Drinking at Pub

Day: Sunday
Date: 22 November 2009
Time: 11.30pm
Location: Her house

I was too drunk for anymore Martell. Although the second bottle came, I was outside taking a break and preparing to puke. After about two rounds of puking, I calmed down and sat on the smoking area and watched people go by.

Then, a girl dressed in sheer kimono top, black tube bra and a bondage type skirt walked towards me and sat right next to me. With being drunk as the ice-breaker, we got to know more about each other. Throughout the whole conversation, I was admiring her perfect body and legs. She moved closer inch by inch and soon enough, she was a few inches away from me.

Asking for 3 minutes from her, I went in the pub to make my payment and left with her, named Florence. She was a hot babe, one that my parents will surely object me seeing. We cabbed to her place at Bishan and once we went through her door, the fun starts.

Pushing me against the door, she kissed me passionately and adjusted her legs to be between my thigh, which I lift up at about 60 degrees for her. No wanting to waste anymore time, she pulled me into her bedroom and we just spent the next 10 minutes kissing on the bed.

The stripping followed but we did not totally remove our clothes, only bottom half. With me lying on her queen sized bed, she went down on me, making slurping sounds as she took the whole shaft into her mouth. Her hips were at my calf (knees slightly bent), moving up and down to masturbate. With her mindblowing – blowjob, I had to stop her as I got close to cumming. I wanted to have more fun rather than me disappointing her by cumming so soon.

She climbed forward to lay beside me while I climbed over her in a missionary position. It was all fast and furious, there wasn’t time to admire or waste. Shoving my dick into her wet pussy, I could feel the immediate comfort inside her vagina. The whole protective gear thing slipped my mind until I was about to cum in doggy style.

As I unloaded in her, I realised I didn’t wear condom. But when I pulled my dick out, the rubber was there. Pushing my dick back into her, I prepared to give her another round. I couldn’t help but asked her when did she put it on for me. Well, I guess I was too distracted to feel the whole process of rubber capping during the blow.

I went for another round of missionary and cowgirl (for her) before collapsing onto her bed, both of us covered in sweat and tired. I lay for a while before asking my dad to fetch me home.

There was no exchange of contacts, only names. It was an one night stand (ONS), a mysterious and special first time for me. =)

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