Private Meeting

Day: Monday
Date: 23 November 2009
Time: 10pm
Location: Bishan Park 2, shelter

Shiling and I were friends since secondary school and she was a little on the high end side of the road, where guys will be worried due to her good looks. She stayed just at the next block to me in Bishan.

We arranged to meet after dinner (and after work for me) to chill and talk about what we’re doing, sort of catching up. We met under my block and went to walk into the dark park. The lights were out and it did scare both of us while we are finding a place to sit. Well, technical fault I guess.

We sat under a shelter and chatted away, quite forgetting the time. It was twelve when we no longer had any topics and sat there, staring and thinking. She placed her head on my shoulder and I tried to act as natural as possible, I placed my palm on her knee, which she held close to her chest.

Tickling her knee cap, she was moving a little but I couldn’t see her expression from my angle. Sliding my hand to the centre where both knees meet, she opened her legs slightly so I could feel her thighs. It didn’t take too long before my hand were running up and down her smooth, cold legs. After a few minutes of squeezing her inner thigh, she opened wider and my hand automatically went to the middle, where her soft cotton pants protected her privates.

Not wanting to intimidate her, I only used the tip of my fingers to outline her cameltoe. All I could feel is her arms wrapping around mine, and that was the que to keep going. I applied more pressure onto her pussy and changed my finger actions to run along her centrefold. The warm and damp feeling was all I needed to know she was enjoying it.

People were walking and jogging, but the twilight hid our activities well. Her phone rang about an hour into our meeting and it was her mum, a little worried about her. I walked her to the void deck when her mum recognised me.

Mum ushered her to go up first while she went to get some condiments from the mini-mart. Her mum was a nice person, and I could feel she felt safer leaving her daughter with me than some other guys.

It was our first meeting, alone with the girl and then her mum. We have been celebrating mid-autumn festival for a few years together now. And she sure did changed a lot.

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