#19 WANZ-716/ GETS-048

Every week (or so), I will strive to present one of the best/ most interesting/ latest JAV clips to aid the healthy, preferably-weekly release¬† of one’s sexual tension. After years of ‘research’, as raw and uncensored as we prefer porn to be, the most captivating ones might just be covered in the occasional mosaics.¬†

When it comes to ‘acting’, Shiina Sora is undoubtedly one of the best there are. But what happens when she has to act disinterested? In this not-so-mini clip, she plays the role of a friend, of the male lead, who is more interested in her than studying with her. In short, she couldn’t be bothered about whatever sexual things he is doing to her.

Rating: A must-watch, fuck-care, one-sided porn.

Have you guys ever imagined what would you do if you wake up one day to discover that you have turned into a girl? Besides the obvious, this series explore the possibility of getting fucked by ‘your’ male-best-friend because the both of you have ‘no self-control’ when it comes to women.

Rating: You wake up, finds out that you possesses a girl’s body, and your friend proceeds to fuck you. Well, just watch it for the laughs.

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