Plus One Minus One

Me (shouting): ‘Oi! Who’s there?!’

I dashed up the empty stairwell towards the top of the stairs, to see two teenagers frantically adjusting their clothes with their laptops and bags on the ground. The condominium was off limits to the public, but these two kids had somehow found their way in. While the guy was almost done zipping his pants, the girl only had pulled her bandage skirt up to her knees, the crop tee barely covering her pussy that had short pubes on it.

Guy: ‘Hurry up.’
Me: ‘Who is a resident here?’
Guy: ‘She.’

Argh. She? The lousy grammar irked my authoritative mood as her skirt returned to its supposed position. The girl took out her condo access card and I took down the address printed on it.

Me: ‘Did you register him at the checkpoint?’
Girl: ‘No.’
Guy: ‘Are you going to report us?’
Me: ‘I have to write an incident report about unchecked visitors. There are a few cases of theft.’

He pulled his girl nearer to him before whispering in a hurried tone, bringing upon a mixed expression on her face. ‘No!’, she whispered louder than him when he finished his words. After a minute more of discussion, I was done with my note taking and was about to lead him to the security gantry.

Guy: ‘If I let you do anything you want to her, can you let us go?’
Me: ‘I’m not even holding you back. But you need to leave this premises.’
Girl: ‘Then me? What will happen?’
Me: ‘You will need to redeclare the number of cards and who is holding them. It is protocol to revoke all access pass in the household if there is a breach.’
Girl: ‘Shit. No no. You cannot let my parents know. They will kill me!’
Guy (whispering): ‘Then just agree!’

The petite student then removed her shirt, making it impossible to bring her out of the staircase. Her skirt came off shortly after and before me, an almost nude body was clad in just a set of black bra. He shoved her towards me and she kneeled on the floor in front of my feet, reluctantly unzipping my pants to fish my cock out.

At that moment, a text came into my phone with the details related to her card’s serial number, indicating her name and date of birth.

Me: ‘Sherrie. Is it?’
Sherrie: ‘Yeah?’

I walked away from her to sit on the top step of the flight and she crawled to my side, leaning in my chest and stroking my dick. Her useless boyfriend just went out of the door, with his belongings right where they were initially. In time, her soft lips touched my hard rod and went down my shaft, sucking it as if her future depended on it.

Me: ‘Your parents don’t know about him?’
Sherrie: ‘Mmm.’

She nodded with my cock in her mouth and sent a tingle to my toes, head getting lighter as she increased her speed. As part of the administrative side of the condo management, I was doing a routine check of the infrastructure before I walked in on them. My thoughts were soon losing sense when she went deep throat, gaggin on my engorged meat.

Me: ‘Hey.. that’s enough.’

Stretching for her bag behind us, she brought a condom into view for our next part, and I instructed her to cap me on. The untrained hand took some time before it was on, and we moved to the spacious floor in the middle of the landing.

Sherrie placed the empty, padded laptop case under her knees while she bent over in doggy, lowering her chest so she could stick her pussy out at me. Under the front, she was hair-free around her anus, all the way to her pinkish vagina. I positioned myself behind her and gently stuffed my cock into her, filling her void with my proud reproductive organ.

Though there was a thin piece of rubber between us, her tightness made up adequately with its slippery fluid. In the midst of our unexpected encounter, she was soon moaning to the vigorous thrusts of my hips. Jutting rapidly at her baby smooth ass, her body couldn’t stop twitching randomly.

Me (panting): ‘Who makes you feel better?’
Sherrie (moaning): ‘Youuuu.. ‘

I slammed deeper into her upon hearing that compliment, and hammered her at my fastest speed for the next few minutes. Her back suddenly straightened against my chest, and held my waist onto her hips. The ever-sexy shiver came along with her orgasm, voice murmuring sweet nothings into my cheek.

Me (panting): ‘I won’t be able to hold in for long you know?’
Sherrie: ‘Then don’t let it go to waste.’

She lifted her ass away from me and pulled me to where we sat earlier. Sitting a couple steps lower, her mouth engulfed my cock again with a new found source of strength. Shoving her head deep down my shaft, I couldn’t believe how similar it felt to her pussy. Warm, and wetter. The dangerously audible slurps did not bother me one bit as I felt my limits, unable to give her a fair warning before my load blew into her mouth.

Sherrie kept sucking for as hard as I fought back, losing control of my hips to her strong suction. Finally, I had no choice but to skip away from her, seeing her desperate face for the first time. My gesture to hand her her clothes was unneeded as she was busy rubbing her clit, to relieve the intense pounding.

Me: ‘C’mon. Let’s get dressed.’
Sherrie: ‘Your number?’
Me: ‘Wear your clothes back first.’

She finished typing a text and proceeded to put on her clothes, giving no notice to her boyfriend who came in to pick his bag up. She stuck to me after gathering her stuff and we went down the stairs to the lift, where we exchanged numbers.

When we reached her floor, she led me to the stairs again, but for a talk.

Sherrie: ‘What time do you end work today?’
Me: ‘Six.’
Sherrie: ‘Let’s meet at the pool? I know another place.’

We went our separate paths after setting up our next date, which is planned to happen in a utility storeroom around the pool.

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