The Most Beautiful Dress

Day: Sunday
Date: 15 November 2009
Time: 11am
Location: Peiling’s house

Peiling was one of the bride’s maid for her cousin’s wedding and for that event, she bought 2 strapless dress. One satin white and one green floral. I bought the floral one with her and for the white one, her mum bought it for her. I was suppose to go over to see her put on the two dresses for me.

I rang her doorbell and she opened the door, wearing her PE shirt and shorts, looking quite sleepy. I could see her pointy nipples through her thin shirt, a hard on was imminent. She led me to her bedroom while she started taking off her clothes to try on the dress, white one first.

Without a bra, the dress looked extra sexy on her. She was like a nicely wrapped present, waiting for me to rip her apart. Not wanting to dirty that expensive dress, I went on to ask her to put on the other one.

She easily slipped on the floral dress without any problem and looked at me, waiting for comments. I flipped my fingers asking her to come closer. I stood up from the bed and whispered into her ear, ‘You look prettiest with and without anything on.’

I hugged her tightly and smacked my lips onto hers, digging my tongue in forcefully. With the intense kissing, she fell onto the bed with me and I was soon climbing over her. Sliding myself to kneel on the floor at the edge of the bed, I ran my hands under her dress and rubbed her panties gently, making sure she was clenching her bedsheets tightly in pleasure. After feeling a little moist on her panties, I climbed back onto the bed beside her and kissed her while my hand roamed into her panties, continuing the pleasure giving.

She was displaying a look asking for more, more of the intensity and speed of my fingers. I gave her what she wanted and her moans and facial expression just kept my hand wanting to go on without stopping. One of her hands were on her dress, pressing my fingers hard onto her clit and the other was loosening the knot that secured my pants.

Pulling my shorts down, she took my dick into her mouth while I fingered her. The position was comfortable for the both of us. As I felt a stream of juice flowing from her pussy for the third time, she took my hand out of her dress.

I laid on her bed while she sat with her legs perched on the bed, purposely putting her pussy in my view. Using her right hand to continue jerking me off, I spider-crawled my fingers into her skirt and massaged her pussy through the panties as though I am pushing a button around with my index finger.

As I felt the buildup in my testicles, I told her to slow down and she immediately went into a kneeling position to use her mouth. Unloading the 3 day storage of cum into her, my dick pumped 5-6 times to empty it into her mouth. Along with a soft suck, she squeezed my dick from the bottom up to get everything out and cleaned.

Following that, she went to the toilet to spit it out and showered. While she’s inside the shower, I took her panties stained with her juice to masturbate and unloaded once more onto it before placing it back into the laundry basket. She was back into her home clothes and I left, satisfied to be able to have fun in her pretty dress.

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