Jail Term

Queenie was smoking once she started her secondary school. Being led astray by the clique she usually hang out with, consisting most of her seniors in the same school, she walked on the rebellious path whenever she was away from home. Influenced by the flirty girls, she wore brightly colored bras and sometimes, going pantyless as well.

It was a usual day at school and she went to one of the blocks nearby to smoke alone, before she went home for dinner. The state of vulnerability without panties did not bother her much though she was considered to be a little rough in terms of sitting down, spreading her legs unknowingly.

While she was puffing away, a Chinese construction worker was moving stuff into one of the flats and he actually saw that she was bare under her skirt when he walked up. After a few rounds of peeping, he started to make conversation with Queenie, hoping to get something out of her.

Man: ‘You look too young to be smoking.’
Queenie: ‘So? It’s my problem.’
Man: ‘You want to make some money?’
Queenie: ‘How?’

She had been taking her cigarettes from one of the girls since the beginning, as her pocket money was only enough for her to eat in school. It was not everyday someone came to her with such an offer.

Man: ‘Make me happy? With whatever you can do.’
Queenie: ‘How much are you paying?’
Man: ‘Ten? Twenty? Depend on your skills.’

She had never done anything like this, but it would not be too hard given her frequency in surfing pornography sites. She got up after finishing her stick and took another one from the box the man, had offered her. She walked behind him into the vacant unit two stories above and he quickly placed a cleaner canvas sheet over the couch.

Queenie: ‘Nowhere cleaner? It’s going to dirty my clothes.’
Man: ‘You can always get naked.’

Having no other place available, she placed her bag down and stripped in front of him, as though he wasn’t there. Her buttons came off one by one and her skirt dropped after unclipping the sides. Although she had her bra on, the tiny body of hers was too much for that man to bear. He removed his paint-stained trousers, before sitting like a king on the couch, waiting to be served.

Queenie: ‘Do I have to use my mouth?’
Man: ‘If you want more money.’

Clearly, she had no idea to negotiate before starting, she just believed that he would pay her the appropriate amount, however much it was. She sat between his hairy legs and placed her arms on his thighs, before spitting some saliva on her little palm to use as lubricant.

The inexperience hands stroked his dick slowly at first, but his moans soon got louder and she was sure she was on the right track. With all the fluid over his shaft, it looked less daunting to use her mouth. So, she rose to her knees, giving the tip a lick.

That one brush of her tongue almost made him push her head down, but luckily, her opened mouth that was moving closer deterred him. She cupped her lips over it and moved her head downwards, stimulating the rod all the way down three quarters in her mouth.

Man: ‘Just keep going.’

Since that was all he asked for, Queenie just pumped her head up and down, learning quickly to suck as she did it to get him to moan louder. Gradually, his hips started to move upwards as well, forcing her mouth to go a little deeper, but it was still manageable for her. Having only one option to release, he was tempted to push things further, and stopped her head midway.

Queenie: ‘You’re about to cum?’
Man: ‘Nope. I think it is enough. Does not make me feel good enough to cum. Don’t want to waste. Here is $20.’
Queenie: ‘Huh? Just twenty?’
Man: ‘Yeah. You just move your mouth up and down only. Nothing worth more than that.’

She took the money, got dressed and left the house, going down the steps with lots of thoughts in her mind. Something in her wanted more money, and doing so much for two slips of paper seemed like a half-done job. She stopped before she reached the lift and headed back to the house, where the man had resumed painting the walls.

Queenie: ‘Umm.. ‘
Man: ‘Yes?’
Queenie: ‘If I have sex with you, can you give me more?’
Man: ‘Of course. If you want, then do it fast. I need to work.’

He stopped her before she could remove her clothes, and brought her to the couch again, lifting her skirt before he let her sit. He knelt on the floor and raised both her feet to the blue canvas, diving straight for her young developing pussy to lick her up. Instinctively, she let off a yelp from the new sensation and moaned according to his speed. As he licked her faster, juices started to flow and it was dripping onto the floor.

As soon as Queenie orgasmed from his licking and slurping, he got up on his feet and undid his pants, while she shook uncontrollably from the climax. He roughly handled her to turn her to the sides to lie down, taking his spot between her legs. Pushing his dick downwards, she grabbed onto her skirt as his dick stretched her pussy wide to accommodate his size.

Being a virgin who masturbated often, the pain shocked her greatly but there was no blood. Her tight cunt was making the entry much more pleasurable for the man, whose dick was not even halfway in. Forcing his way inside her, the rest of her pussy stretched painfully to hold his length, and by the time he was in, Queenie was in shock. The slight tingle of pleasure did help alleviate the soreness, but it wasn’t until he started pumping that she realised how fun sex was.

With this small, young body in front of him, the man could not resist pounding her as fast as he could go, ripping her pussy open and making her cry. Her hands had moved to her pair of 34A boobs and were squeezing them hard, moving on to pinching her nipples as he rammed.

The man went all out on her and even held her waist to dive deeper, turning that thirteen year old into a crazy woman screaming and moaning amidst the tears. That sheer pressure on his dick was making it unbearable for him, but it was only five minutes into the sex, and it would be a waste to pay her no matter how long it went on for. The slurping sounds from his penetration got faster and it accidentally knocked Queenie out with an orgasm so intense that her body froze.

Unknown to him, her movements stopped and it took him a minute to notice she was almost lifeless. Giving a quick check under her nose, he made sure she was still alive, before continuing to move even quicker, until her tight pussy shrank suddenly. His dick went through an overwhelming suction force, that his cum was just extracted out of his pipe, shooting his thick white fluid into her. While he was still ejaculating, the lack of space inside of her forced most of his cum out but it was just more lubrication for him to keep going.

Right then, Queenie sobered up and saw him still pounding his hips against her.

Queenie: ‘You shoot already?’
Man: ‘Not yet.’
Queenie: ‘But why is it so warm below?’
Man: ‘I don’t know, your pussy just let out a lot of juices.’

Feeling his dick going a little soft, she thought it was about done. Queenie wrapped her legs around him, and forced him deeper, since she was feeling better without his initial hardness. The man took the liberty to continue fucking that naive girl, going for another good fifteen minutes. Through that duration, his dick resumed its size and Queenie was at the mercy of it again, thrashing her body around as the orgasms hit her.

Finally, just as she was about to climax for the umpteen times, the man whispered ‘Shooting’, to her ears and pulled out. He got off the couch and went to her mouth in the shortest time, pushing his dick through her unwilling lips, sinking it as far as he could go before giving it a squeeze at his base, that unleashed the second load of salty cum into her.

He held her head down for as long as he was spraying his load, choking Queenie for a minute before he released her to spit whatever that was left, out. He stumbled onto the sofa after he was done, and took a few sheets of tissue, wiping her down.

Queenie: ‘Hey! I can just wash it myself.’
Man: ‘The water is not running yet. I don’t want you to wet the floor.’

But do you guys know what was the true intentions? The tissue was filled with his first pile of cum that he had even stuck his fingers in to dig out. Once the exterior was cleaned, he let her sit up and handed her the box of tissue. While she was busy, he prepared his wallet to give her what she deserved. She was done quickly and stood in front of him to adjust her uniform tidy.

Man: ‘Here. S$50.’

Queenie took the note from him and left the house after grabbing her bag, contented with the blue note she got with little work. Even when she got home to shower, she did not notice the cum that had been deposited into her. What if I told her you her menses haven’t started?

The next day, she escaped from school earlier and made her way to that house under renovation, only to find him painting top naked. A knock on that opened door earned her a smile and he gladly welcomed her in with a cup of Milo, with something in it.

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