Musical Fingers

In front of the piano, I was getting frustrated about not able to get the sequence of the chords right. Kelly was right next to me, sipping from her cup of coffee, watching how I struggled with the final days of practice before the music exam.

Kelly: ‘Can you relax? You are straining your fingers too much.’
Me (frustrated): ‘Argh.. This part is so irritating.’
Kelly: ‘Stop and take a break. You only need to practice after this song.’

I attempted the song two more times and after I stopped midway, she requested a more confident song from me. Momentarily having something else to do, my mind calmed down as my fingers tapped away, playing Titanic in its original pace.

Kelly (whispering): ‘Nice.. ‘

She shifted closer to me and placed both hands in front and behind my belly, adjusting my posture that had gone out of place from my previous mood. Eyes closed in serenity, I could clearly feel her hand going onto my thigh, moving in short distance up and down. It soon felt like seduction than comforting, and the tempo of my music was telling her how I exactly felt.

With a click on my new belt, I breathed better, but it got better when she undid my jeans. My tummy (which wasn’t exactly lean) bulged and everything became easier to focus on.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey, you’re distracting me.’
Kelly (whispering): ‘Shhh. Just keep playing.’

My jeans were undone and she slipped her musical hand into my underwear, reaching deeper for my dick that forgot to erect. It was only then my rod grew, in the tranquil mind of my favourite score.

Groans were soon heard as she stroked me faster, thumbs rubbing the tip as her fingers trailed up and down.

Kelly: ‘You look so sexy when you’re focused.’
Me: ‘Yeah.. take over the keyboard?’

One hand at a time, she continued playing in my place and I went behind her. The common tank top was easy to reach into and her boobs were being squeezed in my hands, alternating between both of them. She couldn’t resist moaning to my advances too and the music died out gradually.

Tilting her head back, our lips connected while her nipples got more aroused.

Kelly: ‘Sit behind me?’

On that piano stool, it was easy for us to do that. As my arms went around her into the pair of orange beach shorts for her pussy, her hand remained behind her on my dick, reddening slowly as she pumped it more.

Wet, juicy sounds were soon slurping as I massaged her clit, going in a circular motion that drove her squirming so ever bubbly. We just couldn’t take our hands off each other in the heat.

Kelly was a poly friend in the nursing faculty, with a friendly and cheerful personality. We had met by chance during some ‘exchange programme’ to equip the medical students with IT skills and my group requested nothing in return (since we were all guys). Music became our common topic as I was in choir, and we constantly drifted out of topic during the exchange period.

Kelly (whispering): ‘Have you ever done it on a piano?’
Me: ‘No. It can topple!’
Kelly: ‘Not this.. ‘

Although it was an upright piano, she did not hesitate getting onto her knees on the tool and using the covered keyboard to support herself, while I went to the floor for better stability. Her shorts and panties were removed and my jeans fell to my ankles like how it was designed to be.

Me: ‘You have a condom?’
Kelly: ‘We’re both attached right? And I’m on the pill.’

Seeing how different she was as a friend and fiend, I trusted her immediately. I inched my dick into her and the petite frame of hers just remained bent till I reached my ‘end’. Carefully, she laid her arms on the top cover and straightened her back.

Kelly (whispering): ‘Now I’m jealous of your girlfriend.’
Me: ‘Silly girl.’

Our musical doggie started banging silently, with kinky noises filling up the self-made soundproof room. Every stroke into her pussy resulted in a moan so sexy that kept me wanting more. She was a perfect fit for my dick that rubbed along her vaginal wall without any desperate sensitivity, and only the soft, delicate entrance gently sealed me in with the heartwarming warmth.

Kelly: ‘Let me ride you?’

I stopped pounding her rear and sat on the stool, where she climbed over facing the piano. In an instant, she snuggled me inside and rocked her hips, grinding me back and forth. I was making those girlish squirms which delighted her when she saw how much pleasure was driving me weak.

Kelly (whispering): ‘Someone can’t take it anymore?’
Me: ‘You’re awesome at it.’

We went on for a while more till she got tired and she was placed on the narrow stool on her back. One leg raised onto the keyboard, the other wrapped around my hips when I laid on top of her. Though I was standing on the floor, it was of comfortable height.

The missionary style fucking began with long, deep thrusts, engaging her in a wild shiver. My dickhead was poking right at her G-spot and the orgasms fired off like a machine gun, blasting her senses into smithereens. The only words that came out of her were ‘oh fuck! oh fuck!’, cranking my gears up for a rhythm that I didn’t I was capable of.

After five full minutes in this ferocious position, my cum tank alerted me, only to keep me going till I was at my dick’s end.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m gonna cum Kelly.’
Kelly: ‘Wait wait! Take it out!’

I retracted immediately and it was a nanosecond before the point-of-no-return. She helped me up to sit on the keyboard area and she turned herself between my legs. Taking my dick whole into her sweet looking lips, my shaft was tormented by her skilful tongue, whipping in random directions as her head shoved down my dick.

Me: ‘Fuck.. Kelly.. ‘

My hand went behind her head lightly and without force, she slid those lips all the way to the base. At that moment of silence, a brush of her tongue sideways sent cum bursting out of my meat stick. She pulled away till she could move her tongue freely, tickling my rod continuously for as long as I came.

All my life was put into the powerful climax that those pink lips commanded, and it left me zoned out for a minute after I came. The patient musical genius kept sucking until I got too sensitive (and empty) that I had to push her away.

We went to her bed and rested on it, digesting the fact that we had a sexual crush on each other since some time back.

Kelly: ‘It’s getting too late to practice anymore.’
Me: ‘Yeah. But we made up for it with something else right?’
Kelly: ‘Yupp.. I like it very much. Oh! I can follow you to the exam. I’m free that day.’
Me: ‘Okay. I have to go soon.’
Kelly: ‘Or you can spend the night here? ;) My parents don’t know you’re here right?’

True enough, her parents returned and we haven’t left the room since. The attached bathroom gave us the freedom to take a shower together, with more late night activities to get us tired enough for sleep.

Fast forwarding to the day of exam, she accompanied me from my practice to the venue, and I know I did well from the faces of the invigilators. Upon meeting her after that, we settled for a HDB nearby to get my reward – granting her wish for a round of public sex. Well, it turned into two rounds, but I’m not complaining right?

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