Surprise for Sister

Day: Thursday
Date: 19 November 2009
Time: 6.30am
Location: Her room

It was 6am and I was wide awake. Our parents were home, but sound asleep. Well, if I remembered correctly, their love-making session ended just hours ago. Going to the kitchen for a drink, I saw my sister’s door ajar.

Thoughts of what we did together came into my mind and I turned into her room instead. My little brother was standing a little while I admired her body on her pink hello kitty bed. She was in a spaghetti top and the lower half covered with the blanket. I lay beside her while lifting the blanket up only to find that she didn’t wear any panties.

Feeling a little adventurous, I ran my hand from her tummy down into the blanket, rubbing her pussy in a circular motion with my middle finger. Her body responded by opening her legs wider so I could stimulate her better.

Sitting beside her, I grabbed her boob and toyed with her nipple. As my eyes were fixed on her face, I saw her facial expression changed as she got hornier. Guessing she was awake but didn’t want to let me know, I continue the little fun in her room.

Going to her feet, I went under the blanket and searched for her pussy hole. In the dark, I finally found it and proceeded to lap it like a little kitty drinking milk. Moist gathered and soon got damp enough for me to slid a finger in. But I gave her 2 fingers instead.

She gasped but did not fight back. As my fingers went deeper with every push, her pussy tighten with excitement and pleasure. Looking at her facial and body response, listening to her quick and shallow breathing, I could tell it’s probably her first time with two fingers in her. Applying the knowledge I learnt from watching so much porn, I worked both her pussy and clit, making sure she got all I could give her.

After about 5 minutes of fingering and pussy-licking, I thought enough was enough and went to prepare for school.

Our parents left for work at around 8am but I wasn’t leaving yet, still taking my time with TV and breakfast. My sister came out of her room after hearing the door closed but TV still on. Standing beside me by the dining table, she reached for my pants and took it out of my undone jeans (was home then, didn’t want to button it). She went down on her knees and licked it like a lollipop. Covering every inch of my shaft with her saliva, it was so wet that her saliva was dripping from my balls.

In a push of her own head down, she forced the whole length of my dick down her throat and kept up with the in-out action. Her gagging produced more saliva but she didn’t seemed to mind. It was the first time I had deep throat and the feeling just couldn’t  get out of my head. With a mix of handjob and deep throat, my cum unloaded right into her mouth without warning.

She sucked it hard to get it all out before putting my dick back into my undies. ‘Don’t wash it’, she said. I gave her a smile and buttoned my jeans.

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