11th Storey

Day: Saturday
Date: 14 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Block 162, level 11

She appeared out of the lift and we walked straight up to level 11 of her block. There’s two units there, but presumingly no one staying there.

We frenched like long lost lovers since it was a long time from our last meeting. It was a vague recount as everything happened quietly, and fast. As our lips sealed tightly, our tongues got to work and did not rest at all. My hands were hugging her real tight, her scent simply got me all worked up.

It was just rubbing outside her FBTs shorts at first, as things got hotter, I pulled her pants wide enough to slip my hand in and I’m teasing her pussy outside her panties. The tension was climbing hastily along with our raging hormones. Without further time-wasting, I wriggled under the elastic band of her panties into her pussy and gave her a clit massage before slipping my fingers inside. It was a totally different feel.. I couldn’t feel her pussy getting wet, but once my fingers disappeared into her, it was another world.

My fingers didn’t worked long since it was quite an awkward position to be in, to be kissing and fingering at the same time. After about 10 minutes of body ravishing, she went down on me.

Squatting in front of me, I pulled my pants lower so she could lick my dick like a lollipop. It was her usual slow suck with her tongue teasing my dick opening. She wasn’t feeling that well then, I suppose because she just woke up just to meet me.

After a while, I could not feel much and asked her to sit down while I bent lower and thrust my dick into her mouth. No.. she wasn’t prepared for gagging and we had to stop after a while. I was a little worried as she didn’t looked happy going down on me. I simply pulled my shorts up and sat beside her.

Whipping out the yellow vibrator, I opened her legs wider so I could slip it into her pussy. It was quite tricky though, I had to make space by moving her panties and shorts to the side before putting it in.

It didn’t take much effort or pain since she was already wet. I slid the whole length of the vibrator into her pussy and  used her panties to keep it in her. While she was in an orgasmic state, her hand jerked my dick in random and varying speed. In less than 5 minutes, she was climaxing with those juices soaked by her undies.

I took it out and just at that point in time. A couple of guys were moving stuffs into one of the units on the floor we’re at. I know. Mood spoiler. It was easy to ‘revert’ as we weren’t doing anything too extreme. We sat there for a while pretending nothing happened and went for dinner.

I didn’t really release that day, but I’m sure she enjoyed herself.

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