Sis’ Birthday

Day: Saturday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 12am
Location: Her room

She was out clubbing till about 11pm before collapsing on her bed. I had to go downstairs to pick her up from her friends as she’s too drunk to go up on here own. As she lay on the bed sleeping, I went back to bed as I had plans to go out early.

It was her 19th birthday and I didn’t get anything for her. She is my sister, and a very good one who takes good care of me. Slowly, my thoughts tire me out and I fell into sleep.

Just as I was about to fully sleep, I smelt my beer-reeking sister enter my room and lie beside me. Knowing she’s tired, I took my blanket and covered her, unaware she was naked until we’re under the blanket.

She hugged me and opened her eyes, ‘I’m here to claim my birthday present.’ ‘I didn’t prepare any, tomorrow?’ replied quickly. ‘No. You’re my present.’ said my sister with a grin. Not wanting to spoil her mood, I just let her hand roamed into my shorts I wore to sleep. I didn’t had any undies on then.

She wrapped her legs over me and slid her hips across, her pussy that close to my dick. Immediately, I reached out for my drawer which had a pack of condom from my girlfriend and slipped one on before she attempts anything.

Sitting down slowly, she guided her pussy down my shaft deep and rode it like a real cow girl. Dizzy from the beer, and high from the sex. It was super wrong, but she wanted it as a birthday present.

Her pussy was wet and tight, I became the bad brother who took her virginity, her own brother. There was a little blood, but not too difficult to clean up. My sis and I had the same blanket, it was easy to swap and claim that her period dirtied it.

As I unloaded my first shot into the condom, she fell onto my body and asked, ‘Can you keep moving? I want to make tonight last.’ I moved my semi-soft dick, which is still in the condom and quickly got hard again.

Her moans and look made me continue moving without feeling tired. I kept going at it until she was asleep, with a contented look on her face. I pulled my softened dick out and went to wash up. For her present, I came 3 times in a row. I was happy, and hopefully nothing bad will come out of our relationship.

I covered her up with another blanket and slept on her bed, with thoughts (maybe regret) of our actions running through my head.

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