Tv Time

Day: Friday
Date: 20 November 2009
Time: 2pm
Location: Peiling’s living room

Peiling was seated on her favourite cushion in the living room, watching TV. And I was behind her, on the sofa with my legs opened, placing her in between.

I sat up and hugged her from behind while her eyes were glued to the show. Slowly sliding my hands down to her waist, I lifted her yellow nightdress and she raised both her hands to help me take it off her. Placing her dress neatly on the armrest, I moved forward to be closer to her back.

My hands went over her shoulders and onto kneading her firm breasts while she leaned backwards onto the sofa, slopping down so I could get a better feel. Pinching and rolling her nipples with my fingers, her hands were on my wrists as she kept me going with her moans and heavy breathing.

Bending down towards her, my left hand went south and entered her PE shorts and into her panties. She was already wet and ready for me. I stopped and lifted her to seat on the sofa while I maintained my position to be behind her.

She sat up and my left hand could now easily play with her pussy and clit. As she got wetter, my fingers went deeper and pressed harder. Her hymen was still intact, and I had no intention of taking her virginity until she’s ready.

As I felt the stream of pussy juice flowing down my fingers onto her panties. With my non-stop teasing, she leaned on me and with every orgasm, she would place her head on my shoulder while pressing my fingers in her panties deeper into her.

Once she figured she had enough fun, she took my hands out and placed her hands behind her back, trying to untie my shorts. I helped her with it and she took it between her hands and jerked me. It was quite messy and random, but that was all I needed to shoot if she kept going. My fingers were soon on her nipples again into few minutes of her handjob.

Wanting to surprise her, I took her hands open and unloaded it all onto them. She was a little bit shocked, but allowed me to finish cumming. She then went to wash her hands before sitting back down onto her cushion to continue with her TV.

I am an easily contented person, and that was more than enough to make me cook lunch for her before leaving (her parents can come back home anytime).

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