Day: Wednesday
Date: 18 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Public Staircase

It was quite a coincidental way to know each other. I was suppose to add a friend on MSN whose address I didn’t get correctly, adding a girl instead, whose name was Christine. Instead of shying away, we chatted and got along quite well with each other.

We’ve chatted online for a few weeks before finally deciding to meet for a photo shoot. She was into photography too, but I was more focused on getting pictures of her. She was slim, with perfectly proportioned breasts, somewhere between B and C size for a 17 year old body, long silky black hair with tints of brown.

We met at Raffles Place to gather some shots of the busy city area. After a tiring three hours of roaming and shooting, we grabbed a bite at City Link before taking the train back. It was then when I took notice of her attire. Dressed in a black tight tank top and denim jeans, she looked very much like a pro with a camera in her hands.

Sending her home first, we decided to separate our ways at the staircase a few floors above her unit. As I turned to leave, she pulled me by my arms towards her and gave me a peck on my cheek. I was stunned for a second or two and felt the heat build up on my face, quite embarrassed. Without wanting to miss the chance, I held her arm and ask, ‘Can I return the kiss too? But on your lips?’ She turned to face me and gently closed her eyes.

Our lips met and it became a naughty deep tongue kiss. With her back against the wall, my body pressed hard on hers and thus, her little sister was aroused by my little brother.

Reaching under her skirt, she pulled her panties down, followed by pulling my shorts and taking out my upright-standing dick. Spreading her legs with assistance from the steps, she guided my dick right to her hole. Moving a step up solved the positioning problem and we had sex standing on the stairs.

Her pussy was not very wet. The little lubrication worked with my shaft skin to give deep thrusts. My hips was the only thing moving, along with her body which sync with the in-out rhythm. My dick was feeling extra warm, unlike with the others. After a long excruciating 20 minutes of trying not to cum, I felt it coming and pulled it out of her. Without waiting for anything, she squatted down and covered my dick with her mouth to give me the final suck and tease to fire it all out. Right into her mouth, she was teasing my with her tongue while I unloaded, right till after I was drained.

She stood up and adjusted her panties while I did up my pants, I didn’t even realised she gulped it down until she opened her mouth to show me that she accepted my gift. Giving me a wink and a peck on the lips, she turned and skipped down the stairs to her unit, not forgetting to gesture for me to sms her.

I left for home while my mind kept replaying the whole scene over and over. Will there be another time? Am I really that lucky?

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