Potential Wife

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Sam: ‘我是Ah Sam.’
Translation: I am Ah Sam.

Qing: ‘哦!进来进来。饭快煮好了。’
Translation: Oh! Come in come in. Dinner is almost ready.

Their acquaintance came about from the Nearby function in the WeChat app, exchanging days of introduction before she invited him to her place for dinner. The sight of her daughter, who was at secondary three, did bother him a little, but the more important person than the girl from Qing’s previous relationship, was the single mum from PRC, whom he had very good chemistry with.

After a few minutes of watching the TV, he turned his attention to her girl, who coincidentally asked her mum to help her with homework, only to be hushed away by the lack of knowledge in her subjects. Sam took the chance and coached her, giving him an express path to create a bond with the teenager, greatly relieving her worry about handing in her homework in time.

Cynthia: ‘Thanks uncle Sam.’
Sam: ‘Just call me Sam. You’re a clever girl Cynthia.’

The alluring aroma of food whiffed up their noses and the three of them ate heartily, sharing more details of each other which they shot down in giggles. Even though Cynthia was more ‘Singaporean’ than her mum, their closeness did Sam a great favour. Better relations meant less problems right?

Cynthia: ‘Mummy. I go wash the dishes.’
Qing: ‘废话。今天是你啊!’
Translation: Of course! It’s your turn today!

Giggles came from them again and the slender, MILFy lady led him into her bedroom, reminding him about his joke about getting a massage from her. Ever since Cynthia started secondary school, she switched to a more humble job in a hawker stall, giving up her massage skills she learnt back in China. As Sam understood that everyone has a past, he trusted his heart to give her a chance to complete her family again.

Stripping his shirt off for him, she made him lie chest down on her bed and switched the lights off. Leaving the night light on to improve the ambience, Sam couldn’t help but recall the rare visits to massage parlours to ease his tensed ‘muscles’.

Working her nimble fingers and elbows down his back, every forsaken muscles started to feel alive again. It didn’t take her long to pull his shorts down, and knead those stiff calves to softness. Soon, his boxers were hanging at his feet, and her naughty fingernails were teasing his sensitive ass cheeks.

Cynthia: ‘Mummy, Sam wants cake?’
Qing (shouting): ‘喂!关门出去!’
Translation: Hey! Close the door and get out!

Sam kept still on the bed to not worsen their apparent connection, but was slightly turned off by the intrusion. Qing quickly took control of the situation again and revived his erection, that was poking against the bed uncomfortably. She only needed to pat on his hip twice to get him to flip over, and the rising stick made her more excited.

Qing (whispering): ‘你今天要吗?或是找一天Cynthia不在家再做?’
Translation: Do you want to do it today or another when Cynthia isn’t home?
Sam: ‘Do you want to? I’m fine with either.’

The door opposite her room slammed loudly and that was the cue that they would be less audible if anything were to happen. Qing shook her head with a grin and pumped some clear liquid onto her palm, grabbing his penis gently. She only spent less than five minutes jerking him off before she felt the size increase, and her knees went over his legs.

Qing: ‘你多久没有做了?’
Translation: How long since you last did it?
Sam: ‘About two years.’
Qing (whispering): ‘我就快三年了。’
Translation: Almost three years for me now.

She placed her hand over his eyes before he felt her mouth going over his dick, filling her lips perfectly with his girth. Her tongue just stayed under his shaft and glided along with her head movements, going up and down to clean the lubricant off. Once she was satisfied and grew impatient at his lack of initiative, the condom went over his cock in a rushed manner.

Qing stood over his body and lowered herself to squat over his dick, devouring it with her abalone that had loose labia. The sudden grip on her wrists told her more than how he felt when he groaned deeply, breaking a smile across her stern face.

Qing: ‘Good?’
Sam: ‘It is. Let me do the work.’

The couple took some time to switch to a missionary stance, and he was pumping at her once she had her feet behind him. The 37 year old lady suddenly appeared like 19, moaning sensually under his rocking body. The youthful vigour returned to him like travelling back in time, and the whole room was filled with sexy noises coming from their touching hips.

In the other room, Cynthia was listening at her door, to the intense sex her mum was having with her temporary-teacher. Slowly getting wetter, she slipped her hand under her oversized t-shirt and fingered herself, keeping as quiet as she could.

Qing (moaning): ‘我们换个姿势吧。’
Translation: Let’s change positions.

He got on his feet to let her roll over, and sat on top of her smooth butt. Lying parallel to her slim waist, his legs spread wide to stick his cock into her tight hole, only to experience a new level of pressure on his eager rod. Jerking his groin faster than before, her fleshy ass provided enough cushioning to let him go all out. Changing to a top-down hammer mode, the different angle made her scream loudly into the pillows.

Qing (muffled screaming): ‘我快不行了。来了!来了!’
Translation: I can’t take it anymore. I’m cumming!’
Sam (groaning): ‘我也是!啊… !’
Translation: Me too! Arghh!’

Their extended groans lasted long way past his eruption into the World’s Thinnest Condom, pumping his body a few times against the lady trembling in orgasm. He stayed inside her till she recovered her senses, and turned to one side to roll him onto her bed.

Qing (panting): ‘I can’t move anymore.. ‘

Her first English sentence wasn’t China-Chinese at all. In fact, the Japanese-like accent smoothered his heart and he had to ask her to speak English from then on. How lucky was he to meet someone from afar that had a tone similar to the JAV he occasionally watched?

Sam: ‘You’re really tight.. ‘
Qing: ‘I know. And you are bigger than my last husband.’

He tucked her into bed right there and then, excusing himself to leave on his own. Happy with his potential partner for life, he closed the bedroom door and turned around to see Cynthia in her long shirt.

Cynthia: ‘Before you go, can you help me with one last question?’
Sam: ‘Yeah. Make sure to hand in your homework on time k?’

He was shown to a folding chair next to her study table and caught her shirt hiking up her legs when she sat down. Her hand bravely landed on his thigh when she pointed her unsolved equation to him, throwing him into a confusion about that strong hint.

As he computed the workings of the question in his mind, she pulled her collar to her mouth, an innocent move that exposed her shaved clit to him. No one, no one could have missed that sight especially from where he was seated.

When she took the pencil out of his left writing hand and brought it to her Y-shaped groin, he knew she was onto something unmistakable.

Part 1 | Part 2

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