Wife Pooling

Tina stared hard at her phone in regards to the long message her husband, Daryl, had sent. It was a description of what she would have to do once the next bus 133 came by, and it was very much disturbing and challenging for her. As she checked the Iris app for the next arrival, the few minutes shown was a time bomb in her mind, not knowing what to expect. The double decker bus came after a short wait, his plan would then commence.

With the Ez-link card prepared, Tina gave the bus driver an upskirt when she spread her legs to step onboard from the curb. His shades did droop a little to have a better view of that well-endowed figure with that flowing long hair that was tied into a ponytail. *Beep* The fare was paid and she made her way towards the stairs, attracting the lustful eyes of the male passengers sitting by the side. They watched the black thin, light, mini dress conform to her movements, which was almost too short to cover her ass when she passed them.

The walk up the steps was even harder as the elevation was too high, that even pulling her dress did not help at all. The watchful eyes tried to catch a glimpse of her panties, but no matter how discreetly they tried to peek up her dress, they could not see any. Upon reaching the second deck, her eyes were still on the screen of her phone, ready for the next part of the plan.

Taking her Coach bag from her shoulders, her Ez-link fell onto the floor and she immediately squatted down to pick it up. Just from that act alone, the two folks sitting near the aisle immediately stared at her panty-less bottom, that had exposed her shaved pussy right down to the slit. As the bus had just started moving from a traffic stop, she tumbled forward on her hands and the loose neckline dropped a hole for the geezers to look into, only to be rewarded with a pair of firm jiggling boobs.

Right then, Daryl appeared out from the stairwell and Tina quickly went to the last row of seats behind both men. Throughout the distance the bus travelled, the two men in their 50s were the only people on the upper level, excluding her husband who was supposed to be a stranger as well. The lack of confidence and fear had made her turned back to looked at him frequently, but he did not bat an eyelid at her. Another text went into her phone and her attention was on it again.

Make them sit beside you.

Unable to think of any indirect manner to get their attention, Tina ended up with hissing and gesturing the two of them to go to her. One of them went to the window seat and the other one sat beside her, sandwiching the mature lady between. Daryl took his cellphone and went to the empty seat in front, and turned sideways to look at her.

A few seconds of silence finally cleared her mind, and she took one hand from both the men to rest on her thighs. As though hungry wolves waiting to feast, they quickly turned their body towards her and started running their hands all over the freebie. Touching from her face down, the man near the window pulled her by the neck to kiss and she let him did what he wanted, pushing her tongue into his chaffed lips. With her mouth getting busy, the other man played with her boobs, pinching her nipples and squeezing them mercilessly.

Tina did not expect her body to be ravished by two elderly guys, degrading her body another level lower. As she was violated mentally and physically, they took no chance but roughly manhandled her. Her legs were soon forced open and thick fingers were being forced into her unprepared, dry pussy. Although their hands have been brushing along her clit, their advances were too fast and insensitive. It was pure desperation and lust that was driving the two of them.

In no time, Tina’s pussy began leaking the smooth wet juices as their fingers took turns to fuck her love hole. Moans began to fill up the back of the deck, but the men were not bothered by it at all. Once she got high and horny, they advanced their moves before anyone came up. The man by the window asked the other to move back a few butt space, before they let her lie down on the worn out seats. One of them then lifted one of her legs onto the seat and let her other leg dangle above the floor. The window sitting man then unzipped his pants, and took out his dick that was armed and readied for the attack. The other man loosened his pants as well, while his hands continued to torture her breasts.

While the other had started to shove his dick inside her pussy, Daryl wasn’t going to just let the other guy do nothing. Time is of the essence at that situation.

Daryl: ‘用她的嘴 (use her mouth).’

The idle man gave a quick scan around and positioned his waist at her mouth, half-squatted facing the seats. Daryl had used his body to blocked out any line of sight from the convex mirror visible from the driver’s seat below. The man got his rod into her pussy and began to pound her hard and fast, jerking her body along the seats. The other guy with his dick in her mouth, used the momentum to deep throat her, which the choking sounds replaced the erotic moans she was giving earlier. The three of them were making so much movements that anyone below could have heard if the bus was more vacant.

Daryl continued to listen for footsteps coming up the stairs, while occasionally checking on his wife who was enjoying the dicks of two older men, one at her genital and the other one in where she ate with. He could identify the sudden silence very well, as it marked each orgasm that they gave, immobilising her body for a few seconds before her movements could resume.

After a short five minutes, the dick in her pussy went faster, until it froze in its path for a few seconds. Tina’s hand reached to the handle bar of the seats in front abruptly, her mind bombarded by the fear of getting impregnanted by the thick cum that was released into her womb.

The man pulled out as soon as he was done and she was helped up as well, before the man on the other side pushed her body down towards the window. Her face landed in his crouch, which the exhausted rod was resting. The man receiving her pussy next, forced her head down on that dick before her, and she sucked on it while part two began. She felt his hands peeled her ass cheeks open and the longer rod pierced into her full pussy.

A long moan escaped her mouth as his dick sunk all the way in and the pounding started, with slapping sounds from the vigorous sex that she was having. The impatient man went fast and deep from the beginning, giving her no chance to catch her breath. The two of them groaned as they abused her body, choking and gagging and getting their dicks satisfied. Although the second dick felt way better, Tina was a little disappointed that it did not last as long as the first.

Before Tina could climax from his hard and powerful thrusts, she suddenly felt the hot load of cum spray into her as he kept pumping his hips. As much as he could try to feign that he had not cum, the decrease in speed and force exposed the tiredness he got. Just as he was almost done emptying his balls, the dick in her mouth shot a second serving and her head was pressed hard on his lap, dick throbbing wildly in her mouth for as long as she remembered until she had to push him away. The man who came in her pussy, wore his pants back in the fastest manner and went to the front of the bus, totally ignorant about what the lady just did for him or his cock.

The second guy, who was still beside, spread her legs again and fingered her cum-filled pussy, giving her the missing orgasm before he stole a final grope on her breasts before leaving Daryl and Tina alone. The two men never once looked back at her but it was expected as well, guys losing interest as soon as they cummed was a normal response.

After the free-sex-loaders alighted the bus, Daryl sat beside his pretty wife, handing her tissues from her purse to let her clean up. Since she was not wearing anything under her dress, there was nothing much to adjust apart from getting her boobs positioned comfortably on her chest.

Daryl: ‘How was it dear?’

Tina: ‘It so felt dirty!’

Daryl: ‘And yet you were moaning like crazy?’

Tina: ‘It made me feel like a slut, which I kind of liked.’

She saw and grabbed the bulge in his pants to find his dick standing tall, hornified by what just happened. The couple got off the bus at the next stop, with cum running unnoticed down her fair legs. The wait for the cab home was eventful as well, cars passed slowly beside her, admiring her legs and shoulders unblocked by that mini black dress.

They finally got on a cab heading for home, to the rounds of sex with the dick that she deserved and had loved from the start of their marriage. Daryl was a lucky man to have such a woman in his life who did not mind living his fantasies out, anyway, if she did it well, it should be the last time he would asked that from her.

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