#20 Milla Azul

Like its counterpart, America (and probably Europe) does have an almost unlimited amount of porn and every once in a while, there will be one that catches my attention. Like my preference for JAV, I tend to favour non-hardcore, playful and natural acting. 

Milla Azul

Yet another (two) videos by WowGirls, both feature a new and upcoming (my own assumption) actress ‘Milla Azul’. To keep things short, she sensually, sexually touches herself in both of the above titles, but wait! There’s more (comments)!

Out of that many actresses saturating the American porno market, she caught my attention with her realistic acting and natural bodily response that weren’t too exaggerated. No matter in the park, or on bed, she takes the act of self-pleasure to the next level with her gaze, nimble fingers and expressiveness.

Rating: I think they’re quite good because of her. Not sure if such mundane scenes can look so interesting if it was someone else doing it.

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