Slowing It Down

I thought I would type something different for once, sharing my first sexperience.

It was my first time, and was doing with a friend I felt very comfortable with, who was also giving her first time. It wasn’t hard slipping on the condom, it was more about finding the entry point.

I could finger her at the right spot, I could lick her at the right spot. But I didn’t want to put it into the wrong hole. As I lubricated the condom on my dick with my saliva, thoughts were running through my head to get everything right.

Position my dick at the opening at the end of her pussy, close to her ass, I placed my dick head on a spot, and asked if that is the right place. Pushing it slowly into her pussy, I had no idea where I am going.

I was focused on the sight of my dick entering her. As her pussy skin get slightly tugged with the rubber, I felt as though I was pushing my little brother into a hole. Opening a door, with an oversized key. I pushed it as deep as I could, wanting to feel the difference with my Tenga. There wasn’t any blood to mess anything up, I trusted her statement that her hymen was torn by a (damn) bicycle.

Back to topic, it was warm, tight and slippery. The action of moving my shaft in and out of her made it quite unbearable for my first time. It felt good, it wasn’t just the pussy that made me feel good. It’s the moaning, hastened breathing that I hear, ecstatic, pleasurable face that I see, perspiring, warm body that I felt, that turned me on.

The perfect difference between sex and DIY. I pumped my dick in almost no constant speed as I try not to unload so soon. Fast for a while, then slowed down to close to a stop, then fast again. The whole cycle went for close to 5 minutes, which felt more like 5 hours.

She was in pleasure. Asking if she felt good, I was replied with a nod everytime. We changed to the doggy-style and the feeling was different. The movements were the same, but not the feel.

It was hitting a different part of her, and it gave me the right stimulation on the head of my dick. I could cum many times just being in doggy. Not wanting to risk anything (the thought of cumming in any girl even with a condom scared me a little), I took it out of her and she collapsed to the side of the bed.

In the end, it was her award-winning blowjob that helped me release. I enjoyed myself, so did she. It was the safe feeling that both of us felt. We knew exactly where my cum went and could visually confirm (she could tastefully confirm).

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