Treat for Treat

Anne and Shelia were fresh gradates working in the same company, an oil rig architecture design firm that paid them well. After the group of new employees return from an OBS camp, most of them made their way home to rest before work resumed. Shelia’s parents were out of the country, and having no one to company her, she decided to crash at Anne’s place for the night. As expected of an all girls night, they bought bags of chips and drinks before heading home for the evening.

Though they were fresh graduates, they were both close to 25 and possessed great figure from their participation in their former school’s sports club. Anne was a mix blood from her Malay and Chinese parents and Shelia, a pure Chinese. As well-to-do as they were, the two girls stayed away from clubs and alcohol, focusing on very decent hobbies. For that night, a 6 pack cans of beer was a treat and probably for a wild night of gossips and play.

The girls changed into their sleep wear, with Anne in her long shirt and Shelia in her lacy white baby doll, the night had just begun. Surfing the web and blasting music with a bit of dancing here and there, they soon got a bit tipsy from the drinks and laid in bed chatting. It was only 10pm, and Shelia decided to explore her room. Checking out drawers of sexy lingerie, laughters and giggles echoed, till she was found quiet with an opened box in her hands.

Anne: ‘That’s my secret stash of toys. Bring it here?’

Shelia brought it to the bed and listened attentively as she was introduced to them one by one, with explanation to their use.

Anne: ‘You want to try this?’

In her hand was a tiny bullet, with a rubber button at the base. She clicked on it and it buzzed.

Shelia: ‘Umm okay.. what do I do?’

Anne: ‘Just lie back and relax. Close your eyes.’

Shelia leaned on the headboard and rested her body. She could feel Anne opening her legs wider, and then guiding the toy from her calf up to her knees, then crossed over to her inner thighs and finally, it rested on her panties. The vibration caused an involuntary response to feel warmer and cold at the same time. It was the sense of uncertainty. Anne’s finger then adjusted her panties to the side and the toy landed in direct contact on her clit. As it buzzed silently, her’s mind went whiter and whiter, getting driven up to the skies by the toy.

Shelia took the pillow next to her and covered it in front of her chest, while instinctively spreading her legs wider. She had touched herself before, but it was not this strong, not to this extend. Suddenly, Anne held her ankles and pulled her to the center of the bed. She quickly lifted her knees up and licked on her wet pussy. The touch of something soft and moist (Anne’s tongue) was something new and it felt really good, really intimate. The tip of her tongue went up and down across her slit, poking deep on her clit at times. How she wished Anne could turn into a guy then and take her virginity. That piece of thought wasn’t too far from what was about to happen.

Anne: ‘Have you had sex before?’

Shelia: ‘No. But I do finger myself.’

Anne: ‘Good enough.’

She took her middle finger and pushed it into her love hole. Being wet and ready, her body accepted the foreign finger with glee and further relaxed her body. As Anne began to finger her, her nipples were hardening to the limit. Never she had expected to be so turned on by another female, it felt right in all the places. Maybe it’s true that only a girl will know another best.

After a while, Shelia had an intense orgasm that made her missed her breath and gasped as she recovered from it.

Anne: ‘Nice?’

Shelia: ‘Yeah. But Anne, I don’t know how to do it for you.’

Anne: ‘It’s okay. I have something we can enjoy together.’

With that said, she reached into the box and took out the longest toy inside. It was a red transparent silicon double headed dildo. About an inch and a half thick, and a forearm long. She took the tip of the toy and carefully placed it an inch inside her friend. That toy would be big for her, and that would also be why the both of them would enjoy it fine.

Anne took her time to glide it in and out, increase the depth of the toy going inside Shelia bit by bit. Shelia’s legs were at their maximum and would not go wider. The sensation of getting filled by a rubber toy was so fulfilling that she might just cross the line and get addicted.

Anne: ‘Does it hurt?’

Shelia covered her mouth shyly with the pillow and shook her head. Soon, it was close to five inches inside her. Anne took her place in front of her and spread her legs as well, before sliding the other end into herself. She could take the same length without much effort, since she was already wet from turning her partner on. Gesturing to join their hands, the girls interlocked their fingers and Anne pulled her close. It was as close as fucking that Shelia had felt. Her hips kept thrusting towards Anne and satisfied her body’s desired to get as much length into her as possible.

With her mind blanked, her body took over and kept going until she cummed really hard, this time shooting a jet of liquid onto Anne’s body. Instead of stopping, Anne went faster till she climaxed and sprayed a similar load of cum onto Shelia too. They were both soaked and exhausted.

Anne: ‘We’re not done yet.’

Shelia watched as she crossed her legs, and followed suite. Both in doggie position, they moved their bodies backwards to each other to resume fucking the double headed toy. This time, it took lesser time for the two of them to reach orgasm and unloaded another splash onto the sheets. Two rounds later, they collapsed onto the bed without a word exchanged.

Shelia had fallen asleep with the toy inside her and Anne couldn’t help but smile as she pulled the toy out of her, freeing the trapped juices of Shelia’s pussy. Cuddling together, they slept till daybreak.

The aroma of breakfast woke Shelia up and she stayed in bed till Anne appeared through the door. She was naked, but it didn’t bothered Shelia too much. Anne climbed onto the bed and served the breakfast, after which, she reached into another box below her bed. Flipping the cover away, she took out another rubber toy, two headed as well, but in a different angle. One was facing upwards with a smaller limb pointing in the same direction, and the other head was 90 degrees down, pointing at Shelia.

Anne lifted one leg onto the bed and took the upward facing dick in, and let the other one bounce freely between her legs. For a moment, she appeared to have – a dick. After grabbing a few bites off the sandwich, Shelia put away the tray and opened her legs for Anne. Taking the next level in missionary, Anne gave a quick massage to her clit and Shelia automatically spread her pussy lips for entry.

Anne took her time to let the full length go into Shelia and began the real breakfast. Thrusting her hips hard and deep, Anne could not resist moaning and Shelia got influenced too. The two girls were fucking with a unique strap on and they were enjoying each other thoroughly. Shelia again lost in the orgasm game and shot her juices all over while Anne took a few more seconds of fast paced thrusting to reach hers, wetting the damp sheets.

During that period of rest, Shelia took over Anne and placed the dildo into her, waited for a while before Anne gathered enough energy to turn over.

Shelia: ‘This time, you’ll be my little bitch.’

She rammed the toy right into her pussy and kept going without letting the pleasure build up to have a chance to rest. Holding Anne’s hips firmly, she made sure she went all the way and made Anne fire her load after just a few minutes of doggie. She kept pushing deep into her and while Anne already clocked one climax, the two of them was on time for the second.

Coincidentally, the two of them screamed out ‘Fuckkk..‘ as the speed went as fast as their bodies could and a beautiful display of fountain washed their bodies again. The final orgasm was so hard that they were thrashing around in bed even after removing the dildo. Crawling lifelessly, they snuggled under the drier blanket and hugged while kissing passionately.

This would not turn them into lesbians, but they knew they had each other to turn to when guys failed them. Looks like those toys found a higher purpose in these two ladies’ lives.

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