Slutty XMM

Slipping on the red bralet that left most of Shermaine’s belly exposed, a pair of high waist shorts completed her outfit for the day. The walk to the bus stop attracted lots of gaze in her direction, mostly admiring the fair, slim waist with a piercing through her belly button.

Samson: ‘Shermaine!’

The slim cut, blue buttoned shirt matched his legs-conturing jeans well and she threw her arms around him for a well-deserved hug after a long period of busyness.

Shermaine: ‘Where are we going now?’
Samson: ‘Want to get right down to it?’
Shermaine: ‘Where?’

He tucked her hand under his arm and brought her to a newly built HDB, staircase eerily quiet without much occupants residing there. Their impatience finally broke free when they found a safer floor, with no shoes or lights from the couple of units on that level.

He had shoved his knees between her legs hard to support some of her weight and she immediately returned his advancement with a deep kiss. Tongues got to work and her hips grinded on his knee seductively. That pair of shorts have been pressing on her crotch tight, somehow teasing her with each step taken.

Soon, their hands got busy and her shorts came off while his jeans was lowered to his thighs. The scarf she had around her bag was wrapped around her waist, in case anyone walked in on them.

Still making out passionately, her fingers had gone around his rod and he did the same for her, except he was rubbing up and down her clit. As temperature rose on his stick, feminine lubricant had begun leaking from her pussy. As far as it goes, things could only go hotter from there.

Samson got his girlfriend to sit on the steps while he descended to get into the correct height. Without wasting any time, she opened her legs and held his head, going straight for her juicy cunt that was waiting.

For that slutty little girl, he couldn’t expect any less from her. Despite how sexy she wore, the fragrant scent between her legs kept him going and her moaning for more. Swiping left and right, flicking up and down, sucking hard and soft, his hair was ruffled into a mess as she held him down.

Samson (whispering): ‘Baby.. let me rest for a while.’

Maintaining a coy smile, she let him go and made some space for him on the step. Next up was her going down a few steps, and laying on her side bum for his share of fun.

She swept her hair to create a ponytail on one side, and went over his dick instantly. The first tease was her lips slipping quickly up and down his penile hood, heightening the sensitivity till he had to beg her to stop. Instead of ending it right there, she sank her jaws down his shaft so he could draw a deep breathe. Thereafter it was just long, sensual trips on his manhood, sucked to a deadly edge of cumming anytime.

Samson (whispering): ‘Baby.. it’s enough.’

She picked her head up and cleaned her mouth of saliva, before pulling him up in one move.

Shermaine: ‘Doggy?’
Samson: ‘Yupp. But I want to go on top when I cum. Can?’
Shermaine: ‘Anything you say babe.’

She went to the cleanest wall of paint and laid her forearm parallel on it. Her ass stuck out like a needy dog for Samson who was guiding her feet further backwards. Once everything was in place, he aimed handsfree at her pussy and drove right in, holding her waist motionless in case she tried to get away.

Shermaine: ‘Oh yes! Fuck me real good.’
Samson: ‘You’re going to get just that.’

The first few thrusts resonated the slapping sounds loudly but he quietened down by bending his knees a little, to jab her in an upward angle. Moans exited into the back of her hand and he was just breathing deeply. Before he realised, he was at full speed ramming into his tiny girlfriend till she was tip toeing in pleasure.

Shermaine: ‘I’m going to come soon! Shit! Hold me!’

Her cheek landed on the wall as her legs went into a cramp, the full weight of her body on the curled toes. Samson hugged her close to his chest and continued pumping slowly. Shermaine recovered in loud huffing sounds, limbs gone weak from that single climax.

Shermaine: ‘Babe, it happened again.’
Samson: ‘It’s okay ah. Have a sit.’

She was placed three steps from the landing and Samson leaned over her in push-up position. Shermaine knew she had to finish the job and helped him get his dick into her. Legs now spread apart on solid ground, Samson resumed the pounding that blurred Shermaine’s vision with orgasms.

His hard cock went in deep, stretching her vaginal walls thin enough to experience the graceful curve and bumps on it. The frequent deep thrusts had kept her clit well-loved to push her senses further up. As another orgasm creeped up her spin, Samson was feeling the gradual difficulty of keeping his speed up.

Samson (whispering): ‘Cumming soon baby?’
Shermaine (whispering in his face): ‘Let’s try to cum together this time. Don’t stop until you shoot k?’

He straightened his arms and closed his feet together. She wrapped her legs around him and one hand held firmly on the vertical columns of the railing.

As his body rammed faster at the same overwhelming depth, Shermaine’s body started shaking as the orgasm tipped over the edge. A few seconds behind her, Samson endured the ache from the squeeze and pushed forward.

In a groan, his elbows bent to hold her shoulders down on his dick, and the gush of cum broke free into her pussy like a dam being destroyed. When her body relaxed the powerful grip on his rod, Samson’s body trembled to the suction and fired a few more times, straight into her xmm.

Holding his cheeks in her hands, a beautiful afterglow warmed his heart and he pulled out, before sitting at her pussy.

Samson: ‘Let me feel inside k?’

A shy nod let his finger into the cum-filled hole and it was like an aquarium in it, full of thick, viscous bio-fluid.

Samson (whispering): ‘Squeeze for me. I’m going to take my finger out.’

A frown came with the pressure on his finger and he withdrew his ‘probe’, to see it cleaned of any cum that was supposed to be inside her. They then sat together as he fished out his packet of wet tissue, cleaning each other up before putting their clothes back on.

Like a lovey dovey couple, her arms were around him as they took a break.

Shermaine: ‘I love you baby.’
Samson: ‘Love you too babe. You’re super tight today.’
Shermaine (whispering): ‘I didn’t masturbate for a week just for you.’

Thanks to the contraceptive pills, there was no worry of being impregnated. They made their way down in the lift with some Bangladeshi workers, fully aware that this particular block was a favourite among public sex fanatics.

Their constant scanning of that sexy-bodied girl did not affect her mood, being confident and all after receiving her fair share of pleasure.

Samson: ‘Hungry?’
Shermaine (whispering cheekily): ‘I’m hungry for you. Can we go to your place now?’

The wide grin told her the answer and he led her in the direction of the bus stop, hopping on the next bus towards his 4-room flat. Imagine what they did when they found out that the whole of the upper deck of the bus was empty.

She changed into that ‘mini-sarong’ skirt during the journey and he managed to get her to cum once before their stop. With more eyes on her for the walk back to his place, her pussy had begun leaking cum from the anticipating pussy.

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