Ray’s Birthday 2

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Ray opened the door to a girl wearing a floral dress, hair tied up neatly into a high ponytail. Ray stepped aside to let Rikkyo in and she gave him a one-sided frown, as though she had notice something.

Rikkyo: ‘Are you sure you’re working out? It smells different.’
Ray: ‘I am really working out. If you don’t believe me you can touch the end of the bed. My sweat is there.’
Rikkyo: ‘Haha. I’m just teasing you.’

He breathed a soft sigh of relieve as she sat down on the bed, signalling him to go over. For a girl whom had always appeared decent to him, he could not believe it when she folded his towel up to his mid-thighs and slipping her hand under.

Ray: ‘What are you doing?’
Rikkyo: ‘Don’t tell me you don’t want it. I don’t want you to spend your birthday alone, not when I have this day free.’

He patted her head in a fatherly manner and she massaged his rod, that was wet and smelling of shower soap. It was a last minute idea to give it a wash and it had totally hidden the fact that he just used it. She did not noticed anything and rolled the towel higher, till it exposed his erected dick. Looking down on the brown haired girl, he savoured that moment when she touched his dick, locking her eyes on him as she brought her mouth to it.

Unlike Mirah, she slurped on his dickhead for a long time before going deeper, where he felt as though his dick had not unloaded for the whole week. Her blowjob was so different that it was pleasurable just for her to stop and not move. Rikkyo knew how to do it well and she was making his muscular legs weak, forcing him to kneel over her body.

Quickly, he grabbed two pillows and stacked them under her head, so she could continue sucking him off. He did not had to stop her when he had enough, cause she was watching him as well. In a way, this girl felt more precious than Mirah, one that he wouldn’t mind giving up anything for. She waddled her way on the bed on her elbows and Ray crawled to her, staying on top to kiss her.

Their tongues were locked in a mini fight and he brought his lips to her ears after, pecking and smooching downwards to her chest.

Rikkyo: ‘Take it off for me?’

He pulled the straps to her arms and she arched her back for him to remove her clothes. The strapless NuBra was peeled off carefully and he went to suckle on her nipples, listening to her moans as he flicked the tips. Her legs were clamped together in shyness and his hand was roaming up and down her thighs in an attempt to get her to ‘open up.’

Soon, his kisses reached her stomach and she spread her legs, to show him a waxed pussy that looked like the corners of two burgers together. He rested his body between her legs and pried opened the folds of meat, to which she was so shy to show him. But as soon as his mouth came in contact with her clit, her hands were all over his head, pressing him down as he worked his tongue. The fit, young man was getting aroused to a point he had to raise his hips to keep his hard on painless, and continued stroking along her slit with his mouth.

A few sucks on her clit was all she could take before she stopped him, pulling him by his neck to her eye-level.

Rikkyo: ‘Can you fuck me?’
Ray: ‘Anything for you.’

Like duh.. He lowered his hips and aimed it upwards, guiding it into her hole that wasn’t as tight as Mirah. Pushing his way in, her fingernails dug into his back to let him feel her, and the slow entry did not caused too much pain.

Once he was in, her legs wrapped around his hips and held him still, to let her pussy relax to his size. After he felt her feet fall onto the bed, he changed to his elbows to support his upper body, at a distance she could continue to kiss him.

Only moving his waist, he started pounding her in light but deep strokes, delivering his powerful dick to stimulate all of her senses. The poor girl could only hang onto his ribs as he thrust, face displaying a multitude of expressions that ranged from agonising to ecstatic. Her pussy was applying the right pressure and he did not feel too raged, allowing him to take things slower.

Pushing all of her buttons in the right spot, she came silently to him and gave him a feel of the juices that leaked out of her during orgasms. Ray was getting hornier when he felt the stream of warm liquid over his balls, and rammed faster, a notch higher than previously. In no time, their genitals were slapping loudly and Rikkyo was getting numb from this position.

She had to pause and he too, had plans to change positions.

Ray: ‘Want to try doggie?’
Rikkyo: ‘Okay.’

He sat away from her and let her turn herself over, hugging the pillows in her arms while her butt stuck out at him. Guiding her hips down his rod, she sat over it and froze, for it was too big and was touching her g-spot. He was watching her reactions all the time and learnt that this stance had totally blew her mind even without moving. Growing dominant, he grabbed her slim waist and kneeled with his body straightened, sending his dick to her deepest spot.

Rikkyo: ‘You’re touching my sensitive spot.’
Ray: ‘It’s a good thing right?’
Rikkyo: ‘I don’t know. You’re driving me crazy!’

He placed his hand under her tummy and kept her still, while he took her from behind, in a monster rage. Accidentally, he lifted her light frame and realised how light she was. Spurred by the fact he was fucking one of the best looking girls in school, he could not slow himself down and went all out at her, delivering orgasms that did not let her rest any bit at all.

Her body was getting lower as he went, but he could carry her to the comfortable height easily. With the clock ticking away, the couple went on fucking into the beautiful night, moaning and groaning loudly in the privacy.

Rikkyo (pleading): ‘I can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Ray: ‘I am about to cum, a while more k?’

She nodded frantically and let him pound her with every bit of his energy. Her vagina was getting tighter with each climax and he was nearing his end too.

Ray: ‘I am cumming.. ‘
Rikkyo: ‘Inside.. shoot inside me.. ‘

With all sanity gone, he pulled her backwards hard and drove his cock in, moving so fast that his mind went blank. As the trigger went off, the girl flipped her body backwards and fell onto the bed, lifeless as his cum fired into her. He kept moving as long as his dick was juicing, until the last drop was sucked out of her pussy in a vacuum.

Very gently, he backed away to the unconscious girl and placed her in a sleeping pose on the bed, going to the toilet for a quick wash. He spent the next hour next to her, brushing her fringe to the side and admiring her slender underweight body, before drifting to sleep himself.

The next morning, she had ordered a breakfast through room service and they had their fill, before noticing they had an hour before check out.

Ray: ‘Shall we do it again?’
Rikkyo: ‘I’m thinking the same thing too.’

He plugged his dick right in with her in doggie, and she leaned on his chest while he was inside.

Rikkyo: ‘Can you be my boyfriend?’
Ray: ‘I have always wanted you to be my wife.’

The 37kg girl was carried to the opened windows and had her brains fucked out in the most intense quickie they ever did, cum filling her pussy buffet style and she had to manage the leaking cum as they left the hotel. Leaving a trail of semen flowing down her legs, they headed for his home to continue the birthday treat she started since last night.

Part 1 | Part 2

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