School Girl Diary

This is a guest entry for a school student, with unknown details about her current age or authenticity of her recount. Still, it is worthy of a read.

It came so natural when we dropped our bags on the ground. He pushed me to a wall and grabbed my boobs, while I ran my hand along his zip to feel his erection. The moment I felt his dick trying to unzip the pants from inside, I couldn’t help but rescue it from outside. When I felt his heartbeat through the cock in my hand, I thought I got a little wetter then.

He pulled down my shorts (with netting so I can skip wearing panties) under my school skirt to ‘check’ for me, and it turned into a short session masturbating my clit till I was close to screaming. I couldn’t keep my hand on his cock when he sunk his finger into me, confirming that I was wet all the way inside. Most of our clothes were kept on out of fear, given our age then and the unmistakable uniform we wore.

I couldn’t be bothered with the dirty floor when he made me lie on my back, knowing well that he would continue to finger me till he was tired. I loved how he made my vision blur with his fast hand movements, and I couldn’t think straight after I came. All he said was how much juices I leaked when his fingers got stuck during my orgasm, and I really wished he never need to pull his hand away.

For some reason, he was always thicker and longer than the last time I saw it. When he lay down on top of me, I could sense myself getting tighter just so he could experience my virginity all over again. That distracted look on him, and the agonising squint of his frown, was all so cute when the first part of him entered me.

My breath was sucked away by the air when he finally reached my deepest spot, and I couldn’t control my moans no matter how hard I tried. Each thrust he made would get me to moan in sync, panting deeper and deeper for air whenever he unleashed a chain of deep strokes.

His manly groans was indirectly controlled by my tightness, which I know would get more intense the faster he went. It was nice to see how the guy I love fall prey to my inactivity, working so tirelessly to achieve his own orgasm at my advantage.

‘Doggystyle?’, his casual mention for a change got me on my fours, shaking my butt naughtily to tease him further. His impatience got the better of him and he shoved his cock deep into me, overwhelming my thoughts for an instant. I gradually lost control of my strength as he slammed his hips loudly at my ass, piercing deep into my pussy.

I came within minutes in the new position, body concentrating all its energy to squeeze my vaginal muscles a little bit more. He detected the tension immediately and lost control of his hips, reaching new depths into my pussy. My mind went blank from the instant orgasm and he just kept going until he froze.

A few seconds were all I took to calm down and relaxed, before he pulled out of me. I turned around and planted my bare ass on the cold floor, while he stood over my lap in front of me. Like a hungry bitch, I devoured his cock and let him guide my head as deep as he liked, partially gag-free from our countless quickie blowjob.

He just let his demon take control of the speed and knocked my nose so hard, until he left my lips around the tip of his dick. I gave his shaft a few strokes and a second later, his semen flowed into my lower jaw, filling my hunger with his protein shake. As it was all under my tongue, I could barely tell how it tasted.

I took a moment to prep my mind before I swallowed them all down, gulping a few more times to make sure there was nothing left. Once he was done relieving his ‘stress’, we left the staircase with satisfaction, bottomless under my skirt.

This spot looks suitable for our future after-school ‘dates’.

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