Ray’s Birthday

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Ray: ‘Thanks for coming guys. I’ll catch up with you soon.’

The group bade farewell to him and left his hotel room, booked for a small birthday party and an appreciation night for his graduating school mates. He had been planning for this day to make sure everything went well without leaving anyone unattended, even if he had brought two groups of friends in the same school, one being from his class, and the other from his CCA.

Mirah: ‘Thanks for inviting us over.’
Ray: ‘No worries. 21st only happen once.’

She gave him a long hug while the rest of her friends left, and finally let go of him with a whisper.

Mirah: ‘Don’t sleep so early. I’ll be coming back.’

He gave her a confused smile and waved them goodbye, closing the door to return to the king sized bed. The day was finally over and he took his time to clean the place up, before heading into the showers. Right after he was done, the doorbell rang and he opened it in a hurry, with just a towel around his waist. Mirah was standing in front of him, in a bustier top that left her belly exposed, and a short flirty, flare skirt that made her look somewhat like a prostitute.

Ray: ‘You didn’t wear this earlier.’
Mirah: ‘It’s just for you.’

She walked past him into the room and he took a breath of her scent, smelling so sweetly for a 19 year old Malay girl. Sitting on his bed, she placed her tote bag in a corner and laid lazily, for him to join her.

Mirah: ‘You are ready for me huh?’
Ray: ‘What are you saying? I just had my shower.’
Mirah: ‘I didn’t bring anything for your birthday.’
Ray: ‘It’s okay. I specifically told everyone not to right? I don’t want anyone to spend their money on me. We are all going through a hard time looking for work.’

She tugged at the zipper between her boobs and let her naked breasts rolled down to the sides. There was something about her that night, that sent his thoughts wild about having a birthday present he could not resist. She was one of the girls who took up dance outside of school, and that explained her sexy figure that other guys would die to get their hands on.

Ray: ‘Are you sure it’s alright?’
Mirah: ‘Yupp. I wouldn’t be so daring if it was someone else. You’re always the topic among us girls.’

True enough, his 6-packs paid off and the towel had a little bulge at his groin. He undid the knot and let it fall onto the ground, before climbing into bed, kneeling beside her head. Wordless, she turned to him and held his dick, giving him time to sit on his ankles so her mouth could reach. Slowly, she gave little pecks all over it before sucking the tip so hard he groaned.

Ray: ‘I’m especially sensitive there.’

Mirah smiled and opened her mouth, letting him move his hips forward to help her reach his cock. Her tongue went first to lubricate his shaft up, and after that, were her lips that pasted themselves around the girth, moving in slow, long strokes along the length. Ray was falling back on his arms as he breathed harder, to her sensual blowjob that always made him take sharp breaths. She had been sucking his tip, and then when things got too agonising, a fast descend would take the ache away. Very often, she would kept her lips near to his base while small sucks would sent more blood into his rod.

Mirah: ‘Ready for your present? Come, lie down.’
Ray: ‘I can put it in if it is easier for you.’
Mirah: ‘No. I want to be the one giving it to you.’

He excitedly got on his back and she climbed over his body, riding on his washboard abs. Carefully, she slid backwards to his pointing dick and it poked so ever sexily into her pussy. The gym visits had proved to increase his size and he was proud of his manhood. The girl groaned as he tore through her hole, mixing pleasure into the pain. It had taken her close to a minute to get it fully in, and dear, she wasn’t disappointed at all.

Her flexible body began grinding him and he was next to groan to her tightness. It seemed that pelvic exercises were part of her training and she was using it to her advantage.

Ray: ‘Fuck! Mirah! You’re so tight!’
Mirah: ‘It’s not me. It’s you who is too big.’

She could not keep herself moving due to the sensitiveness, and her mind was constantly kept at the edge of cumming. At last, she fell onto his chest after she forced an orgasm to come through and he knew she was too high to continue. Well, too high for her but not him. He rolled their bodies over and left her on the bed, still inside her.

He pinned her hands above her shoulders and took over the control, pounding his hips hard at her pussy. There was no way to hide her orgasmic expression and she kept begging for him to go faster. He was driving her to her limits as her voice got softer, until she was no longer moaning, but turning her head side-to-side, caught in a trance.

Since he had started, there was no reason to stop until he was done. He released her hands and held her thighs together, squeezing her pussy into a close space. Sitting himself upright, he jerked in high-speed to get her cumming and she did in less than a minute, coming back to her senses for a while before going to sleep again.

Ray was too horny to stop then and kept ramming her, while his phone set of a ring.

Ray (panting): ‘Hello?’
Rikkyo (on phone): ‘Why are you so breathless? Masturbating uh?’
Ray (panting): ‘No.. Just doing some exercises.’
Rikkyo (on phone): ‘Can I come up? I have missed the last bus home.’
Ray (sounding serious): ‘Umm.. can you give me a while? I am still packing the room.’
Rikkyo (on phone): ‘I thought you’re working out? Haha. Alright. Call me when you’re done?’

After he put his phone down, he went deeper and faster at Mirah’s cunt, pounding the life out of it. He had took some time before he finally felt his urge came, and pulled himself out before going to her mouth.

Ray: ‘Mirah, wake up. I am almost done.’

She opened her tired eyes and mouth, letting him place it into its rightful hole and sucked on it. He gave her a few shallow thrusts and erupted into her, making her give him that shocked look to the amount he unloaded.

Ray: ‘My parents are coming over.’

Mirah swallowed and got up, wearing her top back and pulling her skirt to a decent length.

Mirah: ‘Then I think I should be going. Tidy up the bed k?’

She gave him a peck on his cheeks and left in a hurry, forgetting her panties that Ray packed into his duffle bag. After he watched her get into the lift, he sent a text to the Japanese girl, asking her to come up in five. Now, what is Rikkyo up to? She was the person he had been masturbating to whenever he saw her in those casual clothing, some too translucent to hide her bra and shorts.

As he straightened the bedsheets, the doorbell rang for the second time that night, and rushed into the toilet after wrapping a towel over his waist to wet his hair, appearing to be alone for his next visitor.

Part 1 | Part 2

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