Two in Four Will

Jolie: ‘Toilet?’
Me: ‘Sure. If you dare.’
Jolie: ‘If YOU dare!’

The sweet nineteen year old skipped into a female toilet of City Square Mall, among the vacant education centres in the upper floors. I hugged the only shopping bag tightly in my arms before walking casually into the ladies, knocking on the last cubicle that had a handicap sign.

Jolie: ‘Occupied.’
Me: ‘I know.’

A loud gasp later, the door opened and she pulled me by the plastic bag in. In the safety of the four walls, I placed the noisy crackling bag on the ledge behind the toilet, before pinning her to one of the thin walls.

Jolie (whispering): ‘What the fuck!’
Me: ‘Shhh!’

I silenced her response by cupping her breast hard, enough to turn her head downwards. She hugged me closely around my back, trying to stop me from doing any more ‘damage’. But there was little she could do once I slipped my hand under her blue spaghetti top, diving straight into her padded bra for her nipple.

A quick pinch relaxed her arms around me and her struggle died down as I massaged her boobs. Slowly, but strongly, I almost reshaped her breasts with my skilful kneading motion. Her hand had moved over my groin to see if I was hard, but how could I not be? The poly student had a perfect pair of hips that sealed her thigh gap with the right amount of muscles, along with two beautiful mountains to top it off.

Jolie (whispering): ‘Are you hard?’
Me (whispering): ‘What does it say?’
Jolie: ‘Super.’

In a graceful manner, I slipped my hand into her undone denim shorts and went into her underwear. Sensing the lack of pubes on her shave groin, there was nothing less than excitement when she shivered to my touch on her clit.

Jolie: ‘Hey.. ‘

My jeans came loose in her hands and she gently held my cock in her palm, stroking it as slowly as I was teasing that wet pearl of pleasure. Her moans went straight into my ear with my continuous circular massage, and a tiny bit of pre-cum smoothened out the sensual handjob.

Me (whispering): ‘Are we having sex?’
Jolie: ‘What?’
Me: ‘Fine.’

I spun her around in a flash and swung her towards the toilet. Pushing her on her knees over the plastic cover, her shorts and panties came off while she was in doggy style. There was no shortage of a struggle when she reached behind to stop me, trying to get off the toilet in vain of my strong arms.

Me: ‘Keep still!’

Something came over me when I landed a hard slap on her ass, scaring her motionless in the same spot. No amount of ‘sayang-ing’ would calm her down but I wasn’t going to change my mind either. Placing my dick under her pussy, I thrust a few times to lube my shaft up. Her body couldn’t hide the excitement when her waist trembled in my hands, and I could feel her getting wetter.

Leaning back a little, my erection went perpendicular to her pussy. It did not take me long to figure out the right hole, and I pushed my tip in to lock on the target.

Jolie (whispering): ‘Go slow k?’
Me: ‘I will.’

I had to bite my lips hard when I dipped my cock into her tight hole, catching her clench her fists from the side. ‘Kegel’ was what she mentioned earlier over dinner. That challenge was good enough to take on and I shoved the first stroke into her, loosening her vagina momentarily. As she regained focus, it became a competition to outlast her.

Changing my grip from her waist to her shoulders, I yanked her backwards again, only to start pounding her from the rear. ‘Oh fuck.. ‘, long groans along that line started coming as our hips slapped loudly against each other, sending my cock as deep as I could into her curvy ass.

For once, I had to admit that she could control her muscles well, as different pressures caused me to lose my tempo from time to time. Ramming harder and deeper into her, the subtle shivers and collapsing chest were the only signs of her orgasms, but there was no way to know for sure.

Reducing my intensity to her tightening pussy, I settled on a rhythm I could handle, no matter if she was doing anything funny. The gorgeous hair swung back and forth as I buried myself further, admiring her twisting waist to my forceful entries.

Me: ‘Argh.. I’m ready to cum now. You’re getting too tight.’
Jolie: ‘But I’m not even squeezing!’

I decided to pull out before I lost control, and she returned to sit on the toilet cover. Switching from her pussy to her hands, her saliva lubricated the rest of the journey in a handjob. Clearly having enough practise, she easily grasped my ideal strength and speed, pumping me to my natural end.

Me (whispering): ‘Here it comes Jolie.. ‘

She closed her eyes as she continued jerking, until my hips buckled and spewed a huge load over her nose and lips. The playful girl didn’t stop despite my pleas, until I had to pull myself away. Blinded by cum, I used a piece of wet tissue to clean her enough to walk out of the cubicle.

For that short period, I was left to wear my clothes back, before she sent me an ‘all-clear’ text. Making our way out past a security guard who probably spotted us, we left the memorable floor and went to Casa Italia, for a well-deserved cup of gelato.

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