Private Space

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Kelly had started going to a private institution for her degree and she finally could wear what she liked to school. It was in Bugis area, a shopping district crowded with people dressed in their best to shop, or work at the offices there. Although class began at 9, she had woken up extra early to dress. Picking a short bandage skirt and a bustier tube top, it had the padding around the boobs to replace a bra and she slipped on a blue boyshorts under her tight leather skirt.

Flipping around her make up box, the sight of a 3 inch vibrator greeted good morning and temptation kicked in. Since it was her first day at school, it should be memorable right? Perhaps this toy would make going education a little more exciting. She turned it on and the buzzing directed her hand to her pelvic area. Sitting at the edge of her bed, she raised one of her legs onto the mattress and placed it on her panties.

Pressing it hard on her clit, she felt the sensation of sex travel up her spine to numb her senses. It could get overboard if she continued. Circling around her panties, it soon soaked up a patch of wetness and she kick started her day with an orgasm, leaving her panting for breath on bed for a good few minutes. Looking at her clock, there was still time, but she knew it would take more than a couple of orgasms to be satisfied. Pushing her panties to a side, she wriggled the toy inside and left it to vibrate for a few more seconds before turning it off. She’s going to leave it where it was for the day.

Packing whatever she needed, she left for school and the journey on the bus was barely tolerable with the toy brushing against her walls in every step. As wet as she got, the panties she wore was cotton and it held up her juices. Kelly picked the last row of tables which no one else occupied when class started, her mind only wandered in one direction. If only I didn’t have my panties on. It would make the class a little more ‘pleasurable’.

Without wasting a minute before class commenced, she went to the ladies and removed her panties, stuffing it between her bust as she had no pockets in what she wore. Once inside the room, she removed it and tucked it away into her bag. There was no eyes on her as everyone paid attention to the lecture held in front. Her skirt was slowly riding up her butt with constant minute adjustments. Soon, her vibrator was within reach.

She clicked on the little rubber nub of the toy and a soft hum triggered her pussy again. It was inaudible, so much so that she could place her finger at the nub and shift the rod around, stimulating her G-spot. Her composure was well controlled and the blushing was covered by the light make up she had.

As the first lesson ended, Kelly had two orgasms on her record and knew it was just two more lectures she had to last through. Switching the toy off, she pulled her skirt back to length and resumed with taking notes. Focusing on the PowerPoint slides, the toy had accidentally set itself off and was vibrating at the maximum strength. Not that anyone noticed, but the increment of the students at the last row made it impossible to do anything funny.

The third climax came as she stood up after being appointed to read a paragraph from her notes. Her trembling legs and shaking hands gave her away to the guy sitting next to her, while noticing the thin strand of liquid making its way down to her heels. She was very turned on. Kelly noticed him too, but ignored after she finished reading her part of the text and sat down.

Guy: ‘Need some help?’

Kelly: ‘Not from you.’

She gave him a grin and excused to the toilet. Once into the cubicle, she could not take it anymore and lifted her skirt high, and held the vibrator by the base and started masturbating herself. Unzipping her top from the side, she grabbed her boobs tightly and pinched her nipples sore. If not for the air conditioning, she would be steaming up the ladies.

Pushing the toy back deep inside, she pinched her clit and rolled them between her fingers, while sucking on her own nipple she lifted her side of the breast up. A loud moan echoed in the empty toilet and a stream of pee flowed gracefully into the toilet like a fountain sprouting golden showers. Kelly took a moment to catch her breath and wore her crumpled clothes back.

The aroma of sex turned the heads of a few guys in class which she responded to with a smile. The guy who was sitting beside couldn’t help but caught her keeping the handy toy into her bag. After all, who would not be attracted to a sweet 24 years old lady, wearing a tight fitting tube top and a slutty choice of leather skirt. Needless to say, it was every man’s wet dream to hold the 28 inch waist and pound her from behind.

Class ended without a hiccup and she made her way back home.

Part 1 | Part 2

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