Quick Footsteps

Sharmine was walking home after her work ended at the call centre for StarHub and it was close to midnight when her shift ended. Living in a HDB estate, there were occasional people heading in the same direction, so it wasn’t anything anything suspicious to her when a man with full arm of tattoos were walking behind her. As she was staying in the blocks where the lifts were still being built, she took a lift with the man to the tenth storey, before leaving him to head to three levels above her floor.

She strolled slowly up the stairs while playing Candy Crush on her iPhone and could hear the lift beeping on the top floors, nothing out of the ordinary right? The sounds of slippers then echoed in the stairwell and she got a shock when he appeared in front of him. He ran down the stairs towards her the moment she stopped, and shoved her against the wall the moment he stood in front of her. Sharmine’s head knocked hard against the hard concrete and he pushed her shoulders down.

Man (whispering loudly): ‘Keep quiet! If not I will hurt you!’

She opened her mouth ready to scream but another push of her head to the wall shut her up abruptly and her phone flung a distance away. He pressed her back painfully downwards in a sitting position and tugged at her cardigan to her arms, hastily tying it into a knot to limit her movements. Everything was happening so fast that Sharmine did not know how to react at all. She was still in a state of shock while tears was slowly filling up her eyes.

The man then gave her another push to the wall, resulting in the more hurt on the same spot of her head. The clinking of his belt confirmed her fear of being raped, and she was more confused about why he had picked her. Once his dick sprang into sight, she quickly identified the long foreskin that was wrapped around his shaft. He was uncut, and had finally lost control of himself after being unable to get laid with any girls.

His hand went behind her head and forced her on his dick, which took a little more effort than he expected. But her resistance was nothing compared to his strength. A hard slap across her face made her relaxed and he had managed to put the tip of his dick into her mouth. In a half-squatting angle, he could reach her chest that was covered by a white spaghetti top that was a little loose. He wriggled into her top and bra, granting her a painful squeeze on her boobs before she gave in.

Sharmine’s mouth could taste the bit of saltiness from the tip, she used her teeth to push his foreskin back, unknown to her, would be the wrongest move she made. A bitter-salty taste overwhelmed her tongue and for the first time, the man felt an awesome explosion of sensitivity and intimate warmth on his dickhead. He moved his legs closer to her and used the wall as support for her head. What came next was needless to say, he shoved his hips towards her mouth, forcing the 30+ years of disgustingly unwashed head of his penis down her throat and moved like an amateur, mouth-fucking her in delight.

The desperation on her palette was nausea causing and she was choking from the stench her nose picked up. His hand had long left her breasts and she was used like a sex doll at the corner of the stairwell. But something was also churning in her clouded mind, she had found herself losing control to the dizziness and the slight pleasure of having this big cock in her mouth, empowered by the new found sensation. Her panties was also soaking up the wetness that was leaking out of her pussy uncontrollably.

After five minutes of stagnant pumping at her mouth, the man had enough of it and lifted her up to her feet. He turned her violently towards the wall and pinned her body against it. Flipping her cotton bandage skirt to her waist, he pulled her panties down in one swift motion and spotted the wet patch at the groin area of her undies.

Man (whispering by her ear): ‘Someone is all horny huh?’

That statement couldn’t make her feel anymore slutty, but she could not deny the fact either. She felt his hands peeling her ass cheeks open and the cold hips of his landed on her butt. He had ran his dick along her slit to her butt and was lowering his body so the dick could enter. Slowly, she felt his dick reach into her pussy and the length was filling her moisture coated cunt.

An impatient thrust let his dick ram all the way into her without any preparation on her part, causing her vagina to stretch in both width and length to contain his meat. The sudden flooding of warmth weakened her legs but she could still manage it. Without wasting any time, the man started to pound his body onto her and the slurping sounds of his dick going in and out of her pussy was getting quicker by the seconds.

The fainting spell was draining her consciousness and the pleasure that was replacing it was getting a little too addictive. He felt her pussy squeeze tightly on his rod and increased his pace, slapping against her butt hard. With her body jerking along the wall, she had secretly reached under her spag top and bra, massaging her boobs while the man behind satisfied her pussy.

Her nipples enjoyed being twisted to an ache and her pussy now too enjoy being raped by this freshly trained dick. A part of her was begging for more, but her mind did not agree at all. The raw contact between her pussy and the thick veins on his dick was proving to be too much for her as the third orgasm caused another wave of vacuum inside of her, sucking him back harder as he lost control as well. Pumping his dick vigorously into her, the man groaned in pleasure and the volume was loud enough for anyone nearby to hear.

Sharmine too, had lost herself in this encounter, moaning in response to his assult. Unknown to the man, he had lasted longer than his usual masturbation sessions and it was an ability he was thankful for. The two of them continued their unusual thrill of non-stop sex in the public stairwell, until the man could barely hold back anymore.

Man (whispering by her ear): ‘Where should I shoot baby?’
Sharmine: ‘In my mouth!’

Shit! Why did I say that? Sharmine had no idea as well. He pulled out of her and she turned around, kneeling onto his toes while his dick closed in on her mouth like a shark approaching its prey. Her mouth opened and he did not have to hold her still this time. Her hand went to his hairy pubic and held the base firmly at a comfortable angle before her mouth took over, sucking like a pro on that well-endowed throbbing rod.

Forcing her own head down his shaft, he placed an arm on the wall to balance himself, while his head tilted backwards to let his senses flow better. A little bite did surprised him, but the smile with her busy mouth showed that it was just to enhance the end. She kept going with the oral sex and the groans he made gave her a standing of how good she was at it.

About five minutes later, her tired mouth was finally at the last lap and he was about to cum as well, from the sudden silence. She reached for his balls with her fingers and felt the shrinking. A split second later, the thick hot juices gushed out of his pee hole and poured into her mouth, flooding her tongue with an expected sweet taste to it. With her mouth filling up quickly, she gave a light suck and ran her lips down his shaft for the last few times, ensuring he had emptied however much he had.

A pop sound ended the cum-in-mouth and he stumbled backwards to the railings. Sharmine got up and went to him, with the panties still at her ankle. She opened her mouth and showed him how much he had released.

Man: ‘Swallow it.’

Her mouth closed, and a gulp cleared her throat. He pinched her cheeks to see that everything was not wasted and then left her to pull his pants back up, taking his time since he got what he wanted. After he was done, he went back to Sharmine, and pressed her against the wall.

Man: ‘I’m going to keep your panties.’

She stepped out of the undies and ran up the steps to her place, officially escaping from the unwanted sex she got. Juices were still leaking down her legs, but nonetheless the worst was over. The man left the area once out of her sight and had in fact given Sharmine an experience she would not forget. He was the man her family had always bought fruits from at a wet market nearby, but as a jewel of the family, Sharmine did not remember much of the fortnightly visits to the market, perhaps when they meet again, she would recall better this time.

The feeling of his throbbing dick resonated in her mind whenever she thought of what happened, and her pussy would get wet instinctively, as though she wanted it to happen again.

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