The Russian Tourist

Day: Friday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 8pm
Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I was walking along Orchard Road to get to Takashimaya. Without any plans, I could take my time while I wonder about the little people on streets. It’s a Friday, but the number of people was horrifying little. There were tourists around as usual, but a family with a cute teen caught my eyes. They were gathered around at a map and was obviously – lost.

I went up to them and offered help. I wasn’t really going to get anything specific, so I decided to bring them around to where they want to go, and to some of my favourite places too. The girl was beside me all the time while her younger sister walked with her parents.

Their day ended around 7pm, so I brought them back to their hotel for their night. I learnt that they’re from Russia, and the girl whom caught my eyes just turned 18. Her parents planned the trip to celebrate her birthday. Her parents and sister entered one room, and I was invited into the room she was sleeping in.

I sat at the bed while she went to wash up. After ten long minutes, she exited with only a towel wrapped around. Undoing the towel, she pushed me onto the bed while frenching me. With our lips still locked, she unbuckled my pants and soon enough, we’re stark naked.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Russian naked. Her body is in perfect shape. Contours at the right place, slim with a little baby fats. My hands ran all over her body, feeling anywhere on her body I want to.

With me lying on the bed, she went down and sucked me hard and deep. Her gagging on my dick got my whole shaft covered with her saliva. I pulled her right beside me as it’s my turn to go down on her. Licking a clean shaven smooth pussy is like having a niceĀ abalone in sweet sauce.

I turned over towards her and slid my dick into her dripping wet pussy. She didn’t mind doing raw, she didn’t mind me being rough. I hit her with everything I got while she kept moaning like many of the Japanese porn I watch. With my dick in her, she stopped me and turned around so I could fuck her doggy style. We changed back to missionary and did it for as long as we could.

After about fifteen minutes of non-stop loud thrusting, I came inside her with her approval. Collapsing on the bed, she gave a sweet smile and I returned the smile. She passed me my cellphone after she turned her pussy towards me. With little effort, she managed to squeeze out a load, showing me a ‘live’ creampie for the first time. I took a few random pictures with her and left for home.

Well, they will be leaving for their home country the next day. A little sad, but satisfied.

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