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Living alone in a condo has its own perks and when new neighbours moved into the unit opposite to Paul, he couldn’t be more excited about it. Through the peephole, he watched the Japanese family move their luggages in and their cute looking daughter just opened new possibilities in his dirty mind. A few days after they settled in, a knock on his door disrupted his afternoon nap but he opened it anyway, since it was the daughter that was seen through the door.

Paul: ‘Yes?’
Girl: ‘Hello. I am Reina, my family have a barbecue tonight downstairs. We would like to invite you.’
Paul: ‘Tonight? Sure. I’ll drop by.’
Reina: ‘Okay. See you there then.’

Her sweet voice with the Japanese accent simply turned Paul on and he prepared two hours before nightfall, excited to meet her family and find out more about her. As the BBQ commenced, they spoke to the neighbours on that very floor they lived in and it was mostly their daughter that helped them translate their messages. Since Paul’s neighbours were elderly folks, he was the only one that was her age and so she was found sitting next to him, asking questions about life in this tiny red dot.

Reina: ‘You live alone in that house? That’s cool.’
Paul: ‘Yeah. But it can get lonely at times.’
Reina: ‘If only I have such freedom like you.’
Paul: ‘Actually, you can drop by whenever you want. We can go to the gym or pool, or just watch a movie at my place?’
Reina: ‘My parents are quite protective of me. I’m not sure about that. But tonight they will be going out. Maybe I can drop by.’

Throughout the cook-and-eat frenzy, he found out that she had a boyfriend back in Japan. And while talking, she did not reject nor shy away from him sitting closer to her. Soon, her parents started to pack the area clean, refusing to get any help from him nor the neighbours. After that, they handed Reina the apartment keys and left with some conversation in Japanese.

The moment they were out of sight, she jumped up and took his hand, wanting him to bring her to his place. Paul threw the satay stick and headed straight for home. Once into the place, she excitedly ran all over to explore his well furnished place, commenting non-stop about the beauty, at times forgetting he was non-Japanese.

Tired, they rested on his sofa and her head just fell onto his shoulders. It had been too long since he bothered to get that close to someone, and this opportunity just threw itself on him, so why not.

Reina: ‘You know, I miss home a lot.’

Her hand went to his stomach and laid on it, before she realised how fat it was and gave it a squeeze. His bulge under the shorts were too obvious to be denied, but he did not hint her anything at all. She caught the strong thoughts somehow, and her hand changed in direction. Sliding down his stomach, she stopped on the bulge and looked at Paul, whose eyes were closed and head resting on the sofa.

Reina’s hand then pulled the elastic band open, and peeped at the little monster, which was also looking at her. He raised his butt off the seat and pulled his shorts off, before going back into the relaxed state he was. The ticklish sensation on his thighs gave him a little surprise when he opened his eyes to watch her head lower over his dick. Her warm mouth held his dick still for a while, before the saliva accumulated were put into use. Slowly, her lips stroked along his skin and even though she could not go deep on him, her detailed attention was making him feel complete as a man.

Knowing that girls would stop once they got tired, he did not pay much attention to the time and let her suck him off, blasting his mind whenever her lips reached his groin and staying there to warm him up. After that, the quick and shallow thrusts right below the penis head made him all sensitive and hyped. She was just a typical Japanese woman, who knew her job was to pleasure and treat her partner well.

After what seemed like a long time, Paul checked the clock and realised more than twenty minutes had passed. Gracefully, he lifted her head away and looked at her softly.

Paul: ‘Why didn’t you stop? Don’t you get tired?’
Reina: ‘I am tired, but I thought I had to keep going until you had enough.’
Paul: ‘I had more than enough.’
Reina: ‘But you haven’t cum.’
Paul: ‘Cause I’m saving that for something else.’
Reina: ‘For someone?’
Paul: ‘No. For you.’

He got off the sofa and stood in front of her, ready to turn her around on her fours. Instead, she stood up as well and hugged him tightly, pressing her soft boobs on his chest. His hard on was poking between her legs, but it was the least of his concerns.

Reina (whispering): ‘Can we do it in the bedroom? I’m shy.’

He did an about-turn and squatted down to piggy back her into his room, that has a queen size bed in the middle. The ambience was immediately changed to a calming and sensual one with the dim lights behind the uncovered windows. The room had helped Reina became a little more confident and she placed her knees on the bed where he stooped down in front of. Her off-shoulder crop top and shorts were stripped, before a sexy removal of her bra and panties captured Paul’s attention.

She turned around on her knees after placing her clothes on the floor and bent over on her arms, spreading her legs wide so he could stand between. Grateful that he actually got this far, any position was fine and he just held her waist. Very slowly, he looked as his hips closed in on hers, letting his dick split the wet folds of her pussy. For the first time, he heard how a natural moan from a Japanese was supposed to be and it wasn’t as fake as those in the adult videos he watched.

In seconds, his dick was fully inserted and a little push got Reina crawling to the centre of the soft mattress. With his knees on a more comfortable area, he jerked his hips towards her and the yelp she gave did not help at all. Paul’s groin was pounding hard without restraints onto her butt and the depth he attacked at at was much more than what she had felt before. Her boyfriend apparently wasn’t all that impressive either.

Given it was their first tryst, he did not let the chance slip away and rammed her pussy with all his might, driving her crazy into moaning and screaming in his apartment. Despite the opened windows, she was enjoying all of his attention and size, which was flooding her mind with everything that it turned blank. Without an avenue to express her orgasms, her pussy was just getting tighter and tighter, to a point it worried Paul since it might just make him cum any moment.

Reina had no problems with his continuous thrusts while she was in orgasms, it was so rare that she could enjoy herself that much. Suddenly, when Paul was slowing down to delay his climax, she pushed her body backwards and made him fall on his butt. Her pussy still had his dick in it and she was in the position for a reverse cowgirl. Her hands, still on the bed, pushed her body backwards to ride him, with that squeezing cunt that was choking his little one.

Drained by her high sex drive, he could not resist much except to try delay his ejaculation even longer. Feeling the calm before the storm building up in his dick, he held her down to stop her and called out to her that he was about to cum.

Reina: ‘You can just shoot inside me. It is our tradition not to waste precious things.’

With that said, she bounced her butt even harder on his thighs until his body lost control and thrust in the opposite direction, jamming his dick upwards at her downward slam. Finally, his hips locked its movements and the hot jet of white lava sprayed into womb, pumping the weeks of cum that had nowhere to go – that is until that night.

She sat on top of him for a long time, unable to make out how much he had cummed into her. It was the first time she felt that much heat and pressure in her pussy, that was forcing some of it out onto his body. After ten minutes, she pulled herself up and away from his softened manhood, dripping the milky substance onto his sheets and carpet.

Reina kneeled in front of him and placed her hand under her pussy, before releasing the handful of cum that poured out like a floodgate demolition. She took the palm of cum and brought it to her mouth, before slurping it up like a warm plate of half-boiled eggs, until nothing was left. Paul’s tiredness disappeared the moment he saw that, and it just kept replaying in his mind.

Reina: ‘I’m going home now. My parents might be back anytime now.’

His head dangled off the edge as she put her clothes back on, she had a figure every guy wished to see, fair and petite build, slender long arms and legs. Paul sent her to the door before giving her a surprise hug and kiss, followed by pressing a duplicate key into her palm.

Paul (whispering): ‘Come by whenever you can.’
Reina (whispering): ‘I am already missing you inside me.’

A chill was sent down to his weak boner between his legs and he stood by the door while watching her entering her door. A mutual smile ended their unforgettable night and he fell asleep on the wet bedsheets, too exhausted for anything else.

Part 1 | Part 2

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