Ice Cream

*Knock knock*

Alvin opened the door after coming down hastily from his two story apartment. After all, who would be knocking at his door at 9pm if not for something important.

Girl: ‘Would you like to buy some ice cream? It’s a new product from our company.’

Alvin gave her a ‘-_-‘ look and she knew it was another failed attempt. Adeline had started doing this for a little extra income but the lack of guts left her with a huge box of unsold ice cream that would be melting in no time.

Girl: ‘Please sir? Just one or two would be fine. I really need to clear this by tonight.’

Doing door-to-door sales in the maze of private estates, she must be at her wits end. He stepped out of the house and opened the styrofoam box, only to discover a hole out of the crateful of Walls. Pity kicked in and he knew he had to help in one way or another.

Alvin: ‘How much is one box?’

Girl: ‘Just S$10. But I’ll give it to you for just S$8.’

Alvin: ‘S$8? Are you cutting out your own commission?’

Girl: ‘I have no choice. I bought the box of 40 for S$7.80 each. If I don’t sell it, I will have to finish them myself.’

He invited her in and made her wait while he went to the kitchen where he kept his petty cash. After a minute of casual talk, he found out her name and age, Adeline, 17. She was still schooling, and lived at the block nearby. Well, how much could he help her out with?

Alvin: ‘You only sold one so far right? That makes it 39 more to go. I think you should just continue tomorrow. It’s dangerous for you alone.’

He had taken longer than usual to find small notes as he was a man who usually made his purchases with credit cards. Finally, he took five pieces of S$100 note and gave it to her. It was the least he could do, and it was still considered to be ‘petty expenditure’.

Adeline: ‘Really?! Sir! You don’t have to.’

Alvin: ‘I insist. But can you help me put it in my fridge? Luckily I have two to keep all these.’

He pulled the trolley into the kitchen while she kept the cash in her wallet. As he was packing, she suddenly came up to him and hugged him from behind. She was no doubt, in tears.

Adeline (sobbing): ‘This is the sweetest thing anyone has done for me. All the other guys who saw me either rejected or offered me money for something else. Thank you!’

He stood up and she released her grip on him. The box of tissue was within reach and he pulled two out for her. Without warning, she jumped on him and laid on his shoulders. Being a gentleman, he carried her in that position to the living room sofa and waited for her to get down, holding a box of ice cream in his hands.

Alvin: ‘I don’t know if this works but could you stop crying if I gave you an ice cream?’

She held onto his neck and gently kissed behind his ears. Would you say a woman’s tears is any man’s weakness? Cause it definitely was Alvin’s. With the wet kisses, he felt uncomfortable in his shorts and Adeline felt it for sure. However, her age of 17 made it dangerous for him to go any further. She let herself down but held on his waist, while shifting one of her hands to his bulge, squeezing them for any reaction – a twitch.

With that one hand, she pulled his fly open and reached in, massaging his rod that was exposed without underwear, normal in his casual dressing at home. It sprang out after some fiddling and Adeline fell onto the sofa, still holding onto his rod.

Alvin: ‘Lin, stop.’

She ignored his command and went straight for his head, sucking on it hungrily. Her sobbing had stopped, and it was only the slurping sound that was heard. Not intending to let him go, she gave him a few strokes of deep throat and he stumbled onto the unoccupied space of the couch. It was too much for him to take, even though he was so much older and bigger than her.

Bending almost 180 degrees to give him head, her mouth stayed glued to his member while opened the box of ice cream he placed on the table nearby and took a cone out. Rubbing the cream over the tip of his penis, Alvin gave in and moaned from the cold. She was coating his dick with the delicious dessert. After she was done, she took a mouthful of the wet cream from the cone and went down on him again, giving him a taste of her first cryo-blowjob. On and on she went, with no signs of tiredness. In fact, she was smiling inside knowing what this man did for him.

She removed the strings under her denim skirt while he was still enjoying her mouth. It was a sacrifice Alvin’s instinct could not fight. He had already lost his senses to her skills and it was just a matter of time before he released his load.

Pressing on his chest with her body weight, she moved her skirt over his last stand. Alvin regained his composure slowly and managed to catch the sight of her rubbing whatever melting cream onto her pussy. She then slowly lowered herself over him which was right in-the-spot, and fuss-free. Adeline was all wet and eager to please this man who gave her the emotional satisfaction she was seeking from a simple styrofoam box of ice cream.

Her hips began to move forward and back, making squishing noises as her pussy got impaled by his size. It was another mind-fuck as the coldness came in contact with his hot rod. Adeline’s eyes were already rolling backwards with him filling her up over and over again with each thrust. Rocking non-stop, Alvin’s attempt to regain control succeeded and he sat up with her still on top.

Alvin: ‘Lin, stop!’

She wasn’t listening, she wasn’t even in his house though she’s on top of him. Her mind was elsewhere beyond reach. The number of orgasms had lost count of themselves since there was no prominent tightness or extra juices that signalled she was high.

Lifting her up with a heave, he threw her on the synthetic fur carpet on the floor and pulled out of her. As Adeline’s soul returned, Alvin rammed hard into her once again, sending her into a series of yells and screams while her sore pussy got treated to a wilder and higher state of trance. With the sudden hold of control over her, he hammered hard into her slit and counted down to his own climax.

Adeline slowly lost grip of his arms and fell into limbo, but it was just in time Alvin had to finish himself.

Alvin: ‘Adeline, come back.’

She woke up shaken in a daze and saw him sitting on the sofa while helping her up.

Alvin: ‘Some warm dessert for you?’

Adeline smiled and understood what he meant. She knelt on the soft fur and dived straight for the meat stick, gagging and choking herself with deep throats until he held her head down on his shaft. A huge package of hot cream sprayed into her throat and she just swallowed continuously, until it was firing blanks.

Very gently, she lifted her head and maintained a light suction, to extract whatever remnants in his pipe. Licking the area around his shaft, she made a good clean up job and rested on his thigh. Alvin was lying back on the sofa, resting while she continued to sip on whatever ‘dew’ that was forming on the tip.

Adeline: ‘I think the boxes of ice cream you left outside had melted.’

Alvin: ‘Nevermind that, I’ve just had something better than all the ice cream in the world.’

She sat beside him and adjusted her shirt. Taking off her bra from beneath, she placed it on his coffee table and left him her number too, in case he wanted more ice cream. An hour later, Alvin woke up from the nap and found the goodies Adeline left on the table.

Alvin (SMS): ‘How about having an ice cream every night from now on?’

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