Potential Daughter

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Cynthia: ‘So, can you solve it?’

His middle finger was pushed between her partially spread legs and into her clit, labia completely wet to its core. She was unhesitant about reaching to his zip and wriggling his cock out of his underwear, still sticky and wet from her mum’s saliva-lubricant mix.

Even though he just came, the little head grew up fast in her twisting hand, unsure of the right way to fondle the sensitive prick. Perhaps that was her way of telling him how much she liked him, and had accepted him in the most intimate level.

Sam (whispering): ‘Move up and down. At my speed.’

He rubbed her clit vertically and she reacted to his guidance, sending blood up his manhood that was a little numb from earlier. She proceeded to lie over his lap and gave his shaft a lick, also inexperienced to the art of giving blowjobs. After making a few trips up and down his cock, she sucked on the tip like a baby before moving her lips down to the halfway mark. That was about all she could contain in her maturing jaws.

Placing his hand on her forehead, he lifted her up and let gravity pulled her down, accidentally pushing himself to the edge by touching the back of her throat. Her tongue was motionless in the right spot, and there was no turning back once she got a hold on his tempo.

Sam (moaning): ‘Stop stop. That’s enough for tonight Cindy.’
Cynthia: ‘Cindy? Hehe. I like my new name.’

He pulled his underwear over his tool and asked her to sit on his lap, with her feet on the table. Setting his phone up in self-portrait-video mode, her pussy and his figure behind her was accurately captured in the frame. For the first time, Cynthia watched his strong fingers rub on her clit at high speed, sending random twitches across her legs and kept her toes curled throughout.

Her virgin orgasm with external help came in just a over a minute since he started, and his elbows kept her chest movements visible for her. A thick coat of juices had made webs on his fingers, something that made Cynthia felt dirty then.

Cynthia (panting): ‘Does yours look the same too?’
Sam: ‘Yeah. Probably.’

She dismounted him to get to her bed, and asked politely for him to sit at the edge. She kneeled on the floor in front of him and took his dick out again, this time stroking his shaft from top to bottom. With both her hands pumping the full length, her mouth at the tip only amplified the sensation which he was shaking violently to.

As he had long recovered from his previous ejaculation, the combined attack of her relentless handjob and tempting lips easily pushed him over the edge. Just when he was about to cum, he held her hair and poked the tip into her lips, before his hips trembled to unleash his second wave.

The lost girl started swallowed as he came and by the time he was done, there was no signs of their forbidden acts. Cynthia took a few gulps of her packet papaya milk and handed him to finish the rest. While he wore his pants back, she slipped on a pair of boyshorts as well.

Sam: ‘This is the working. You just need to calculate yourself.’
Cynthia: ‘Wow! So fast?!’

He patted her head and went out of her room, closing it like how he did for Qing. Leaving their house in smiles and worry, Cynthia did not take long to Whatsapp him about her take on keeping secrets.

Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘My mum never had a guy over before. And I can tell she really likes you. From what I know, she never done any specials for any man during her last job. Marry her k papa? ;) Buy one get one free! xoxo!’

His heart sank with bliss and comfort knowing how sensible she was, and there was no one better than Qing’s own daughter to tell him about the lady he was infatuated with. To have both girls in the same house, without any serious repercussions if he were to fuck them, what else could he ask for?

Sam (Whatsapp): ‘Tuition tomorrow?’
Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘Blk 252. I end school at 3pm. Let’s finish my homework before we go home. Goodnight!’

Part 1 | Part 2

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