Lust Cafe

Shanice: ‘So how do you like working here?’

The little heard question came out of nowhere while Edd was finishing up with his coffee machine. Another part time staff who was on the same shift as him wore a checkered boyfriend shirt tied around her waist, and a frilly pair of black denim shorts complimented her sexy yet not sexual outlook.

Edd: ‘Good so far. I like it here.’
Shanice: ‘Your colleagues? You’ve met the morning shift people right?’
Edd: ‘Yeah. You girls are really lucky to be able to wear anything you like here. I have to say, it’s hard to concentrate with babes around.’

Her giggles echoed in the now-empty cafe, as switches were flicked into their off positions. Leading Edd around the place to do a final check at all the locks and powerpoints, they found themselves in the make shift storage room under the shophouse stairs.

Edd: ‘You’re changing?’
Shanice: ‘Nope. Just.. ‘

She undid the knot and tucked it into her shorts, about to put on the top button when he stopped her. Unsurprised at his bold move, their eyes met at the deepest possible level without any words exchanged. Her hands went to her shorts to undo the buttons, while he did the same for his jeans. In no time, his hand had found its way over her thongs in the restricted shorts-space, and she had wrestled his dick out of the V-shaped opening at his groin.

He gently stroked her pussy over her underwear until moisture dampened the thin material, feeling her hand pulling the elastic band wide for him to stick his hand into. A deep gasp of air was heard as his middle finger slid down her wet slit, stopping short of her clit to give her a brief ‘introduction’.

Shanice’s busy palm took a break to collect some saliva from their mouths, before resuming the handjob that just got sexier. He lightly chokehold her against the wall to make sure he wouldn’t miss his kiss, and the momentarily freeze in her movements hinted him at her preference for domination.

Soon, her lips were moaning to his probing digits, teasing the entrance of her vagina incessantly. Shanice did not just let Edd have his way with him, reciprocating with the quick thumb rubs over his dick head.

Edd (whispering): ‘You’ll be the last to make me lose control like that.’

He ignored his falling pants to carry her under her thighs over his arms, letting her koala hug him around his neck. Using a step ladder in a corner, he managed to let himself into her pussy slowly, tearing her apart as his arms relaxed. Her thongs were the least of their concerns since it was pushed out of the way like a used tissue.

Pushed against the wall, Shanice was filled with lust the moment he started thrusting. Her bent legs could not close even if she wanted to, giving him full access to do whatever he wanted to her. Her body began slamming against his dick when he let her dangle from his neck, swaying her back and forth in ecstatic moans.

Shanice (moaning): ‘I’ll faint when I cum! Arghh!’

He did a little skip to switch his hands from her legs to under her ass, holding her steady on his chest as consciousness drifted away. He turned around to sit on the ladder and kept patting her to calm her down, only to see her awaken in a satisfied grin.

She regained her strength after resting and turned herself around, facing away from the able-bodied new staff. Holding onto a shelf in front, her pussy was lifted a short distance from his dick.

Edd got her cue immediately and went all out on her, ramming her tiny ass so hard a few items fell from the shelf. His grip on her waist tightened as he neared his orgasm, significantly slowly down his thrusts to shove deeper.

Edd (whispering): ‘I’m shooting now babe.’
Shanice: ‘Where are you cumming?’

He helped her stand upright and let his cock slid out of her wet hole, intimately lining up horizontal under her pussy. She closed her legs together as he started thrusting again, massaging her sore clit while he trembled in sensitivity.

Edd picked up his pace as his load built up at his balls, cumming shortly after into her underwear that stuck closely to his dick head. The stimulation on his shaft and at the tip caused his orgasm to weaken his knees, but he cleverly used the shelf for support.

Waves of creamy, thick cum poured into her thongs to her astonishment, leaving a trail along her slit when he pulled out behind her. Feeling the warm liquid moisturise her pussy, she couldn’t stop touching her groin once her pants were up.

The lights in the store went out after they collected their belongings, walking towards the same bus stop for their respective rides home.

Shanice: ‘I’ll see you tomorrow. We’ll be doing the same shift again. Bye!’

It was hard for Edd to stop staring at her mesmerising bright eyes, especially after he knew how she felt and looked under that fashionable outfit of hers. What would she be wearing tomorrow?

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