New Visitor

Day: Tuesday
Date: 17 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: My house

Peiling and I went to Takashimaya to get the canvases that I needed for a project, as there were quite a lot to carry, I asked her to accompany in case I needed help.

Taking 162, we pass by my Bishan house and suggested we get off here. After a short walk, we entered my house and for once, her claim that her house is messy doesn’t apply, mine was worse.

We placed our stuffs down and went into my bedroom. Wasting no time, I kissed her as though she was my girlfriend. My hands were already pulling the zip down her jacket, revealing a sexy lacy bra. Unbuckling it for her, my mouth automatically went to sucked her nipples. ‘You bite arh?’, she asked while looking at me with wide opened eyes. ‘No, I just sucked very hard.’, she smiled upon hearing my reply.

Pausing, I went out to get a condom and the yellow vibrator. I took her shorts off to again, reveal a cute cotton panties which was displaced in a blink.

For her warm-up, I took the blunt head of the vibrator and drilled it into her pussy – slowly. Her pussy was different (from those I saw in porn), the outside of her vagina would appear dry no matter how horny she is, but the inside is the opposite, as though there was a flood.

As the vibrator disappeared into her, I took effort not to push it in too deep. After she had enough fun, she pushed my hand that was holding the vibrator out and said, ‘I had enough of that, I want something else’, with a grin.

Pulling down my pants to my knees, I laid on the bed while she sat beside to give me a blowjob. It was her usual relaxing suck that could make me forget everything. I tore open the condom and asked if she wanted to help me put it on. She shook her head and prepared to lie down while I took it out and rolled it down my shaft.

Exchanging our position, I was right at her pussy, prepared to penetrate. As I slid my hard cock in, her sobbing-like pleasure moans started. A few thrusts later and I was very afraid she was really crying in pain. After her assurance, I kept up my speed of the thrusts and didn’t feel quite good enough. Her legs were spread, but in a V shape while I was in between.

Moving my back backwards, I took her legs and asked her to hold her knees close to her shoulders so I could go deeper. As I attempted to go deeper into her, her moans got more intense and she was really wet that it got easier to move as I keep going.

Finally after a few deep and fast thrusts, I could feel my soldiers ready to exit. Asking her if I could cum in her (with condom) I was unloading as she said ‘okay’. After moving a few more times in and out of her twitching pussy, I could really feel my dick and balls empty.

Fearing my parents who could return home any time, we cleaned up and prepared to go to my house to put all the canvases before sending her to the airport.

I still couldn’t believed what she wore. A bra and a jacket. For the first time, it was the most daring thing I could imagine for a girl to wear.

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