Unlimited Access 2

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At three in the morning, Paul was woken up by his door unlocking and a body hugged him from behind after a few seconds. The only person who had his keys was Reina, and it was her bare skin that he felt, alerting him that she was only wearing the minimal amount of clothes. He turned his body around to look at her, and she gave him an extended kiss. Right before his hands could pull her closer, she hopped off the bed with a flip of his blanket and turned on the lights, blasting his vision with the brightness and a tiny black bikini. His eyes were immediately attracted to her boobs, that had nipples poking through the thin material, his sight then roamed downwards to the camel toe that was splitting the bikini bottom into two between her pussy.

Reina: ‘Let’s go swimming!’
Paul: ‘At this hour? The security guard will chase us away.’
Reina: ‘Not if we are quiet.’
Paul: ‘Alright then. Give me a while.’

How could anyone resist that sexy figure in front of them? He got out of bed sleepy and flipped through his wardrobe for his swimming trunk from NS days. Reina helped him stripped and in just a minute, he was dressed for the swim and they made their way down, with her in the bikini and him in a trunk. They headed to the shallowest end of the pool and waded in, careful not to make too much splashes. The lights around the area was already switched off, and the windows of the blocks facing the pool were pitch dark as well.

They swam slowly for a few laps around the pool, before the dark quiet corner attracted them like bees to the most attractive flower. Given the privacy that they were in, they could not stop their lips from connecting, tongues coming right after the kiss. His hands dived into the water along her waist, down to her hips, where her bottoms were. Giving it a tug, she supported her body by resting an arm on the ledge, while he lowered his body deeper to remove her bikini.

Reina did the same for him and their naked bodies got closer. Naturally, he tucked his dick between her thighs for comfort and the heat from his boner excite that nude pussy of hers. That move was so tempting that she almost let him do her at that exact spot. But the fear of getting seen and identified was still too strong, so she did not put herself into any sexual position, except to let him continue thrusting his dick below her pussy. It was crossing the point of her mental limits to be so close to him and yet not have any action.

Reina (whispering): ‘Shall we go wash up in the shower room?’
Paul (whispering): ‘Can’t we do it here?’
Reina (whispering): ‘Don’t want. I am shy. What if people saw?’

He understood her worries and walked through the pool to get their towels, which was just draped over the railings of the stairs into the water. They got out of the pool and wrapped their naked bodies, making their way hastily into the handicap toilet. As it was in the wee hours of the day, there was no one around and the quietness made it easy to hear if anyone was coming in their direction.

Once the magnetic lock of the cubicle was engaged, Reina pulled her bikini top off and tore the towel around Paul’s waist away. She pushed the dreamy looking Paul down on the toilet seat and knelt between his legs, resting her arms on his lap. She then took his dick desperately into her mouth and held the base of his shaft, working up and down on his rod hungrily. Her head bounced along his shaft very hastily and the combined attacks with her tongue made him so sensitive that he had to push her away.

Reina: ‘Had enough so soon?’
Paul: ‘You are driving me too crazy. Stand against the wall.’

She went to one of the walls and waited quietly. He grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her a step back, before pushing her back forward to pin her against the wall. He peeled her butt cheeks open forcefully and shoved his dick in, shocking her with the sudden entry that stretched her unprepared pussy. Once the full length entered, the pounding started right away and she had to cover her mouth that the moans were coming through.

He did not let her have any breaks but just kept ramming his full length into her desperate hole. The pleasure that was clouding his mind had the animal in him awoken and there was no turning back then. The depth and width her pussy experienced was unlike anything before. Every area of her cunt was exposed to the vigorous strokes and the contact with that well-endowed pipe of his, simply got her more addicted to it. Her back gradually fell horizontal to the floor as he kept jerking her body back and forth to get deeper inside. It seemed that he could never get enough of her horniness.

Her hand that was covering her mouth had shifted to her forearm, which she had to bite in order to contain the crazy moans that might otherwise be heard. Groaning uncontrollably, her body was collapsing from the orgasms that came non-stop with his relentless torture (or pleasure). Her mind couldn’t handle what her body wanted, but it was a small price to pay for that amount of intensity.

Reina: ‘You’re.. too.. big.. ‘

Indeed his girth had increased inside of her and her pussy was close to breaking point. Among all that excitement, Paul knew he was about to cum as well, so there was only one speed to go into – the fastest setting. The grip on her waist had gone stronger and his fingers dug into her soft flesh, channeling a bit of pain while bringing her body backwards to him.

Paul: ‘Fuck.. ‘

The pounding went on as his dick spew the hot load into her, pumping like a piston, as though there was no tomorrow. While she felt his shaft throbbing and squirting, she pushed herself against the wall and made him stepped backwards. Reina then turned around and bent her back to give his dick a sensual blowjob in the contrasting sensation, further stimulating his dick to continue shooting.

The remaining pulses fired whatever cum left into her mouth and she caught all of it without a drop wasted. On top of that she gave him strong sucks that caused his mind to go blank, making him hold onto the railing for balance. It did not take long for him to be completely empty, thereafter she stood up and opened his mouth for his almost-closed eyes to see her swallowing his man juice down with a smile.

Reina led the exhausted Paul to rest on the toilet, climbing over him with an expression that told him she wanted more.

Paul: ‘Another round?’
Reina: ‘Nope. Just want to feel you inside. I know you’re tired.’

She held his dick between her legs and directed it into her pussy, using that a few teaspoons of cum inside as lubricant. His head fell backwards with her wet hole devouring his shrinking dick, while she tried to move her hips in vain to get him harder. There was no disappointment though she hoped his body would, since it was the timing that his body should be sleeping.

Reina stayed on top while giving him pecks on his face, which he had no response to. She finally got off him after knowing about how tired he was, having woke up for a swim and sex. A naughty suck on his now-tiny dick jolted him with sensitivity, which after his trunks and towel landed on his chest.

Reina: ‘Let’s go home.’

She was dressed in a blink of an eye but he took a longer time to dress himself up. The two of them did not speak anymore, but once the doors of the lift closed behind them, she stood intimately close in front of him, with just her succulent boobs pressed on his chest.

Reina: ‘It was the most intense session I’ve ever felt. I know you’re dead tired, but I would love to do it again anytime you want.’

The words ‘anytime you want‘ sobered Paul up and although he felt a little guilty about not being able to give her another round, he knew that she enjoyed that short session nonetheless. They waved each other goodbye before returning to their respective units.

As usual, Paul fell on his bed in his wet trunks and went to sleep.

Part 1 | Part 2

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