block to head up.

For the whole walk, Misty did not say a word, and there was no reaction when I held her hand in the park, in case someone kidnapped her. Well, who was I kidding? I was probably the most dangerous person there.

Misty: ‘Here?’

The 9th floor was what I randomly stopped at, eerily quiet and dark especially when we peered at the ends of the corridor. We found a spot at the stairs and we set our bags down quickly. As a guy, I had expected her to be shy that this obvious direction where we were going.

Taking the first toy out of the paper bag, it was the long white dildo I showed her on Whatsapp.

Me: ‘This is the first one. You can put batteries if you want. But I usually don’t, in case forget to take out.’
Misty (answering shyly): ‘Okay.. ‘
Me: ‘How long is your boyfriend’s dick? Here?’

I took one of her fingers and placed it on the rod, which she dragged further down till about two inches from the end.

Me (whispering): ‘And how thick?’

Her thumb formed a ring and the fingertips detached, showing me 1.5″ of width. Her head was turned away from me through the whole time but it was normal. My chest was pounding so hard, not wanting to make any wrong move that would scare her.

Placing the toy in her hand, I cupped her knee and slid down her thigh, asking if her boyfriend does this. A shy nod came and fingers wriggled into her shorts, diving straight for her panties. She stopped me before I reached her pussy and held me for a while, until my other hand went around her neck. I used my fingernails to guide me down her collar and into the singlet, going right over her breast that cushioned my landing.

As soon as I located her nipples, my hand in her shorts gained permission to go deeper in and before long, I was rubbing her panties with heavy breathing from her. Both my hands worked tirelessly as moans came, escalating our tryst to the next level.

Me (whispering in her ear): ‘Lower your shorts for me?’

Her shorts, and not forgetting her panties, were lowered to her mid-thigh after a little wriggle. I then took the toy from her and gave it a lick, before blindly going between her legs to find the right spot. The relaxed Misty took over the docking process, leaving me to my toys once the tip had entered.

I drilled the toy in circular motion into her pussy and in no time, she had my arm on her boobs, hugging me tightly while I rammed faster. In the fight to maintain her composure, she came for my shorts and yanked it down, wrapping her fingers around my dick that was painfully dying to get out.

Her body got wet enough for the toy to continue fucking her and I was given my share of fun by her jerking hand, going in unpredictable speed to make me groan.

Misty (whispering): ‘I’m going to cummmmm!’

She squeezed my dick to near-death as her body trembled, pussy gapping on its own. I could totally felt how horny she was with my fingers around the toy sunk deep inside her.

Me: ‘Good toy?’
Misty (breathlessly): ‘Yeah.. ‘

We took a break for me to take out the next toy, a bullet vibrator pink in colour. She knew what it was and only looked at it lost while I prepped it to be used. When it disappeared down her chest onto her clit, her palms clenched my arms tightly with much anticipation.

The long, straight dildo from before was brought to her pussy with my other hand, slipping it easily in given how wet she was. The pink vibrator sent her body into small, innocent squeals, and when the dildo started thrusting, she was all blank from the double bombardment of pleasure. Her sensitive clit shook her body badly and the contrasting calm waves of pleasure inside her pussy was messing her mind up.

Before I even found the comfortable position to work the two toys, a tiny stream of juices flowed down the dildo and sobered me up. This ‘Pokemon trainer’ had lived up to her name as Water-type. After the embarrassing powerful orgasms exposed her vulnerable side to me, she snatched the vibrator away and tucked it into her pussy.

One hand kept the toy buzzing safely and the other came over my dick, stroking me while she was pleased by an autonomous machine. All her attention was on me, at least for the short moment till another climax took her senses out.

Misty: ‘I can’t take it anymore.. ‘

Seeing how we had gone over the line and came so far, I turned the vibrator off and we stopped whatever we were doing. Both of us were contented about the ‘demo’, and had gotten our share of fun.

Misty (whispering): ‘Do guys carry condoms all the time?’
Me: ‘Yupp. In case of emergency right?’
Misty: ‘You have one now?’

I took it out and held onto it for a while, unsure if we should go all the way for our first meet. But you guys know what? My mind and body rejected that temptation straight. It was lucky of me to have come so far with Misty, a friend made through my blog.

Me: ‘I’ll show you the last toy.’

I flashed the Benwa ball in front of her and she shook it a few times to see if there were really something inside. Of course there are. I used to sell them for a living.

Misty: ‘It looks quite big eh.’
Me: ‘Hmm.. I didn’t really feel how tight you are hor.’
Misty: ‘Ya lo. What if I can’t take it out?’

I slouched on the step we were on till my dick was upright, and tapped the condom repeatedly on my dickhead.

Me: ‘Should we?’
Misty (whispering): ‘I don’t know?’

I tore the wrapper apart and capped it on, since there was no such thing as ‘waste’ as long as no decisions were made. In a very casual mood, she got up on her feet and walked over me, before replacing one of her feet across my hips. From that point on, I knew that the ‘no’ I told myself did not matter anymore. To see if that toy fit was more important than the casual sex we needed to have to find out.

Me: ‘You want me to be on top?’

A shake of her head told me all I needed, and her pussy descended, lowering herself in a squat over my dick that I held up for her. As we all know, ‘tight’ merely described how men felt without any basis of comparison. The moment my dick brushed along that slippery walls of her pussy, I knew that ‘tight’ meant something totally different in this case.

It was the softness of her muscles within that caressed my rod gently. The entry wasn’t through a small hole, it’s what I felt inside that pushed my urge to a desperate state. The only representation I could think of was putting my dick in a super soft silicon mould, and set the shape for what I would enjoy most.

In that unbelievably fleshy encastment, tiny pores let her juices lubricate me so I could slide out, only to enter into a brand new mould each time. My vision was turning black as she bounced herself more, forcing me to re-live each addictive thrust. I could say that she had a body I would not mind to spend the rest of my dick-life in.

On top of the magical experience, I knew that pair of Benwa balls would fit, and possibly bring her into a new world if she wore it all the time. While my mind was struggling to maintain a hold on reality, the erotic moans and sleek belly waves kept my dick at a near-eruption state.

Every guy would know how agonising it felt, to be kept on the edge of cumming but couldn’t seem to tip over that edge. After grinding herself to another of those splashing orgasm, I was getting worked up by that sensitive cockhead that was controlling much of my groans.

When she lifted herself up, that mystical part of my dick activated the cum floodgate, somewhat like retracting the bowstring all the way to the end.. the sight of no reaction scared me the most after my dick was left to itself.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum.. ‘
Misty: ‘Now?’

She unrolled the condom slowly and the tip of my cock was just twitching on its own.

Misty: ‘Umm.. how now?’

The moment she surrounded my shaft with her hand, she felt the veins thickening. Immediately, her lips went over to the pee hole and took the large mouthful of cum, spewing freely in the most intense ejaculation I ever felt. Was that edging from a male’s perspective? Cause it was mind-blowing!

She maintained her position there will I was done, and sank her mouth to the circular ridge, tickling the tip for two more pitiful squirts that emptied me thoroughly.

Misty: ‘Mmm!’

She got up with the pair of shorts hanging above her knees and spat my load on the stair landing, an amount enough to flow on its own away from us. I was totally drained when she sat down next to me. It felt weird to be the weaker one with my shorts still messy tucked under my balls.

Me: ‘The Benwa balls will fit.’
Misty: ‘Sure?’

I picked myself up and leaned over to her, holding her head down on my shoulder while I pushed the orbs in. A little shift of her butt sucked the balls right in and her panties and shorts went back to their rightful place.

I got dressed after her and we hydrated ourselves from my bottle, making our way once we got our belongings. The hugging of my arm in her embrace left the final impression of her boobs in my mind, but it was the balls inside that got her so clingy.

Me: ‘Is the toy working?’
Misty: ‘Duh.. I think I’ll go crazy once I reach home.’

At a brighter part of the park, we noticed the damp patch appearing on her shorts and hurried to the main road for a cab. Upon getting in the car, my hand was kept between her legs still I alighted, followed by a suggestive conversation on Whatsapp.

Misty (WhatsApp): ‘I don’t know how to walk home now. I’m wet.. ‘
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Use your bag to cover? If you need another demo just let me know k?’
Misty (WhatsApp): ‘The dick shape dildo.. Maybe I’ll find you when I want to use that?’

According to her, that night was filled with vengeful sex on her side that got her boyfriend suspicious. But again, forceful or not, all men will be glad to get some of that ‘love’ right?

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